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  1. LindaAccepted

    How to Apply Successfully to Med School from Postbac Programs

    In this episode, the founder and former Director of San Francisco State University Postbac Programs and Accepted consultant since 2015 explains why the fastest way to medical school is slowly and carefully, and explores the advantages and disadvantages of applying to med school from a postbac...
  2. M

    I need advice please help

    hi everyone, I really need advice on my dental school journey so please advise. for some background: - I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Biology (3.4 GPA/3.0 sGPA) but my junior and senior year were prime pandemic years so I kind of lost interest in what I was doing and just graduated to...
  3. SavvySalmon

    University of Cincinnati SMP 2023–24

    Hey! I am a current UC first year medical student and alumni of the Cincinnati SMP. I didn't see a thread started for the next cycle so I thought I'd start one. Let us know if you have any questions about the program!
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  5. D

    NOVA MBS Post Bacc 2022-2023

    I noticed there isn’t a group for this next NSU MBS Post Bacc program cycle. Wanted to know who all is applying and hearing back. See what can be expected and how collective knowledge about specifics can help! Currently I applied March 22nd haven’t heard back yet Sci GPA: 3.2 Overall GPA 3.6...
  6. G

    CWRU nutrition post-bacc

    Has anyone here done the nutrition program at CWRU? I'm interested but I'm not sure about how well looks on med school apps
  7. G

    Guidance on choosing SMP/master's/post-bacc program (PLEASE!!)

    Hello! PLEASE HELP. I am currently deciding between a few different SMP/post-bacc programs and would love to see if anyone has any good thoughts/insights or specifically if anyone from these programs has good/bad things to say about it or any advice at all!! I started my freshman year at...
  8. T

    Post bacc vs masters for Sub 3.0 Student

    I need help deciding whether post bacc or an SMP is the best option for me to get into medical school. I graduated from a higher end university in 2019 with a cGPA of 2.5 and sGPA of 2.4. Since then, I’ve been taking all science classes (44 credits) via an informal post bacc (retaking pre reqs...
  9. A

    Help! Any success stories from students who got into dental acceptance after attending Midwestern (AZ) University's 2-year MBS program?

    Hi everyone! So I am a pre-dental student, and my stats are ~2.89 GPA (surprisingly higher sGPAbut not any better) and an 18AA and 17TS DAT. I recently applied to several masters programs considering my stats are not competitive enough for dental school and managed to get into Midwestern's...
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  11. A

    Which program should I choose to help my app? Baylor Post-bacc vs Arkansas MSB?

    Hey guys, I'm applying to these two programs and idk which is better and/or best for me. Some brief background, I have a cGPA and sGPA of 3.0 as a bio major, with my last 60 hours being ~3.7 and last 2 years ~ 3.5 of mostly upper level hard sciences, MCAT 500, I have published 1 lit review, have...
  12. andrewfalkenpk

    Master's before DPT?

    Hi Everyone, After graduating from my undergraduate college, I have been grinding non-stop to improve my GPA and wanted to know what else there is I can do to stand out. I have been doing my own dual post-bac program at the local community college and local CSU in my hometown to improve my GPA...
  13. aalleyne13

    NYU Masters Program

    Looking for opinions on whether or not it's beneficial to apply for a MS in Chemistry or MA in IDS or Psychology (Clinical Neuroscience Track). I'm pre med with a solid passion in Neurobiology and Biopsychology and all that intertwines, which shows through my undergrad coursework. However, I...
  14. R

    Masters Programs

    I'm a senior pre-med student who decided to pursue a Masters degree in my first of (hopefully) two gap years due to a less-than-great undergrad GPA. I applied to a bunch of special masters type programs that are aimed at pre-med students. I've heard back from most of the schools and am trying...
  15. N

    Post Bacc/ Gap Year Advice

    Hello, I am a 21 yr old AA male from a top 20 undergrad institution. I am currently a senior and plan on taking the MCAT early next year. I plan on applying to med school in the 2019-2020 cycle, but i am not convinced in the strength of my application. Basically, I am looking for advice on any...
  16. lastrealunicorn

    USF MSMS Program 2019-2020

    Hey y'all ! Just wanted to start this thread for the new application season. I'm going to be submitting my application within the next 2 weeks for admission next year into the pre-professional track. Update: Just got accepted today, almost 4 days after applying! I’m just going to list my...
  17. insaiyan-premed

    Which Post bacc/Smp would be good?

    Graduated this May with B.S. in Biochemistry GPA trend is weird 3 semesters with a 2.6-2.7, 3 with 3.0-3.1 and 3 with 3.7-3.85 My last semester I took a decent amount of upper-level courses and did well. I got a B+ in Immunology though, and prereqs are mostly Bs. Didn't know I wanted to pursue...
  18. C

    SMP vs MS in Biostats

    Hi everyone, I'm a 30-year-old untraditional student with a career in the tech industry, heavy on the statistics/programming. I took all my med school pre-reqs over the past couple of years, and applied to med school this year (MCAT 506, gpas ~3.4, thanks to a few C's from my undergrad 10...
  19. S

    Dental Schools that like Master's/Post Bacc Students

    Hey everyone, I am currently in a Master's program and will be applying to dental school this cycle. I have completed roughly 20 credits of graduate level classes and have a 4.0 GPA so far. I know some schools like Tufts like graduate students and matriculate a large percentage each year. Are...
  20. P

    Vanderbilt MS Program in the Biomedical Sciences

    Hey everyone! I am so curious. I've seen almost nothing about this program, but it's new so I kind of get it. Has anyone applied? Been accepted? Considering attending?
  21. A

    Post-Bacc Decision: Tufts MBS vs. GeorgeSquared vs. Penn

    Hello, I'm deciding between these schools and need help. Tufts has a thesis, is one year, and I get a MS. GeorgeSquared (George Mason and Georgetown) is one year with MS as well, but no thesis. Penn is a year with no MS (Specialized Studies). I'm still waiting to hear from Johns Hopkins. Tufts...
  22. F

    USF MS Help

    Hey all! Just got accepted into this program today for the pre-professional track! I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this program/can touch on what the med school admissions process looks like after? Also I really dont want to take another gap year after my Masters, is that common...
  23. B

    Need Help Deciding on Post-Bacc/SMP

    Hey Guys, thanks for all your support so far! Because of your help I have gained admission to the following programs: - Temple ACHS - BU MAMS - Loyola MAMS and MSMP - Drexel IMS - Rutgers MBS Newark And awaiting decisions from - Cincinnati MSP (waitlisted) - Rosalind Franklin BMS (under...
  24. N

    Marian BMS vs. Touro Harlem MS

    Hello everyone, I was recently accepted into both the Marian BMS program and Touro Harlem MS. I’m very conflicted on which to choose and would really like some advice, especially from anyone who has done either of these programs. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.15 and a science GPA of 3.35 with...
  25. J

    post bac masters

    I know there are posts about different postbacc and MBS but I was looking for an affordable MBS that will actually help with gpa. It seems like most of them are $40k or over. Any suggestions for any affordable programs that will aid with gpa of my app?
  26. Jonesam91

    MD Post-Bacc App Jitters

    Currently, due to personal issues last quarter, I have a cGPA of 2.55 (waiting for one more grade to come back in Epidemiology which should be a B). I'm not entirely sure of my sGPA because I have attended 3 (yes, 3) colleges throughout my tenure as a student and I do not have access to all the...
  27. M

    My chances at a post bacc

    Hi everybody! This is my first post on this website, and I just wanted to get your opinions on my current situation. As of right now I am a senior Psychology student at UCI, and I currently have a 3.195 cGPA. I was a non-traditional pre med student in undergrad, meaning I took some of my pre req...
  28. J

    Whats the best SMP for me?

    Hey guys, Im applying to SMPs but found only 3 to 4 programs that are a good match for me. I sadly have a 2.9 gpa and a 500 mcat, but Im going ahead and applying to programs. Has anyone with stats similar to mine applied to SMPs and got accepted?
  29. HalluxSlicer

    LMU MS 2017-2018 Cycle

    I was accepted 1 week ago for Biomedical Professions program and are heavily leaning towards LMU because I heard a lot of good reviews from past students; the matriculation rate from MS to DCOM is relatively high, transfer of GMA and Neuroanatomy credits to DCOM once acceptance, and guaranteed...
  30. L

    What should I do? SMP or just apply?

    So anxious it's literally raising my blood pressure these past few weeks i've been applying to the smps. I'm applying to 15 SMPs and 15 medical schools. I've gone back and forth with going ham on medical schools or just focus all of my energy on an SMP. Am I doing the right thing? should i even...
  31. B

    what are my chances for tufts mbs

    Hello all, I'm looking to apply to tufts mbs to try to save my undergrad grades here are my stats: cumulative GPA: 2.97 science GPA: 2.86 MCAT: 514 I have previous research experiences but limited volunteering (only in high school, not in college), I've had a couple shadowing experiences and...
  32. B

    Need advice on Post-Bac or Not

    Pretty much just looking for helpful opinions here whether they're negative or positive. Basically finished finished undergrad with these stats: 3.46 cGPA 3.35 sGPA 497 MCAT (retook just waiting for scores (hopefully 500+)) Really looking to get into a northern school. I am wondering if it's...
  33. blackwolf04

    Help with what to do after undergrad to enhance grades/med school application

    - Thanks!
  34. W

    Midwestern BMS graduate and current D1 - Ask me anything!

    I completed the Biomed program at Midwestern in Arizona, and I am currently a D1 at MWU. I am more than happy to answer any Qs. Just for starters, I want to clear up some myths: 1) If I do one of the masters programs here, I am guaranteed an acceptance. They only offer guaranteed interviews...
  35. Vokounfan


    New thread for the VCOM/Bluefield post bacc program!