Improve chances to get into DPT programs?

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Jul 4, 2017
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Hello! I am a bit nervous about applying to DPT programs because my grades are not ideal, especially in the pre-requisite and science classes.
I have a 3.0 science GPA and a 3.2 overall GPA.

The last classes that I have taken were: Kinesiology, Biomechanics w/ lab, Exercise Physiology w/ lab, Therapeutic Modalities w/ lab.. I have gotten a 89.4-89.8% in all of those classes and so they were all B+s which really hurt the GPA. I got As in the labs though.

Otherwise, what really hurt me is that I have gotten a C in Lifespan Development, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Physics I.
I am taking a Social Psychology class to try to somewhat compensate for Lifespan Development.

By the end of the summer I will have 150 paid hours from one clinic, owned by a USC graduate, and about 120 volunteer hours from another clinic, owned by two USC graduates and one who is an part-time professor at USC. I am planning on taking another internship or continuing these internships in the fall and will be able to full-time and collect more hours. If I don't volunteer full-time, I would look to split my time as an Exercise Physiologist and volunteer hours.

I also work as a Personal Trainer. I have three clients -- one who is a 60-year old with a TKR and getting another TKR. She used to not be able to run and had balance issues but now she is able to run and walk up and down the stairs no problem. She has not taken Physical Therapy since she has been training me. The other client has wrist pain so I work around that. And my last client has no significant disabilities.

Other than that, my background is gymnastics, dance, and track & field in high school. I have had several concussions, several ankle injuries, and elbow dislocation and sprains. I believe that my experience as an athlete has really made me feel like I have a calling for Physical Therapy. Other interests include sculpture/3-D art (jewelry/metals, clay, fashion design), writing, and playing the guitar and viola. I also like to hike, take yoga classes, and travel. I am also very interested in nutrition, following a plant-based lifestyle myself. I am ACSM CPT and looking to get a CEP.

I will take the GRE this fall, but wondering what are other measures I can take to improve my chances of getting in? Should I re-take classes and apply in the next seed?

I am hesitant to put this in my application as I feel like I have not faced as much adversity as others, but I have struggled with seeking psychological support where at some points I would be in denial that it would help me and when I have tried to with my school they have been so ridiculously difficult to schedule so that I have only ended up with a few sessions in the end. I didn't really feel like they helped much at the moment but recently I haven't felt as low as I did before. Never been medicated but have felt like this has impacted my self-efficacy to perform in school.

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I'd HIGHLY suggest retaking anatomy 1 and 2 and aim for an A. One C is normally frowned upon - with that being said, I had one (chem 2) but had a valid excuse for it. Keep in mind they're looking for people that they know are going to graduate from their program and pass boards. Several C's in very PT specific classes, like anatomy, isn't ideal.

Good luck!!