1. C


    Hello! Applying to both of these masters programs in Texas for fall 2024! Anybody else out there applying? Also, any comments on experience with these programs? Thanks!
  2. M

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MBS) 2024 Thread

    Hi All! I didn't see a thread for this year so I figured I'd make one! Any other applicants for Fall matriculation? And any former students who care to share their experience?
  3. M

    Tulane MS Physiology

    I was recently accepted into the MS physiology program at Tulane, however I can't find any information from alumni online. I was wondering if any alumni or friends of alumni could speak to what the program is like, how to succeed in the program, and how it compares to the MS program of anatomy...
  4. A

    Help me choose which masters/post-bacc program

    Hi everyone! I got into 2 masters programs and 1 post-bacc. I am having trouble choosing which one would be more beneficial in helping me get into dental school and also what program will stand out to dental schools while applying. What I hope to get out of the program is proving to dental...
  5. MedKid8399

    Torn in My Decision: NYCPM (Podiatry) versus TouroCOM master's linkage program versus Stonybrook MBS

    Just accepted to TOUROCOM linkage program which links to its Osteopath school, as well as Stonybrook Masters of biomedical sciences, and NYCPM. I have several years of research experiences at NYU Winthrop, 3 publications, many hours shadowing doctors, volunteer experiences, and a year scribing...
  6. M

    Help deciding between post-baccalaureate and a MAMS type program

  7. dentafloss20

    NSU Master of Biomedical science 2020 Fall & Winter

    Anyone apply to the MBS program still waiting to hear back or accepted/rejected. I saw an old thread so decided to create a new one for 2020 here.
  8. B

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) MBS 2020

    Hey everyone! I decided to make this thread since I didn't see a recent one. Apps are open until June 30. Has anyone that has taken this program care to share their experience?
  9. M

    Geisinger MBS vs. PCOM MBS 2020

    Hi guys! So I recently applied for SMP programs these stat cGPA 2.8, sGPA 2.5, and MCAT 495. I got accepted into Geisinger MBS program in Scranton, PA, which is a 1 year program at an MD school. I also applied to PCOM PA/GA program which provides a certificate after 1 year. Both schools are...
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  11. O

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Science(MBS) 2019 thread

    Anyone been accepted or applied this year?
  12. M

    Barry University's MBS - Daily Schedule

    Hey there, First time posting here. Recently got accepted into the MBS Dental Track at Barry's University to start in May 2019. I'm curious to know how the class schedule is like. Is it daily from 8-12 or is it spaced out throughout the week. I'm just trying to figure out how often I will be...
  13. T

    Nova MSB Chances?

    Hey guys! Long story short, got my stuff together extremely late after getting kicked out of my uni. Im gonna graduate this semester with roughly cGPA; 2.4 and sGPA: 2.43 with NO grade forgiveness. With grade forgiveness, which is my transcript show, I'll prob be at cGPA: 2.7 and sGPA: 2.5-6. My...
  14. H

    2017-2018 California University of Science and Medicine MBS program

    Is anyone going to be doing the MBS program at Calmed this upcoming year?
  15. Fancy312

    Is it honestly impossible???

    So its almost 1 am and of course im looking at some of the stats on here-- it got me thinking, that sometimes this feels completely impossible. What the actual f sdn???? I've been on this run for about 3 years now since graduating with my undergrad. I'm 26, Working as a dental assistant I'm...
  16. M

    Fixing a GPA - Need advice on next moves (DIY or SMP)

    Hi all. I am a recent undergraduate who graduated from a top ~20 school and needed some advice on my next steps in the med school process. I am aiming mainly for MD but would be open to a few DO options as well. Here are my stats: ORM 521 MCAT, I crammed for only a month, so I feel like I can...
  17. Mickey.Mouse

    Rutgers Master of Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    Hey all, Just wanted to get some input from you guys, thanks in advance. I graduated with BS/MS in 2016 with a combined GPA of 3.05, I've been working as a scribe and at an accounting firm for the past 2 years. I needed the money to pay off loans. Anyway, I took my MCAT without studying much...
  18. J

    post bac masters

    I know there are posts about different postbacc and MBS but I was looking for an affordable MBS that will actually help with gpa. It seems like most of them are $40k or over. Any suggestions for any affordable programs that will aid with gpa of my app?
  19. Fancy312


    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the Rutgers University MBS Dental Scholar track for 2018--in terms of class choices, scheduling, workload, housing.. any fb page yet?. Please let me know, and I am looking forward to attending and beginning this journey :D
  20. Fancy312


    Hi guys, I got accepted to both programs and I'm still waiting to hear back from MWU's 2 year MBS program in IL since I am a resident here, if someone can chime in on their input on these two programs based on the workload, class schedules, input if they retook the DAT after completing the...
  21. mandyads

    University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) MBS 2018-2019

    Hello All! So I recently applied about a week and a half ago to UIW's Master in Biomedical Sciences program. Their medical school is extremely impressive and is my top choice - after finding out that they had an MBS program that could prepare you specifically for their DO medical school, it was...
  22. Leenjerjos

    TCMC MBS 2018-2019

    Hi all, I got accepted into the Scranton program a few weeks ago and wanted to start a thread for everyone else that got accepted or is waiting to hear back still. If alums or current students have any advice for the incoming class, please share!
  23. M

    Rutgers NJMS - MBS Spring 2018 Med Scholar

    Hi I am going into the Medical Scholars MBS program at Rutgers Newark this Spring. Wanted to see anyone else who went through this program recently, is currently in it, or also starting this Spring. Any tips? Especially about when to (re)take the MCAT and what classes to take? Thanks!
  24. P

    LECOM Post Bac or MBS at RWJ?

    I have been accepted to the LECOM post bac and RWJ MBS program. I am having trouble deciding which one to attend for my gap year. Any advice/suggestions please?
  25. Y

    Midwestern AZ vs DG? MBS

    Got into both schools' MBS program, debating which one would be a better fit. I am from IL but I don't mind at all moving to AZ. Have any of you heard about one being better than the other? I'm set on doing the 2 year MBS in hopes to get accepted elsewhere and drop out after the first year. Any...
  26. C

    Midwestern MBS Downer's Grove 2017-19

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone else was accepted/accepted their seat in the 2017-2019 program? Haven't really found any threads or FB groups so figured I'd start one!
  27. D

    2018 University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical Sciences C/O 2018

    I am pre-dental and was recently accepted into the University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical sciences, but I was also accepted to other programs. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the program like how many people get accepted to professional schools afterwards? Did...
  28. I

    Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Progam

    Hi guys, I'm expected to start Rutgers MBS program in Newark this fall. So I'm trying to plan out my classes. Could former/current students from this program please tell me what are some good classes to take? Thank you :)
  29. N

    Need Perspective....this cycle or next? MBS or get a certificate?

    So I have been having a hard time deciding whether to apply this cycle or wait until next cycle. Gpa: 3.55 sgpa: 3.58 MCAT: yet to take but have been getting 506 So with the mcat I'm scheduled for june which I already feel is late and i know pushing it off i can have a higher score but it will...
  30. B

    KGI MBS vs. Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences) MSBS

    Hi all, I may not have posted this in the right Forum the first time I posted. I'm interested in both KGI's Master of Bioscience program and Thomas Jefferson University's Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (at Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences). They are both PSM (professional...
  31. B

    Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) VS. Thomas Jefferson University MS in Biomedical Sciences

    Hi all, I'm interested in both KGI's Master of Bioscience program and Thomas Jefferson University's Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (at Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences). They are both PSM (professional science masters) programs, but KGI's program is more industry oriented and...
  32. N

    What dental schools are most receptive to MBS students?

    I am attending the MBS program at Tufts University in the fall of 2016. I have finished my AADSAS application for the 2017 cycle and was wondering if anybody has any input on which schools to apply to. I can only assume that there are some schools that are more receptive to these master programs...
  33. Fancy312

    Midwestern University (IL) MBS Program 2016

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone that has gotten any news at all regarding their application for the 2 year MBS program in IL???? Still playing the waiting game over here and constantly checking my email/mailbox :nailbiting::coffee: If you can reply below on how when you submitted everything...
  34. Fancy312

    MWU MBS 2016

    Hi guys, Just wondering the timing of when you guys submitted your app and when you heard back? Anyone still waiting?
  35. Y

    Drexel MBS Program 2016-2017

    Hey, everyone! I recently got accepted to Drexel's Masters of Science in Biomedical Studies which is a two year program. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has already committed themselves to start in Fall 2016? It would also be nice if anyone in the program could give me an idea of...
  36. U

    Midwestern University Downer's Grove MBS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone. I was accepted to Midwestern's MBS (2 year program) starting August 2016 and was wondering if there was anyone else out here on SDN who was thinking about applying, sent in their application, placed on hold, or accepted or anything in between lol Feel free to chime in. Maybe we...