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Dec 28, 2017
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Just as the title (hopefully) gets at, does anyone have a list or have a good idea of which schools have expirations (require you to take the course recently) on pre-req courses? I had a spreadsheet going earlier this cycle that made notes here and there of which school wanted pre-reqs to be taken within the i.e., "previous 3- or 4-years prior to matriculation" but its definitely not all-encompassing. Due to COVID and various misfortunes in planning and navigating my way around the 2021-application cycle, I am now planning the courses I will be taking starting spring 2021 semester as part of my DIY post bacc (low undergrad gpa, especially low sGPA).

Anyways, if anyone could drop some life-saving tips and tricks around these (already aware of the Goro's thread for reinvention and whatnot) and medical schools that have pre-req expirations, thanks!!!

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Most schools do not have strict rules on this, especially if you have other recent science coursework. Anecdotally, I know some people whose prereqs were >10 years old and still managed to have a successful admissions cycle. I know of zero schools that require prereqs to be taken within 3-4 years of matriculation.
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i took gen chem and physics in 2010. i think the only school that i saw with expiry was UNC, which will actually accept courses from 2010 if it was part of a degree program that was completed 5 yrs ago.
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I've been taking courses since 2010 and I haven't encountered a school whose prereqs have an expiration date... or if they do, I haven't heard about it yet!
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From my spreadsheet of this (2021) cycle and of the schools I compiled (not all-encompassing), I noted:
  • NYU Grossman: coursework within 5 years of matriculation
  • Georgetown: "If the prerequisite coursework was completed 5 years ago or longer, applicants must have been enrolled in a baccalaureate, upper-level science course or graduate coursework at some point during the past 5 years."
  • Sidney Kimmel: June 2016 oldest prereq coursework completed
  • Perelman: 5 years (prior to matriculation) oldest prereq coursework completed
  • Lewis Katz: preferred completed coursework within past 3 years
and then Michigan State noted "no expiration of prereq coursework"
and most other schools didn't mention anything of these on their websites
The vast majority don't have any your restrictions because the MCAT time requirement tends to be a good surrogate. If you crush the MCAT in the last 30 years, there's not a lot of doubt that you have a fairly adequate foundation.

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