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Oct 28, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to SDN, but I have been reading a bunch of threads to gain insight on DIY post-baccs and how to apply it to my situation.

I'm a recent college grad and taking gap years before applying to medical school (I don't have a timeline because I want to feel confident as an applicant before investing money in apps).
My graduating stats are:
cGPA: 3.119 (my school's cGPA was 3.307 but I used an AMCAS gpa calculator since that's the one that counts)
BCPM: 2.991
All other GPA: 3.365

Here's a breakdown of my major classes:
Gchem A/B+/B+ labs: A-/A
Ochem B/C/C labs: B-/A-
Physics B-/C+/D+ (retook got a B) labs: B+/B+
Lower-div bio classes (A-/B+/B-/C- (retook got a B)/ C+
Upper-div bio classes (C-/C+/C/C/A+/A-/A-) upper-div bio labs: B/B-/B+
(I can specify my bio classes if needed, but in general, the better grades of upper-div bio classes were done in senior year as well as the upper-div bio labs)

So here is the overall trend, first year I did okay with taking some lower div bio classes (A-, B+) and gchem classes with lab.
Second year and third year is where my gpa took the biggest toll because I clearly struggled no only with time-management, but also with figuring out how to study. During these two years, I had a part-time job because of financial burdens and was working up to 16 hours a week. My ochem, physics, second half of lower div bio, first half of upper div bio classes were taken.
By of my 4th year, I quit my job and was really determined to make sure my last year I worked the hardest I could to save my GPA before I graduated which is why my second half of upper-div bio classes I did okay and upper div bio lab (except with the B-).

Anyway, I wanted to give a background info rather than just giving a list of grades and asking what to do. I have a lot of research experience, but I am hoping to gain volunteering and shadowing experience (hopefully through being a medical scribe or something). I decided to do a DIY post bacc because of financial strain from pursuing an SMP or official post bacc program. I want to be able to work to pay for classes and so working part-time and still being able to take classes at a local CC is what fits my situation (or at least I think).

Now for the question:
How should I plan out my DIY post bacc?
Should I retake ochem and physics because I didn't do well in those classes, in addition, take upper-div bio classes? Or should I just take as many upper-div bio classes? I thought re-taking pre-req classes would be good in addition to taking some more upper-div bio classes to boost my cGPA and BCPM.
Currently looking for a job for financial support, before taking classes at a CC, and then during this time study and take the MCAT. By then I hope to have a stronger gpa, shadowing experience, volunteering experience, and have taken the MCAT.

Thank you for reading through this lengthy post, any advice is much appreciated!

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