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  1. B

    Down to Last MCAT attempt

    Long story short. I'm down to my last MCAT lifetime attempt and I'm kind of at a loss because I tried everything. Last MCAT attempt studied 9 months 3.5ish months content review 5.5 months of practice problems and tests which consisted of all uworld bank, all aamc work, more than 15x practice...
  2. HappyPerson

    512 MCAT, 3.5 GPA, What do you think of my app?

    cGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.35 *grades have extreme upward trend, first 2 semesters I had a 2.7 and 2.8 respectively, greatly increased GPA after freshman year with 3.7-4.0 average* MCAT score: 512 (127/127/129/129) State of residency: Michigan Ethnicity: White Undergraduate institution: University of...
  3. Wayfinder

    Planning in case of Reapp: improvement?

    Hey, guys, I need help with my reapplication game plan if this cycle doesn't pan out. I didn’t submit my secondaries until Labor Day weekend. Next time, I need to get my primary and secondaries out earlier (June and July respectively), and the quality of my secondary essays could have been...
  4. F

    MCAT retake strategies

    SDNers, I took my MCAT (5/24) this year and received a score of 506 (130/121/126/129). Was happy with C/P and P/S, and scored lower on the B/B than expected. That CARS bombshell of 121 was obviously the most concerning since I had been scoring 126 on my last few practice exams before my actual...
  5. J

    Need some Advice 506 Mcat 3.8 Science GPA

    So I just got my MCAT score: 506 (128/125/127/126) and my science GPA is 3.8. Was pretty pissed cause I was hitting 510+ on AAMC FLs I’m not a strong applicant rn as I only have a few shadowing experiences and some volunteering/leadership which I plan to work on my senior year (yes I’m taking...
  6. 100chickadees

    Retake MCAT??

    Here's my story, friends. I have a 3.44 GPA, I got a 506 from my May 19th test date (124/128/128/126). I just found out this morning. I am applying to like 20 DO schools, and for these purposes, a 506 is mostly fine (although I am not happy with the 124). I am also applying to my state MD...
  7. M

    Updating MCAT score before or after submitting secondaries?

    Hey guys, So I sent in my primary application on June 1st to bunch of schools that are more or less within my score range (GPA 3.65 and MCAT 506). The thing is I'm currently studying for the MCAT to take it a second time and hope to get at l least a 515. I'm probably going to re-take it first...
  8. Nirvana48

    Taking MCAT for the 3rd time???

    Some background Pepperdine graduate, Class of 2016. Major: Biology Minor: Art GPA: 3.55 Extracurriculars during undergrad: Volunteering, service club member/service trips, and research. Post grad: ER scribe for 1 year and now currently working as a scribe/MA at an Immunologist's office. Doing...
  9. M

    MCAT 506 GPA 3.66

    Hey, So I'm American but studied at a Canadian college with scores of: MCAT: 506 GPA: 3.66 Anatomy major 1 year clinical volunteering Also a First Responder on Campus Emergency team Part of a cultural club for the past 3 years Working on a research in the upcoming year Do i have a chance of...
  10. C

    9 interviews with a 500 MCAT

    Hi I just wanted to write a quick post to any premeds because when I was in your situation I read tons of different posts on this website that made me feel like garbage and that I would never get in because of my lower GPA and MCAT. I scored a 500 breakdown was 127/125/123/125. My gpa was a...
  11. L

    Retaking the MCAT While Applying

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on applying to schools with a less-than-competitive score. I have a 505 on the new MCAT, I did decent on the first three sections and bombed the last one. I am trying to apply to this cycle, and my GPA and other parts of my application are strong, but I don't want...
  12. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT Should You Retake the MCAT? 3 Key Things to Consider

    Studying your butt off for months, suffering through an anxiety-inducing test day, and then waiting an entire month just to get a lower-than-expected MCAT score is by no means a pleasant experience. It truly is the worst. It is so bad in fact that many students decide to quit trying to go to...
  13. T

    mcat motivation: 10th-->70th percentile increase

    I created this thread for all the sub 500 scorers (~50% of test takers) who look around the threads but never post b/c they are discouraged by all the top scores they see on SDN. You will increase your score, this test is not a test of intelligence. Growth will be achieved from working hard...

    Need an advise MCAT 489 on 5/18 GPA 3.2 (science) 3.6 (overall)

    I am an immigrant, learned English at the age of 16. I have a degree in Biology (finished in 3 years) from a state university and currently pursuing MPH (master’s in public health GPA 3.6, no science courses). MCAT scores 121/122/123/123 I was thinking about retaking it this August but I don't...
  15. MattDfutureMD

    MD & DO What are my chances?! What schools should I apply to?!

  16. gmianosi


  17. T

    Rewriting MCAT Study Tips

    I took the MCAT in September 2016 and did not do nearly as well as I had hoped. I'm retaking it this summer and plan to spend ~2.5 months studying. I don't think I knew the material as well as I should have (i.e. organic chem) so I definitely want to spend some more time on that. Could I get...
  18. A

    What are my chances? NY Resident, 3.63 cGPA, 3.53 sGPA, MCAT: 506

    Hi all, I wanted to know what are my chances for MD schools. I am a NY resident and mainly interested in state schools. 2 Undergraduate Majors: The first is a science major and the second is a humanities major. Graduated with 155 credits in 4 years. Cumulative GPA: 3.62 Science GPA: 3.53...
  19. B-hammer

    Should I retake the MCAT?

    I've been wondering if I should just drop the MCAT and focus on the EC and work (still need to pay the bills,haha). I'm just not sure if re-taking the mcat is worth the risk of making a lower score. Would I be better off focusing on improving my EC a little (volunteering, shadowing) rather EC...
  20. K

    nontrad student; jan 28th MCAT 504.. retake?? please help!

    I took the MCAT on Jan 28th 2017 for the first time and I got a 504. The breakdown was 130/124/126/124. I am worried about the 124s. My CARS 124 is pretty standard for me, I suck at CARS but I hate that I have 2 sections under the 50th percentile. I am a nontraditional student. I have been out...
  21. C

    Do schools look at old MCAT if you have a great new score? Should I explain in my personal statement

    I took the MCAT beginning of 2015 and scored super low (like 30th percentile), but recently retook it and got a 520. There were a lot of factors as to why I didn't do well before... I was working full time and didn't really study outside of a brief review a few weeks before hand, flew in from a...
  22. bumbleebee

    Retaking a 512? Pointless or beneficial?

    My GPA is currently a 3.89. My research is sort of grunt data collection in a hospital. I have typical clinical hospital volunteering and shadowing. Leadership in several clubs , nonclinical volunteering are "returning back to the community that raised me" themed. Overall, I think I'm a pretty...
  23. Frank S

    Med school

  24. P

    Retake 31 MCAT

    I'm currently applying this cycle but haven't received any IIs yet (I know it's still early...). My Stats: 31 MCAT (10PS 10VS 11BS) - 83 percentile cGPA: 3.28 sGPA: 3.38 Postbac (Undergrad) GPA: 3.91 - I went back to school after taking the MCAT and took around 40 credits to get my second B.S...
  25. Harrybean

    Retook the AAMC Scored Practice Test

    Hi! Fellow retaker here :) I just finished taking the AAMC scored test for the second time (first time in March) and I got a 514 (129,127,129,129). I want to be happy with it but I'm not sure what this score really means as I have already taken it before. I pretty much didn't remember any of...
  26. G

    Retaking MCAT: apply this year or next?

    So I just got my MCAT score back today. Scored abysmally, well under 500. I thought at least a 500 was possible but clearly I did not study well enough. Took that MCAT a week after my junior year finished, which was not a good idea. I have already submitted my primary application, still hasn't...
  27. Ayy_MadScientist

    MD & DO My chances for this year? or Should I retake MCAT?

  28. W

    HELP ME :( Should I retake the MCAT

    I took the MCAT last august and scored a 506 Chem/Phys: 127 CARS: 125 :( Biological: 126 Psych/Soc: 128 I graduated from University of Florida with a 3.83 Overall and 3.79 BCPM and I am a New York State Resident. I have a lot of hospital volunteering, Peru medical mission trip, shadowed...
  29. resh58

    4/1/2016 MCAT Results

    Hello Everyone! I received my April 1st MCAT results back, and overall I am pleased with the results! C/P: 123 (33%) CARS: 128 (90%) Bio: 124 (44%) Psych 129 (92%) Composite: 504 (67%) I intend to apply for allopathic programs in the US after completing an MSc with the London School of...
  30. N

    Very good, but expired, MCAT score

    I'll skip the unnecessary details. I'm few years out from my B.S. biochemistry, GPA 3.9. I took the MCAT (pre-2015) and got a 39 (>99.5 percentile, I think...). Due to a lack of certainty in what I wanted to do, I put off applying to medical school and worked in research. I doubt I'll be...
  31. Squid0612

    To retake or not retake

    Hey so this is my first time using SDN! I took the January 23 MCAT and felt pretty bad, but I'm not sure if it was anxiety or what. I basically crammed all of winter break and took Kaplan's online prep course. My Kaplan FL's weren't where I wanted them either, but they were also much harder than...
  32. O


    I got a 514 - 130/125/131/128 and was wondering if I should retake since my CARS is so low. Is it worth risking this to improve CARS if it's possible my score could be lower than 514 overall the second time? I've heard CARS is very important
  33. Y

    The best course of action - need advice!

    Hey guys, I have currently applied to only MD schools this cycle. Stats: 3.8 GPA/507 MCAT/NYS Resident Some schools I applied to that were within the stat reach: NYMC Downstate Upstate (hold) Buffalo Quinnipiac Stony Brook Temple Jefferson Drexel Penn State (hold) Tufts Rush Albany (rejected) I...
  34. O

    Where did I go wrong in my application? :(

    I've decided to retake my MCAT score and take two years off. Thank for your input!