1. W

    Change jobs for financial stability vs. stay for stronger LOR?

    Fellow non-trads, I am a 28 yo M looking to matriculate for Allopathic MD school, Fall 2023. I was an English/philosophy major in college who circled back around to science to get an MS in epidemiology, with 1 year of courses into a PhD in the same. I took an "extended leave of absence"...
  2. D

    Dental School Finances. Debt, income, and the future of dentistry

    Hello, I would love to have current dentists, dental students, and pre-dental students to weigh in on my financial situation as it pertains to dental school and loan repayment. I am a 21-year-old male who will be starting my D1 year this fall. My estimated cost of attendance is ~$375,000 not...
  3. Black Suede

    CWRU (Dean's Scholarship) vs. MCG (Minority Scholarship)

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for chiming in! I'm very interested in getting different perspectives on this decision, especially from residents, attendings, and possibly PDs, given that Step 1 will be P/F by the time I take it. Some general info about my background/interests/goals: from GA...
  4. T

    Starting school with credit card debt

    Hi there! I am starting dental school this summer which is super exciting but unfortunately I have about $10k left in debt. This was a result of two cycles, dental assisting classes, and traveling for interviews. I know it was an investment. I was hoping my current job would have paid all of it...
  5. formerastrosfan

    Student Loans vs Savings

    Hello all, I have recently been accepted into a podiatry program starting this fall. I am a non-traditional student and have worked for a few years prior to applying to podiatry school. I have saved up just about enough to pay out of pocket for my tuition and living expenses over the course of...
  6. S

    How to pay for dental school?

    So as the title of this and many other threads I am wondering what other people might do in their opinion if given these options. So at the moment, I have only been accepted into very good expensive private schools with their location being in Philly and New York. At the moment, I have not...
  7. MartialArtDPT

    If anyone is not on (RE)PAYE payment plan, why?

    Hi all. I am looking at options on my student loans and after lots of consulting and researching, I can't understand why anyone who qualifies would not use REPAYE or especially PAYE plans for debt that exceeds a certain amount (depending on income, perhaps somewhere around 35k+). If you qualify...
  8. thoughtsandairs

    A PsyD story (mostly $$$ talk)

    OK, I know this is a long post, but if you’re considering pursuing an unfunded PsyD, you may want to read this because detailed first-person accounts of PsyD debt are rare. I know that my case is not representative, but I want to talk about money because very few of my peers/colleagues do/did...
  9. M

    Non Billable Expenses

    How do students pay for non billable expenses such as transportation, books and supplies, and other random stuff. My school estimates it will be 10,000 dollars a year for this stuff. I only have enough money saved for one and a half semesters. What do you do when you run out of your savings?
  10. E

    Potential DPT Earnings

    Hello members, I seem to be paralyzed in making my decision on pursuing PT... I went on a detour after I completed UG as a pre-PT; will turn 26 next month. I have an acceptance to a PT program starting Fall 2019. However, the debt-to-income ratio is driving me insane. I got my tuition down to...
  11. Fel Cactus Fru

    Getting Married to Graduate Debt Free

    As a preface my girlfriend and I have been together for about five years now, we survived three years of long distance in undergrad, have a dog together, and have been living together happily for the past year. We are in no rush to get married but live a committed lifestyle in which we are both...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Yale School of Medicine Announces Second Unit Loan Reduction in Two Years

    According to the Yale School of Medicine website, the unit loan – how much med students receiving need-based scholarships are expected to borrow – is being reduced from $23,000 to $15,000 per year for all students beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year. A reduction from $30,000 to $23,000 went...
  13. B

    student loans

    What happens when you have 200k loan and you fail your finally exams of getting a license to practice in US.. is there any chance to do the exams again and again ?
  14. C

    Keeping a horse in vet school?

    Hey guys! This is for any current, past, or future vet students - I'm looking for advice/opinions/words of wisdom. So I have been a competitive horse person all my life. I ride everyday even now. I just got accepted to my first school (yay!) and I'm already thinking/worrying about the...
  15. sodasteve

    Should I go to Ross? or should I pursue a different path

    Hey so I was hoping I could get some advice on my current situation. I am 25 years old, and I recently got accepted into the pre vet program at Ross. I have always wanted to be a vet but unfortunately I never put in the effort when I was in college to get a high enough GPA to get accepted into a...
  16. Aquabluequartz

    Thoughts about State Level Loan Repayment Programs??

    I am referring to those programs listed here: Some of these loan repayment programs seem really great to me (ex: Illinois provides 120k towards loans for 3 years, Delaware provides 70k for...
  17. A

    USA or Australia for dental school

    Hi everyone. I am from Canada and I completed my undergrad last fall. I did fairly well but my GPA was not high enough to get me admitted into Dental schools in Canada, although it is competitive for US and Australian schools. I have also written the DAT and have hundreds of hours of volunteer...
  18. F

    Conflicted about HPSP

    I am interested in emergency medicine/surgery. so I know I can pursue those specialities with the HPSP. However, I am concerned about my career after I fulfil the 4 years. Will there be limitations when I return to civilian healthcare? will I be at advantage/disadvantage? Are there any strings...
  19. whosnisarg

    Freaking Out about Debt! It's Crazy!

    Hey guys, In a bit of a pickle - just doing some math (and stressing myself out like crazy)... If I were to go to my in-state dental school (Rutgers), I'd still be in a pickle of $250,000 - and if the dream of specializing comes true - about $350,000 total. Now, that's minus the interest and...
  20. M

    Needing advice!!!!

    Hi, I am beginning my MSW in the fall and having SERIOUS doubts. I have worked in the mental healthcare field for over four years- a good deal of that time in case management roles, and I am feeling beyond burnt out. Even feeling bitter and taken advantage of by clients using our services. I’m...
  21. L

    Financial Concerns for Medical School

    Hey guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right section, but I wanted to get some advice about the financial aspect of going to medical school. I am currently a rising senior in undergrad, and will graduate with a loan already of around 35k. I am planning on taking two years after I graduate to...
  22. P

    Does your school require summer tuition while on Internship?

    Hey friends, My school recently started requiring summer term tuition payment since internship doesn't end by the end of our spring term (May). I am wondering about the ethics of the recent change. It requires students to take on more debt for an internship end date that is outside of our...
  23. C

    VET school worth it ?

    I appreciate all the feedback and input, Thank you. My question has been answered.
  24. lumpsnotforsale

    School list for applicant worried about loans

    Hi all! I've been sorting out my list of schools to apply to and I'd really appreciate any feedback. Quick facts about me: California resident, probably want to practice in California as well. I'm not sure if I'd like to specialize but I'd definitely like to keep that option open (perio and...
  25. hs764

    Is my dream medical school worth an extra $80,000+?

    I fell head over heels in love with Vanderbilt's program, both during the interview and the second look weekend, but they came through with a really weak financial aid package for me. Now I'm more seriously considering UVA, which I don't love quite as much and isn't as well-ranked, but it's...
  26. E

    General Debt for public health degrees?

    I'm currently deciding between doing an MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology at the University of Arizona vs. a MSPH at Johns Hopkins in the department of international health, with a concentration in global disease epidemiology and control (GDEC). I'm well aware that JHU is pretty much the best...
  27. P

    Got in, but EXPENSIVE! Should i go? long story short. always wanted to be a doctor blah blah blah. 22 year old now graduated w/ 3.6 in bio, 497 score. didnt get in the first time applying with my 495 score. Now recently got into a DO program. Was super excited, so happy that all my hard work paid off, all my student...
  28. P

    PhD/PsyD PsyD Tuition: How much is too much?

    Although I am waiting to hear back from University of Denver's PsyD program, I'm worried about the tuition. It's $62,000 a year. Is it even worth it? I was accepted to Florida Tech and their tuition is $29,000 a year. Can I justify DU's price??? Anyone attending a costly PsyD program, and if so...
  29. N

    Accepted to 1 year postbac at 31 - cold feet?

    Hi there, I've been extremely lucky enough to be accepted to a top 1-year post-bac program with linkage opportunities. For a variety of reasons, I followed a different track in life, and am currently seeing success in the business world. I'm comfortable financially and happy in my role. Though...
  30. R

    Optometry Debt

    Hello Canadian optometrists, For all those that went to the US to study optometry and are Canadian, how much debt did you have and how long did it take you to pay it off (or how long do you plan on paying it off in)?
  31. militaryPHYS

    All Branch Topic (ABT) HPSP with additional loans

    Does anyone have statistics on the number of HPSP members who incur debt during medical school? Also interested in the average total amount of debt that HPSP person leaves medical school with. Thanks!
  32. Johnny Appleseed

    Med School Debt

    I've been a little frustrated about the lack of info that exists on how much debt med students will really have when they finish residency. I've seen articles stating that the average medical student debt is ~$189,000. That just isn't true for most of us. If we take out $75,500 the first year...
  33. charcot bouchard

    Columbia, Penn, UCLA and debt

    I was fortunate enough to be admitted to all 3 of these schools yesterday. They are among my top choices for where I should attend school. I know I am a ways away from making this decision, but I am quite sure I want to specialize, possibly in OMFS. UCLA is substantially cheaper and that is...
  34. charcot bouchard

    Grads of Columbia, Penn or UCLA...

    Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be accepted into some amazing dental schools with Columbia, UPenn, and UCLA being among my favorites. As I am considering where I enroll, I wanted to ask graduates of these schools if the debt was worth attending that school. Columbia and Penn are very...
  35. C

    Questions about PSLF

    Hi there! As a prospective dental student for the class of 2022, I am currently doing some research on game plans for how I am going to tackle student debt once I graduate. I know it is a ways off, but I was particularly curious about how hard/competitive it is to qualify for the PSLF program. I...
  36. H

    Is it possible to afford vet school?

    Currently I'm working part time jobs while getting core classes done at community (to reduce debt). Getting my associates is taking a long time as it is, due to working so much. I already have taken out 7,000 in financial aid and am not even half way done my associates. My grades are amazing...
  37. O

    Doubting Physical Therapy as a Career, PA?

    Hello everyone, Like many, I got injured early on while playing sports and went to see a Physical Therapist, I immediately fell in love with the profession at an early age. During this time, the profession was ranked as one of the “top 10 best careers out there”. This enforced my decision and...
  38. ayed22

    Paying/Dealing With Huge Debt, Help!

    I know the goal of the game is to go to the cheapest school that can, but my state does not have a state dental school, so I'm forced to go to somewhere private. Right now, all the schools I've visited have been nothing but expensive. Yeah some schools offer scholarships, but those aren't...
  39. A

    Endodontist post-residency income and loan repayment

    Hello, I want to get some feedback from endodontists on what their experience has been like in trying to find job right after residency. Would be great if you could mention some tips on whether you went to private practice route, corporate, or travelling endodontist and what geared you towards...
  40. G


    Hi, I am a pre med student. However, I have recently been looking into going into pharmacy. I was wondering what the pros and cons are for being a pharmacist. Also, what is the work like day to day? Salary? Bonuses? Paying off debt? Etc Thanks.