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  1. TaffyTaffy

    For Sale PCAT Dr. Collins 2017 For Sale!!!

    I have the 2017 Dr. Collins for sale. $120 including shipping. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested. I can send pictures if you'd like. Thanks.
  2. P

    PLEASE ANSWER!!! Dr.Collins PCAT materials

    Hey guys! Please please please I need help. I am so confused. Okay so last year I bought the updated 2017 version of the Dr.Collins PCAT study material. But I was unable to take the PCAT for personal reasons ( I was set to take it the Oct of 2017). Now I am set to take the PCAT Sept of 2018...
  3. P

    How to prepare for PCAT using Dr.Collins

    Hi, I'm takind the PCAT soon and I have about 6 weeks to study for it. I do not know if that will be enough time to prepare for the test! I bough dr.collins prep, can you please tell me the best way to study and plan my time using dr.collins? I will be studying for about 7 hours a day. would...
  4. F

    Dr. Collins 2016 Updated version (selling much lower than Amazon price for this version)

    Selling: Dr. Collins 2016 Updated version (selling much lower than Amazon price for this version) REA PCAT Flashcard Book (included) Kaplan PCAT 2014-2015 (light tear on edge but no writing) (also included). Please send a direct message or email [email protected] if interested. Used all...
  5. G

    PCAT scores

    Hey! So I'm kind of new to this whole thing. I took the PCAT last week and I'm a little thrown off by my scores. Bio -35 Chem -86 Quant -75 Reading - 65 It was my first time taking it and I don't have a huge science background (non traditional student). So obviously I'm going to retake it...
  6. D

    Retake PCAT? Nov 2017

    Not sure guys, just took the Nov.17 PCAT today, 1st time taking it, and here are my preliminaries and my GPA. Feeling kinda low, thought i had done better not sure if I should retake the PCAT. Also, is 74 a competitive Composite score these days? Thanks in advance for the advice! PCAT...
  7. E

    For Sale Dr. Collins (Newest edition) 2017 PCAT Self Study Course Package

    Hello, I am selling my 2017 PCAT self study course package that I purchased brand-new from Dr. Collins at $375.00 USD (about $450 CAD including shipping). I obtained 99 composite (99 chem/bio, 90+ rest) first try using this package and some MCAT books. The study package looks brand-new. It's...
  8. P


    Hello, I will have about 2 weeks to prepare for the PCAT in January and I'm planning to study for 6 hours a day. Is it enough time to study the bio and chemistry section using dr.collins study package? I took the exam before and I only want to study the biology and chemistry portion to improve...
  9. NextStepTutor_1

    PCAT You = 1 vs. The Clock = 0

    Mastering the PCAT is all about timing. This can be a serious issue: how can you do well on the test if you still have 10 questions left and only 1 minute to go? Fortunately we have a few strategies up our sleeve that can help when it comes to test day, but they vary based on which section you...
  10. NextStepTutor_1

    PCAT What's a good score?

    This is a question we get a LOT from students, and it's such an important question! While there might not be a single answer to this question, we can help you determine a good score for you based on your personal goals. The median PCAT score is about 400 (50th percentile) on a scale of...
  11. NextStepTutor_1

    PCAT Enter our Raffle - Free Next Step PCAT Course!

    Happy Test Prep Week, everyone! This week, we're excited to offer a Next Step PCAT Course (valued at $599) for free!! This course is taught exclusively by course instructors who have scored in the 99th-percentile on the PCAT and includes: Full-Length Diagnostic Exam plus 5 Full-Length PCAT...
  12. NextStepTutor_1

    PCAT Free PCAT Diagnostic – What Are Your Chances?

    The million-dollar question these days seems to be: what are my chances of getting into pharmacy school? If there were one correct answer to this question—a magical formula, a golden rule—someone would have answered this for good by now. It’s a complicated question. First of all, your PharmCAS...
  13. D

    For Sale PCAT: Dr Collins 2017, Kaplan book 2017, Pearson online practices 2017

    My PCAT in July 2017: composite: 99% biology: 90% chem: 99% reading: 72% math: 99% I have the following PCAT material for sale: 1. Dr. Collins 2017, with all updates and stuff, like new. No scratches, marks, dents. Only used for photocopy once. 2. Kaplan book 2017, with two online tests. Like...
  14. C

    PCAT issues with PharmCAS??

    Hi everyone, Is anyone having trouble with their PCAT scores appearing in PharmCAS? I took the test in July. My official scores only show when I download the PDF version of the application. However, the written section is blank. Also, when I go to the 'check status' tab of the application, it...
  15. V

    PCAT Scores Input Error!!!

    So I had taken my PCAT on Jan 17 and did well compared to the standards and averages of the school i'm applying too. I requested the scores be sent by Pearson to PharmCAS and after about a week, they were in. However, my WRITING SCORE was not! PharmCAS had left my writing scores blank and when i...
  16. N

    November 2017 PCAT online study group.. who wants to join?

    hello everyone, i will be taking my PCAT in november 2017 and i was wondering if anyone taking it around that time would like to study together. i found a site which allows students/groups of people to study together online with a white board and also a microphone(to speak if wanted). i thought...
  17. V

    PCAT Scores to PharmCAS

    My official Jan 17 PCAT scores have been posted to pharmCAS, however, my writing score has not. Am I supposed to somehow send my writing score separately or will the unofficial score suffice??
  18. D

    Low Reading Score on PCAT

    I did poorly on the reading portion of the PCAT but I feel i did alright on the other portions of the test. I did well in my English courses during undergrad and was wonder if anyone had advice on how to address the poor score on my applications. Biology- 99 (466) Chemisty- 89 (434) Reading-...
  19. PharmD7777

    How is my PCAT considered acceptable???

    I talked to the pharmacy admissions advisor at my top choice school. I told her my scores and she said i didn't need to retake the pcat but i have a 7 in reading! I had a composite score of 53 percent with a 92 in Chem, 58 in Biology, 57 in Math, and a 7 in reading. She told me i was still...
  20. PharmD7777

    What is the earliest your official PCAT has been grade?

    I took my PCAT July 18th and was curious if i will receive my official scores earlier than 5 weeks. I know they say it takes 5 weeks to post, but i know people get it sooner than that. What is the quickest time your PCAT was graded after the test?
  21. C

    PCAT Scoring Issue - Need opinions

    Hi guys! I'm an undergraduate student that just completed her first year at a university as a direct admit to Pharmacy School in the Pre-pharmacy program. My overall cumulative GPA at the moment is 3.9. As direct admits, we are supposed to take the PCAT the summer after our first year and...
  22. P

    PCAT - Most true to test options?

    I'm taking the PCAT wednesday and I've been prepping with Dr. Collins for a few months. But I took a couple of Pearson practice tests this weekend as a change of pace and to get a different perspective. One thing I noticed is the Pearson tests were WAY harder than Dr. Collins. Especially the...
  23. S

    Question about the Pearson Practice Test, please?

    Hey y'all, So I am taking the PCAT on July 18th, and I am considering buying the pearson practice tests. However, I got a question and I hope it will be clear enough for a straightforward answer lol. They offer 3 sets of questions, by them saying "3 sets of questions", does it mean 3 practice...
  24. TaffyTaffy

    For Sale FOR SALE - PCAT Dr. Collins 2017

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins PCAT 2017 version. Brand new, no markings. $280 (including shipping). Payment through Paypal or if you're in the Orange County, CA area we can meet up as well. For pictures and questions, send me a message or you can also email me at [email protected].
  25. EfeO7524

    For Sale Selling My Dr.Collins material for year 2015 with the updated version

    Hey future PharmD's, I am selling my Dr.Collins material for $190 with the update for 2017. email me at [email protected] for more information
  26. 9

    Should I Ditch Kaplan?

    I have the PCAT in September and I'm honestly very confused about what to study and I feel like I'm running out of time since I have two chem classes over the summer as well. I have the 2017 Collins and the 2016-2017 Kaplan book and the information in both of them are very different. Some people...
  27. 9

    EXP Button on Calculator During PCAT?

    This might be a really dumb question but is there an EXP (exponent) button on the calculator provided in the PCAT? I don't understand how I can complete questions like the amount of energy emitted. How will I plug in -RH (-2.18x10^-18) on a standard calculator?
  28. 9

    Barron's PCAT

    I haven't heard anyone talk about this PCAT study material in a decade on this forum. Just wondering if it's of any use?
  29. E

    Best time to start prepping for the PCAT?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore at university and I am on the pre-pharmacy track. I am a chemistry and psychology major (also a prospective biology minor due to successful completion of pre-pharmacy pre-requisites simultaneously completing a biology minor at my institution). I want...
  30. 9

    PCAT Study Materials

    Hey guys! so I'm taking the PCAT this September and I was wondering which study materials I should purchase? I already bought the 2017 Dr Collins (RIP $700 CAD) and I'm planning to purchase the Pearson tests. Are these enough to prepare me or do I need more sources? like for the math, critical...
  31. S

    Selling Newest Collins Pcat

    Hi if you are looking to buy PCAT materials I have the most recent dr collins and some additional kaplan stuff. I'm willing to sell all of my materials for cheap. If you are interested message me.
  32. M

    hiding second Pcat score from school

    I have just retaken the pcat and unfortunately did not do well..I wish I didn't take it and just keep my first score.. is there a way I can make my designated schools not to see the second score?
  33. Shark-diver

    My Pcat is in 4 hours but

    Hi guys, My pcat is in 4 hours but I don't feel well prepared. I was already planing to take the February exam and I called the schools that answered me and they said they will take the Feb results. I really need to do well on the pcat of my application's sake. Should I go take it and choose no...