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  1. K

    MD & DO MD/DO School List (3.5x cGPA, 511)

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who is able to take the time to make recommendations and give any advice. I appreciate all the valuable help/support! My cGPA is 3.5x sGPA is 3.3 (with upward trend, 3.0->2.98->2.78->2.82->3.5->3.43->4.0->4.0). MCAT 511 (126/128/127/130) taken in March '22 CO White...
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  3. D

    Did I overkill by applying to 38 DO schools?

    Hello, So I just discovered SDN recently and kind of panicked when submitting my primaries. I am looking for some assurance that my panicking would be worth it or not. I am a Texas Resident and applied to 38 DO schools, not knowing if I would be able to get in or not. I really like the DO...
  4. J


    Hello everyone, I have a question for everyone in the SDN universe! So I am currently an applicant for the 2019-2020 cycle. I have been blessed with the opportunity to choose between 3 schools that have already offered me a spot in their incoming class of 2020. With that being said, I am unsure...
  5. psyflgirl

    Help with school list

    Hello, I just got my MCAT score back and I am trying to figure out what schools to apply to. My stats are not great so I am submitting to around 15 to 20 schools plus DO schools. MCAT 505 125/127/126/127, cGPA 3.52 sGPA 3.22, Hispanic female, born and raised in a rural area in an island in the...
  6. W

    Apply? Or sit this cycle out?

    Hey all, So I'm a re-applicant now. This cycle is coming to an end and I'm still post-II waitlisted at ATSU-AZ, but I'm not holding out on getting an acceptance. Final GPA (including post bacc) 3.23 cGPA 3.12 sGPA Post Bacc GPA (19 credits upper division science) 3.95 cGPA and sGPA MCAT: 507...
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  8. W

    School list help - Low GPA/okay MCAT

    Hey all! Need help with a school list. Got my Mcat score back today Final GPA (including post bacc) 3.23 cGPA 3.12 sGPA Post Bacc GPA (19 credits upper division science) 3.95 cGPA and sGPA MCAT: 507 (124 CARS) ECs: Volunteering at a women's shelter Feeding the homeless Shadowing Psych intern...
  9. M

    Med School Wife - Looking for General Info

    Hey there! My husband's just applied to 9 schools in the past week. - PCOM (PA, GA) - VCOM (VA, AL, SC) - KCU-Joplin - WVSOM - BCOM - LECOM (FL) He has two degrees: Biology (w chem minor): sGPA 3.83, cGPA 3.84 Athletic Training: 3.97 MCAT 504 1000 clinical hours Army vet Great LORs from...
  10. A

    What are my chances - DO school - applying 2019

    Hi everyone! I just made an account so I'm not too familar with where to post this thread so I just started my own, but I would appreciate some feedback and advice any of you guys might have about my application to DO school during the 2019-2020 cycle: Year in school: Starting 3rd year...
  11. L

    DO School Applicant Help

    Howdy! (as we say here at Texas A&M) I am currently a second-year college student and will be graduating a year early (in May of 2019) with a degree in health humanities, and minors in English and public health from A&M. I will be finishing up my pre-reqs for DO school post-bacc in the year...
  12. K

    DO School List

    Hello all, I am applying to DO schools and trying to compile a list. cGPA: 3.54, MCAT: 499, retook 4/28 (waiting for results), resident of Maryland. I'm strapped for cash, but also want to cover my bases. Also are there any schools that I should avoid because of poor programs or the like?
  13. D

    School list Help

    I need help creating a school list. Here is a little bit about me: first time applicant for DO, did not get into MD last cycle Science GPA 3.4 all other GPA 3.55 2015 MCAT 28 (9,7,12) improved from 26 disadvantaged background, English second language Currently full time ED Tech in a level 2...