please help to rank these programs

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Feb 19, 2004
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I have hard time to rank among these four programs: U. Iowa, U. Florida, John hopkins Bayview and U. cincinnati? Could you guys provide some insights? I hope to have the opportunity to do hem/onc fellowship in a good place later. And which one provide better residency training? Thanks.

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Iowa is the best out of the bunch, rep wise. Location is another issue though.
I agree, Iowa is probably the best training/prestige-wise. U Florida seems to do well in fellowship placement though, as does Hopkins Bayview (many from there seem to end up in prestigious hostpitals). My main problem with Bayview is that it's such a small program and hospital, and I think that they are kind of looked upon as a second-rate Hopkins program (although the residents there told me that they aren't treated any differently then the main Hopkins program). I don't know very much about U Cinncinati other then I've heard that they have a prestigous peds program. Just remember to go with your gut instinct when ranking programs, you should go wherever you think that you will be most happy. Any one of those program will allow you to get into a decent heme onc fellowship.
Thanks, kalel and Da Vinci2. I agree with you about bayview. Though they seem to do well for fellowship placement, but many feel they are second rate of hopkins. I like U iowa, but the town is not very appealing. Many seniors members also told me to go with my gut feeling, guess that is what I have to do. Hope you all do well matching.