pharmacy admissions

  1. A

    I listed lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS

    I listed biology and human and anatomy classes as lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS and I made sure on everything before I completed the finalization. But when I downloaded my application flies to schools I applied for, these classes are shown as lecture-only classes. I don't know...
  2. RapidAgain

    Recently rejected from pharmacy school. plan to send email to rejects for guidance to better chances

    what would be a very good title for an email directed for someone who works in the admissions of the school you were rejected by, to see what ways you can improve your chances of getting in and become more competitive? I want to hear directly from the schools I have been rejected by, what tips...
  3. PCATPrepClass

    Dr. Collins 2018 PCAT Prep Class

    Use code "DEAL25" to save $25.00 at The PCAT has changed again for 2018! The Dr. Collins 750+ page self-study course with practice exams is all new, fully revised for 2018, and includes direct access to the professors to make sure you are successful! Dr. Collins' PCAT...
  4. WingateadvisorPharmD

    Wingate University Hendersonville Pharmacy Program

    We are having our Spring Open House on March 16th at 5:00pm. You are welcome to join us! If you have any questions about our Pharmacy program, pre-reqs and or PCAT please leave your question and I will be happy to answer it for you. I am the Regional Director for the Hendersonville campus...
  5. W

    Deferred from ED admission. Chances?

    Hi, I applied ED back in sept and got deferred from the school. Does it mean I was waitlisted? Or is it something like a rejection from the school? It’s been a month and I don’t get a further conversation after I was deferred. Is there any chance still?
  6. Dre@mer

    UCSF pharmacy class of 2021, applied Nov. Fall 2017

    I could not find a thread for UCSF so I wanted to start one, I am assuming since they are a three year curriculum now the class is the same as last years threads. I applied November 2017. Has anyone gotten interview invites yet?!
  7. R

    low 2.7 gpa, any pharmacy school or dental school (with postbacc) I might have a chance at?

    (Hey guys, so this is my first time posting on this forum, so please if I've asked an already answered question, forgive me, I'm still trying to figure my way around on this lol) So currently looking at the pre-req classes that I have left and given that my gpa is pretty low :( would...
  8. K

    What makes a "solid" recommendation??

    I am applying for admission in 2018 and I keep seeing people talking about a "solid" recommendation letter... but I am kind of curious what makes a "solid" recommendation. I have 3 pharmacists who are doing my recommendations (2 are business partners/owners of a chain of independents, 1 from a...
  9. J

    Chapman University M.S. Pharmacutical Sciences vs. California Northstate Pharmacy Program??? Help!

    Hello everyone, I am in a currently in a tough situation. I understand that these schools are new and heard about their reputations so far. I had applied to these schools due to my GPA so I understand what I am getting myself into (newer schools). BTW, I got accepted for Spring 2018 to Chapman...
  10. D

    Retake PCAT? Nov 2017

    Not sure guys, just took the Nov.17 PCAT today, 1st time taking it, and here are my preliminaries and my GPA. Feeling kinda low, thought i had done better not sure if I should retake the PCAT. Also, is 74 a competitive Composite score these days? Thanks in advance for the advice! PCAT...
  11. P

    Pre pharmacy prereqs Help!

    Hello, I was wondering if it looks bad if I take the human physiology prereq at a different university for my pre-pharmacy courses as an undergraduate. The reason I am thinking about taking it at another university is because I have already went to the course at my university and the same...