Obtaining ID card

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Jun 9, 2015
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Hi all! I am 4-year AF dental HPSP that will begin this fall. I will not be attending COT until after I graduate. I am already a military dependent and have immediate access to a base to obtain my ID. I read that we have to bring in our appointment order or Form 92 to do so. I do not see this on the CIP/AFIT portal. The closest thing I saw was my benefits letter. I called AFIT and they said I need an MPF login to get my form 92. However, I cannot even get to the MPF login page to try and make a login because I am on a computer that is not secure. Help? Thanks in advance.

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I was in a similar situation 4 years ago and I just emailed one of my contacts (Eileen Turner) at AFIT and she emailed me a copy of my form 92. This was 4 years ago, so they might have a different protocol now. Eileen is gone and it looks like Andrew Young has replaced her. Kelly Adams always has answers for these types of questions as well.
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