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  1. Faerose

    Lost Pre-Med Studying for MCAT

    Hi, I’m a pre-med student completely lost trying to study for the MCAT. I had planned on purchasing the Kaplan 7-Book Study Set and some AAMC study materials, but I don’t know if those are the best ones. I have planned to start studying in September and take the MCAT in March (Covid pending)...
  2. arebart

    Anatomy Prep Course

    Hey all! I was accepted to Texas A&M :soexcited: and recently discovered that they offer an Anatomy Workshop over the summer for accepted vet students. Having taken ZERO anatomy classes during my undergraduate career, my hunch is that I would be silly NOT to take advantage of this opportunity...
  3. C

    NYC MCAT Prep Courses

    Hi all, It's my first post on Student Doctor Network, and as I'm new to this I may have missed a recent thread. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions as to an in-person MCAT course offered in or around NYC (accessible without a car) ideally starting this fall within the next few weeks. I...
  4. ancoraimparo

    MD STEP 1 before MS2?? MPH/MHA instead?

    Hello. I am a med student that has to take a medical leave between MS1 and MS2 for treatment. I also have to remediate anatomy - either this fall or next summer. I applied to and got admitted to an MPH program and a Master's in Healthcare administration program - both start next month and can...
  5. M

    MCAT Prep

    So I decided to retake my MCAT. I'm going to start studying over the summer, and I plan to take it January of 2019, so I should have around 7 months of studying. I was planning on using materials from ExamKrackers, Princeton Review, Khan Academy, and Kaplan. (And of course AAMC) My friend told...
  6. B

    Step 2 CK prep courses...for US med students?

    I'd like to use this thread to get some insight on prep courses (Review, Live, Live Online, On Demand, Individual, etc) that have worked for US med students. From a lot of people I've talked to and threads I've read, I know Kaplan seems to work pretty well for International Medical Grads looking...
  7. J

    First time mom needing advice on how to prep for MCAT while working full-time & parenting an infant

    Hello, I am a 31-year-old first time mother to a 9-month-old boy. My passion is medicine and couldn’t imagine myself in a different profession other than becoming a doctor in the future. I’ve planned for a perfect (traditional, as they call it) journey to fulfilling my dream but of course, real...
  8. G

    MCAT Prep Course - which one did you like?

    Hey - Im wondering if anyone here has taken an MCAT prep course? If so, which one did you use - Prep101, Kaplan, Princeton, or other? And did you find it helpful? I'm looking into taking an MCAT prep course. I really want in-class instruction as I know that it is helpful for me to have a...
  9. Dr.Narcos

    MCAT Prep Course

    I am thinking of doing the KAPLAN MCAT Prep - Self-Paced PLUS its currently going for $2500. Do you guys think its worth it? I have seen people say its useless. Can I have some thoughts? Taking money out of the factor is it worth it?
  10. E

    USMLEagle vs WolfPacc vs Pass-Program

    Hello, first-time poster sorry in advance....I failed my step one (185) and now to avoid getting kicked out of my house my parents are forcing me to attend an onsite course. I read through the forms some pro's and con's for the aforementioned programs but nothing seemed very up-to-date. Please...
  11. clinicalscience808

    Choosing to go for additional courses in person

    I have a bit of a dilemma that I really need to make on my own but can't seem to grasp both options. I have applied to vet school already for Fall 2018 and am currently taking 13 credits online through CSU while working full-time. This semester, I am taking my last remaining prerequisite as well...
  12. c_t_a_95

    Kaplan repeat prep course expiration date is sooner than my previous course?

    I signed up for a kaplan live online course in January to prepare for my mcat. The materials were set to expire this month, September 9th. I have to retake my mcat so I just enrolled in another course (free repeat) that starts October 10t. The expiration date for this course is January 29th...
  13. nismile

    NBDE prep course

    Hi! I'm an international dentist. I was wondering if anyone know any ONLINE prep course for NBDE part 1. I will appreciated any information. Thanks.
  14. P

    Take MCAT Prep Course in Summer, although test will be in January?

    I've read through a number of other threads about this, but can't seem to find one like my situation. I haven't taken all my prerequisites yet, including the necessary Biochem and Physics 1. So, that's why I'm planning to take the MCAT in Jan. I don't think I have time to do a prep course in...
  15. M

    Kaplan Diagnostic

    Yes, I know there are plenty of posts about this already, but because there have been constant changes since the 2015 MCAT, I'm looking to get some more recent data and opinions. I'm taking Kaplan's MCAT prep course this spring. I made a 497 on the diagnostic which initially made me feel great...
  16. S


    Hi Everyone, I took my exam recently, having been scored 514 on my scored AAMC practice (aka, I don't think I will need to retake), and I want to sell my materials. Below are all of the products I have for sale, with descriptions explaining details, if applicable. I will place a preliminary...
  17. I

    Question about preparing PCAT

    Have taken MCAT in april 2016. Thinking about go to pre-pharm. Should I take prep course? Which prep course is better? Thanks.
  18. SpottyGlassware

    Good prep classes?

    I'll be studying for the MCAT next semester and I feel like I'll need to take some kind of class to hold myself accountable. Any recommendations? (What company, online vs in-person, etc.) I'll be taking fewer course hours in the fall to give myself time to prepare well and hopefully take the...
  19. A

    beat the boards group discount

    Is anyone putting together a group in order to receive a discount on the beat the boards online content? I would like to join. I heard that if you have more than 20 people then you get a pretty good discount of 50%.
  20. Prof 338

    Free MCAT prep software.....for a limited time

    I am part of a team of professors that have worked with the company Adapt Prep ( This company has documented success in preparing students for CFA and Actuarial exams. We are currently in the process of developing commercial software to assist students in the CAR...
  21. rlior84

    32 mechanical engineer changing a career.

    Hey people! I want to take the DAT's in 4 months. granted, there are many recommendations online so wouldn't it be great if i go to the source and ask you all what is the best method/tool i should buy or use? (haven't been in college since 2010) what are the best online tools or books such as...
  22. B

    UCSF ASDA's Intro to Dentistry 2016: One Day Course for Pre-Dentals!

    Calling all students interested in dentistry!!! UCSF ASDA is proud to announce our second annual Intro to Dentistry Day on February 20th from 8a-5p! Our one day course is a unique event that will not only give you insight into UCSF School of Dentistry, but will help prepare you to get more out...
  23. C

    For Sale Kaplan Prep Course (Onsite, Anywhere, or OnDemand)

    I recently won a code for a free Kaplan Prep Course at a university function which I won't be using because I'm switching majors hence why I would like to sell it so it does not go to waste. Once redeemed, you can pick which course and dates you would like to take. I checked the Kaplan site and...
  24. C

    Which MCAT Prep Course to take?? MCAT Date: 04/01

    All comments are welcome. A little about me: Took the previous MCAT twice, scored a 26 and bombed the second time around--as you can tell, my confidence is at 0. The two previous times I took the MCAT were during/directly after the semester. Now, after finally graduating and taking some time for...
  25. A


    So I'm trying to decide my plan of attack for Step 1; probably taking it in late May /early June, so I'm about 8 /8.5 months out... any recommendations? I am considering the Triple Play Bundle from usmle-rx because I'm interested in flashcards and a Qbank; also obviously planning on doing UWorld...
  26. theNDhopeful44

    Should I study for the MCAT BEFORE taking a prep course?

    Hey guys, I'm a junior currently taking a full course load and working in a lab doing research. I'm finishing up the last of my prereqs (physics) and I'm planning on doing a Kaplan on-site prep course from January-May with my plan to take the MCAT something like the end of May. Should I be...
  27. MediversityCSPrep

    Prep Course for USMLE Step 2 CS in South Jersey.

    Hi everybody. We are proudly offering a Step 2 CS training program in south New Jersey, near Philadelphia, in our traditional primary care office, Mediversity. This program was built by our team, composed of two experienced doctors practicing in USA and also by recent medical school graduates...
  28. quepid

    Step 3 Prep videos - MedQuest vs DIT 3

    Has anyone used the Conrad Fischer MedQuest videos for step 3? Are they worth it? I thought his Step 2 High Yield video that went along with Master The Board was pretty good. Does the MedQuest go along with the MTB3? Also, how about DIT step 3? About to start Step 3 prep and was trying to...