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MD & DO Need Help 4 Med School List



    Hey Everyone!

    I'm going to apply to med school next cycle and wanted your help coming up with a school list and what are my chances! If you could help out that would be great. Thanks!

    GPA: 3.5
    sGPA: 3.3
    MCAT: 510
    Res: CA
    Institution: Small Private Liberal Arts
    Great LORs
    1) AMSA (Treasurer, VP, President)
    2) Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society (Treasurer, VP)
    3) Research (Marine Biology ~ 3 years): Present at 3 international conferences, hopefully will submit paper soon + local/institution research conferences
    4) Volunteer (Child life) 100 hrs in Children's Hospital
    5) Medical Internship at highly renowned hospital(Research project, accepted abstract, presented at intervention medical conference, rounded with physicians) = 720 hours
    6) Medical Internship through UCLA (Performed tasks for nurses and physicians such as ambulating, feeding, vitals, etc) = 500 hours
    7) Medical Scribe = 4 years
    8) Student Government = 3 years
    9) University Biological mentor (Mentor group of 30 incoming Bio Majors) = 3 years
    10) NCAA III Soccer
    11) Volunteer Medical Staff at Type 1 Diabetes Summer Camp
    12) Shadowing = 300 hours

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


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    Sep 15, 2012
    1. Attending Physician
      You could receive interviews at these schools:
      UC Davis
      UC Irvine
      Loma Linda
      New York Medical College
      Oakland Beaumont
      Rosalind Franklin
      St. Louis
      any new schools that may open by 2019 (Kaiser, Roseman, Seton Hall, NOVA MD)
      Your chances for a MD acceptance are in the 50% range. You should also apply to at least 8 DO schools and you are competitive for all DO schools.
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