Jul 20, 2015
Hey SDN.

This question may seem painfully obvious but I have not found a clear cut answer to this so I'm hoping for some insight.

I have submitted 6 letters of recommendation through AACOMAS for my primary application. All were sent via Interfolio.

I have also submitted my secondaries for various schools.

My question is, how will the schools know which letters to look through? I understand the answer varies per school. For the secondaries,
1. Some schools have specifically requested the names of my evaluator, so it a correct assumption that the school will look through my AACOMAS and find the corresponding Letter?
2. Some schools require letters, but don't specifically ask for the names of my evaluators despite requesting only a maximum of 2 letters. How will they know which letters of my AACOMAS to filter through, if they do?
3. Is it a correct assumption that the schools will even check the primary AACOMAS for the letters, or must the letters be sent to every school individually?

It feels like I've been playing guessing games on what schools want without a clear answer, so I would appreciate it greatly if someone offered clarity on this process.

Thanks for reading.