Psych Hospital PT Clinic as Clinical Experience

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Aug 21, 2018
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Hey all! I'm brand new here and signed up specifically to ask this question regarding my clinical exposure (though I'm impressed by this community and will probably stick around).

I take the MCAT and begin applying to schools next year. In the meantime, I volunteer in the physical therapy clinic of a psychiatric hospital, and I want to make sure I'm right to count those hours as clinical experience. I've heard that physical therapy isn't considered "real" clinical experience, but I figured the fact that it's in a psych hospital makes it more relevant and credible. I interact directly with patients of all ages (12-80) and mental capacities, assisting them with their exercise routines and administering therapeutic treatments including ultrasound, cold laser, and electrostimulation. I love doing it and I love the patients, but I would like some assurance that I can count it as clinical exposure on a med school application, because otherwise I'm going to have to find a new place to volunteer really soon.