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Aug 14, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have a question for everyone in the SDN universe! So I am currently an applicant for the 2019-2020 cycle. I have been blessed with the opportunity to choose between 3 schools that have already offered me a spot in their incoming class of 2020. With that being said, I am unsure of which school I should choose from and I want to make the best choices for me. I have no children or significant other so those will not play a factor into my decision. Which school should I commit to? Cost of attendance for all schools a roughly in the same range when you couple it with cost of living.
Here are my thoughts on each school:

KCU-MB (KC Campus):
  • Very prestigious school with a long history of excellence.
  • Semi-big city which would be great for me as I am an Asian man and need my Asian grocery market resources.... LOL
  • Seems like I will have a ton of opportunity to study and do whatever I want while attending medical school there aka research, volunteering, etc.
  • Overall, I know I will become an exceptional doctor and there seems to be a higher ceiling for me compared to the other 2 schools (correct me if I am wrong) by choosing this school.
  • Flights home are relatively cheap-ish and only a 3 hour flight.

  • This is school is close to home as I am from Seattle, so visiting family and utilizing their support will only be a 2 hour drive.
  • I have heard this school has a good reputation of producing great physicians in the PNW area.
  • When I attending this school during my interview I somehow felt like I didn't belong. I cannot natural envision myself here at this school even though it allows me to be close to my family which is everything to me.
  • Despite the school being located near home, the school didn't seem to impress me as their isn't much assistance for students to pursue additional opportunities along with their medical education such as research, and volunteer opportunities aside from their Union Gospel Mission Medical Clinic.
    • Example: one my interview day when asking about research and other activities, students and faculty simple said "it's what you make of it. There isn't anything set in place so you will have to find some on your own."

  • This school is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas which is suppose to be a big city. When I toured the area , it seems more like a big city with a small town vibe.
  • Small town means transportation back home (Seattle) is tough and expensive compared to the other 2 schools.
  • New school with only pre-accreditation so that seems a little shaky to me.
  • The faculty and students seem very close and collective which I like! I dislike any super competitive, dog-eat-dog/cut throat environment.
    • The friendly vibe definitely won me over and made me consider this school.
  • ARCOM is 1 out of 2 medical schools in the state, so students have more opportunity to get involved during their clinical years. Current 3rd year ARCOM students brag about the opportunities and responsibility that are placed on them compared to other students from different medical schools in the US doing their rotations.
    • Example: "Oh my god, I had the opportunity to learn and place in an endotracheal tube a few time last month and my friends from other schools still haven't had the chance to learn and do that.

Once, again all comments, opinions, etc are welcome. If I sound pretentious, ungrateful, or snobby in anyway then I sincerely apologize. I do not mean to do offend anyone or sound ungrateful. I realized I have been blessed with the opportunity to chose from several schools. I just want to provide my unfiltered thoughts and opinions to everyone so you guys can help me think this through. This is a big decision in my life and I really want to make the best choice. If there is anything that you all think I am not considering or factoring into my decision then please let me know!
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