How to pay for dental school?

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Feb 1, 2020
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So as the title of this and many other threads I am wondering what other people might do in their opinion if given these options.

So at the moment, I have only been accepted into very good expensive private schools with their location being in Philly and New York. At the moment, I have not heard back from my state school and during the round of acceptances that I was supposed to hear back, I did not receive an acceptance. If I did ... I would probably be going there. Between the cost of attendance and the cost of living the schools both cost about the same ~ 20K difference.

Here are my options for funding this:

1) Apply for HPSP for a three-year contract (parents will cover the first year)
- Pros: tuition covered, was planning on doing a residency anyway (GPR)
- Cons: lose secondary citizenship status, would need to attend GPR/AEGD followed by 3 years of service.
2) Parents will spot the money and I will pay them back after graduation (definitely will put strain on us financially but will not ruin us ... too much)
- Pros: keep secondary citizenship status, would most likely go into endo or OMFS
- Cons: be in debt (no-interest)

If other people were in this situation, what would be your rationale for one way or the other?

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Parents. I wouldn't do HPSP if I didn't have to.
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I know colleagues who went the routes you presented. Each one seem satisfied with their decision; I think it just depends on what you prioritize in your life.
One thing to note if you are interested in Endo or OMFS is that these residences tend to have tuition and fees. You can also go into these residencies as part of HPSP without doing a GPR/AEGD first (If accepted to both HPSP and then later to the armed services Endo or OMFS residency). I know some colleagues who were HPSP recipients who went straight from dental school into a specialty residency.
why wouldnt you consider HPSP?
I mean if military is your thing, great. It's not for a lot of people. Limited freedom and experience. I have vet friends that didn't even bother applying for HPSP because they didn't want to go back into military. Obviously HPSP is still a great deal if you don't have any alternative, but in your case your parents can loan you money interest-free. Why would you do HPSP unless you really wanted to join the military?

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