1. sasukeuchiha33

    Disheartening story about mental health stigma in medicine

    TL;DR- Mom's department chose to hire a physician who sexually and physically assaults his colleagues over another physician who suffered from depression in the past Hey all, just thought I'd share this story my mom shared with me recently. Warning: If you do not want to be disheartened/want to...
  2. kflo

    Medical Software Beta Study - $50 Gift Card Gratuity

  3. C

    Pediatric Hospitals?

    Originally, I was really interested in Emergency Pediatric Medicine, but I have heard so many people basically say "the sky is falling" that it scared me off. (Along with really poor hours for circadian rhythm, and others equating it to 'retail work'. I am not stupid, I know doctors generally...
  4. C

    Roommate Spacious Shared 2 Bedroom Apartment 10-Minute Walk to UofC Calgary, Alberta

    See RentFaster ad for photos/details -> Calgary Pet Friendly Shared For Rent | University Heights | Spacious Master Bedroom | ID 377225 - RentFaster.ca Ideal location for University of Calgary students, Foothills hospital staff, or a professional couple! $725 for single occupancy, $900 for...
  5. K

    How can I get involved at hospitals with volunteer positions?

    I want to get a jump start on my shadowing of positions and general hospital etiquette and procedure but don't know where to begin. I know medical terminology fairly well (can brush up on it), have decent school schedules (both for this summer and fall), and have previous job experience (non...
  6. Kodybanks

    Animals Hospital job openings in Metro-Detroit area, Reloaction assistance available

    Hey I have a great opportunity for you guys. A well established animals hospital in a suburb outside detroit is expanding and looking for SEVERAL veterinarians to fill positions. Either fresh grads or experienced vets, as well as students close to graduating looking for summer work. Relocation...
  7. N

    2 Bed room Apartment In Bronx

    2 Bedroom with 2 bath Modern apartment with 24Hr doorman, GYM, laundry in facility. walking distance to hospital, Yankee stadium. Unit has a balcony, modern cabinets and great views. Pleanty of space-Large rooms for New York standards. Could choose one year or even longer lease based on your...
  8. M

    3 bedrooms for rent in queens NYC

    Hey guys, I’m a 4th year medical student taking a year off before residency. I’m helping my parents rent out a vacant apartment they have. It’ a 3 bedroom apartment located in a good neighborhood called Briarwood. Each bedroom is going for 1200 on a month to month contract. What’s included ...
  9. I

    Pediatrics PT Observation Hours

    I'm in the process of obtaining more hours in a new setting for PT observation, but I'm not sure which to choose for pediatrics? There's one that is hospital based another that is outpatient, out of the two which would look better on an application for school?
  10. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Is it wrong to call the patient's Physician On Call to avoid an ER visit?

    Well, it's certainly not in our EMS protocols, but for something simple like my call tonight, here is my reasoning: -Patient called for high home blood pressure reading ("190/110 and rising"), feels fine, no other complaints -Patient is an old lady and it is flu season -Patient is fluid...
  11. I

    Interview for a staff pharmacist position in a rural Area

    Hello all. So I got an interview for a staff Pharmacist position in a rural area. The hospital is a 60 bed acute care facility that use Meditech. The role involves basic staff Pharmacist roles and clinical duties (vancomycin dosing, pharmacokinetics etc). I would like to get advice on how to...
  12. Hartroc

    Psych Hospital PT Clinic as Clinical Experience

    Hey all! I'm brand new here and signed up specifically to ask this question regarding my clinical exposure (though I'm impressed by this community and will probably stick around). I take the MCAT and begin applying to schools next year. In the meantime, I volunteer in the physical therapy...
  13. Hartroc

    Psych Hospital PT Clinic as Clinical Experience

    Hey all! I'm brand new here and signed up specifically to ask this question regarding my clinical exposure (though I'm impressed by this community and will probably stick around). I take the MCAT and begin applying to schools next year. In the meantime, I volunteer in the physical therapy...
  14. little_giant

    Including High School Volunteering on app

    Hey guys, so I am currently volunteering at the same hospital I once volunteered for in high school (2012) and got over 100 hours working with patients and some staff. It was a good experience for me because I got to walk around the entire hospital basically and see all the departments. Since...
  15. sasukeuchiha33

    Volunteering in clinic vs hospital?

    Hey everyone! So I just finished up my first year of college and started clinical volunteering last month. I have already amassed about 20 hours, which I know isn’t really that much, but if I do around 20 hours every month over the next 2 years that will leave me with well over 400 hours in the...
  16. D

    Pharmacy Job Market in CA

    Hi, I'm Danny. I'm currently a pharmacy student at Midwestern University in AZ. I completed my 1st year already and i have 2 more years left. I was wondering how the pharmacist job market is in California(since i was born and raised there) and any advice to get my foot in the door or set myself...
  17. GoPenguinsGo

    Will Medical Schools be able to see any Psychiatric Hospitalizations?

    Here's the thing, I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (also called imagined ugliness or whatever, even though to me its very real). It's so bad to the point where I can't even study a lot of nights during the school year and I'm having serious trouble studying for the MCAT in August. It's hard to...
  18. H

    Do you think PDs may be in bed with hospitals??

    I interviewed with several hospitals and I got a very nice, hand written post-interview love letter from my second ranked program. My home PD pushed me a lot to change my second ranked school to my top preference so I would for sure match. Every time I said it was my second best but somehow...
  19. W

    Bad Volunteer Experiences?

    I'm saying this because, I've been volunteering in the patient care program at a unit in a hospital. I've been made fun of several times by the nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists there and I always hear them make sly remarks towards me, I even had two nurses laugh at me and...
  20. W

    Has anyone ever had bad volunteer experiences?

    I'm saying this because, I've been volunteering in the patient care program at a unit in a hospital. I've been made fun of several times by the nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists there and I always hear them make sly remarks towards me, I even had two nurses laugh at me and...
  21. D

    Confused Over Future Career- Please help!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for stopping by, and I'd really appreciate your opinion and insight on my issue. I feel like I have to explain a lot about my background in order to help you guys see my dilemma. My whole life, I knew I wanted to work in healthcare--I enjoyed every subject about health...
  22. ChrisTheAwesome

    Code Blue Short Film

    Not sure if it is the right forum but I didn't know where else to post this. I am making a short film and I want to have a code blue scene. There will just be a blank screen though so all you will hear is the audio. I want to make it as realistic as I can so I would like to know things people...
  23. S

    Every other weekend staffing

    Can any past or present residents give any insight on how draining it is to staff every other weekend without comp days vs. with? Also, what are your thoughts on programs without a research month in December (along with staffing every other weekend)?
  24. F

    Coursework & Fieldwork FW2 tips??

    Hey everyone! I start my fist FW2 in a few weeks in an acute care setting (which I’m excited but nervous about). I’m currently making a list of information that I am going to review. Although I’ve asked my CI hasn’t given me much help/guidance yet and I’m assuming I won’t get more information...
  25. whosnisarg

    What to do after OMFS Residency?

    Hey! What type of hospital jobs are available after completing an OMFS residency? Any limited to those with the MD (6-Year)? I heard that one can pursue oncology afterwards and was curious what they are open to practice in a hospital setting! Thanks, guys! :)
  26. Majd Abderahman

    Residency program in Germany (in English)

    morning i am currently doing my Internship in Jordan, and i am interested in doing my residency in Germany... i am wondering if there is a program there in English with no German language required for IMGs like me. thank you
  27. I

    Standard Operating procedure of the Pharmacy Investigation and Research Department

    I am currently on my drug policy APPE rotation and my longitudinal project is to create another standard operating policy and procedure document that will guide the pharmacy Investigation and research department of the hospital.The last document has not being updated since the year 2013. I...
  28. F

    Clinical Volunteering in Philadelphia

    Anyone know of good opportunities to get experience in Philadelphia? Will be here for the summer!
  29. iluvhoney710

    Should I shadow at my age and if yes, how?

    Currently a junior/grade 11/year 12 with my last known cumulative GPA at 3.68 (unweighted) and I have not take the SAT or the ACT but planning to do so before 2018 ends. (Might I add that my PSAT was no good at all with the score being around 1,100-1,200 so I don't expect my SAT or ACT to be...
  30. P

    How pharmacy works after graduation?

    Hello, I am entering pharmacy school in the fall of 2018 and am starting to get second thoughts about it. How does the pharmacy outlook look for graduates in 4 years? Also after graduation will getting hours be a problem even if you do get hired for a position in retail? Regarding hospital...
  31. C

    Inpatient Hours vs Hospital Employement

    I am applying to PT school with over 850 outpatient observation hours but no hours in any other settings. I've worked in a hospital as a transporter for over a year. Do you think this will be okay or should I try to secure a spot shadowing at the hospital?
  32. A

    Incoming P1 facing rejection for intern jobs

    Hey, I am an incoming P1 at a top10 pharmacy school. There are tons of hospitals in the area and I've applied to many intern positions, interviewed for 2, and I've been rejected for all of them. I was even rejected for a position where the recruiter contacted my school to specifically recruit...
  33. slrpharmd

    New Grad - Hospital nights or Walgreens float?

    I know, I know...read old forums. I have :) Any additional advice would be welcome. I am a new grad and was an intern with Walmart all through school. Due to Walmart's recent cuts I did not get to stay on with them. I received a job with Walgreens about 2 weeks ago for 32 hrs/week floating. The...
  34. K

    How important is clinical volunteering

    I'm entering my junior year. Right now I volunteer at the local cat shelter and in the summers at a summer camp for kids and adults with developmental disabilities and a non profit for introducing technology to adults and teaching kids to code. None of these are clinical at all but attracted me...
  35. L

    Practicing in a Clinic vs. a Hospital

    What are the primary differences between practicing in a hospital and a clinic and how come some doctors practice in a clinic but also work at least part-time in a hospital?
  36. Q

    VA hospital volunteering - which position is best?

    Hi SDN! I need some clinical volunteering hours (I have next to none) and I need to decide between two positions at the VA hospital: volunteering at the emergency department or in the hospice wing. Which do you think would be best? I have a lot of shadowing under my belt, but most was in the OR...
  37. S

    Shadowing Attire (Women) -- Shoes

    I am going to be shadowing an internal medicine/cardiologist specialist in a hospital beginning this coming Monday. When I asked, I was told to wear work/business casual clothes, and I will be provided with scrubs and a lab coat later to wear. My main question: what shoes should I wear...
  38. D

    Question about work experience

    I am currently working at both a vet clinic and in the laboratory of a human hospital (as a lab assistant and the hospital phlebotomist.) I keep the hospital job because it pays my bills, but how much could it actually help me, if at all, when it comes time to apply for vet schools? I understand...
  39. H

    Year off research experience help

    Hi all, Eventually, I want to become a pediatric neuropsychologist. I am graduating soon and beginning to look for a full-time research position to begin sometime in the middle of July. I am hoping to provide assistance in some kind of clinical research specifically studying neurodevelopment...
  40. P

    Jobs/Informal Post Docs NY Area

    Hi everyone, I am currently a psychology intern and trying to figure out what to do upon completion of my internship in August 2017. Many of my cohort-mates and co-interns have obtained formal (typically clinical) post-doc positions for next year in areas of specialty (i.e. neuropsych...