1. P

    Do I have a chance with Podiatry?

    I am currently in the beginning of undergrad for my bachelor's in University studies. I have previously taken a Mortuary Science one year fast track program that was only nationally accredited (but accredited by the ABFSE so it counted) and I graduated and am licensed as a Funeral...
  2. A

    MPH candidate

    Hi everyone!
  3. N

    POSTBACC /masters for LOW GPA (UCSF, SFSU)

    Can anyone that has been accepted to a postbacc or masters with low GPAs, especially from UCSF or SFSU's postbacc program post their stats? I have an extremely low GPA, ~2.75, pre-dental. I do however have plenty of internship/shadowing/dental-club/leadership experience that I am hoping will...
  4. X

    Do I have a chance?

    Basically I went in to undergrad with unrealistic expectations of my study skills and time management (made As easy in high school). I had a lot of clinical experience in high school and decided I wanted to be a doctor. I went into undergrad pre med and took gen chem 1st semester (C) and cell...
  5. B

    Pre-med Advice with Low GPA

    Hello! So I am a current undergraduate student at CSULA with a Biology major and planning on graduating in the Spring 2019. I want to go to medical school, I know that I might not be the best student out there but do I have a chance? Here are my stats: 1) My current GPA is 3.1 and if I were to...
  6. M

    Engineer, Low GPA, Post-bacc advice

    Hello, New to SDN and looking for some advice. I graduated with a 2.72 gpa but I'm looking to go to med school. I'm currently trying to get into a post-bacc program to boost my gpa and take what pre-med classes I didn't take in undergrad. I was biomedical so I've taken some of the pre-med...
  7. S

    522 MCAT/Low GPA: Am I too far down the hole?

    I graduated recently with a Bio degree in TX. I'll spare everyone the sob story and details--other than stats. cGPA: 2.6 sGPA: 2.4 MCAT: 522 (took it May) ECs: 1 publication, plenty of shadowing and clinical volunteer hours. Most of my pre-reqs were Cs, (F in orgo1, retook for a C, D in Bio2...
  8. B

    MD & DO Low stats, honest advice please.

    Hello, So I'm currently having a mental breakdown because I think I majorly screwed up my chances for med school. I graduated with a BA in Biochemistry and BS in Molecular & Cellular Biology. I graduated early, in 3 years instead of 4 (most people advised me to graduate rather than stay.) My...
  9. R

    Need Advice!!! SMP or DIY Post Bacc/ MCAT Prep

    I’m currently in a predicament and need your advice. I’m a graduate student with a BS in biomedical sciences. My cGPA is 3.2, sGPA 3.0 and MCAT 489 (first attempt). I was advised to enroll in a special masters program but soon realized that going that route would be expensive. The courses that I...
  10. W

    Looking for some advice.

    Hey Everyone! So I was just hoping I could get some perspective or advice from people on here. I graduated a UC with a 2.8 GPA. My science was around the same. I am doing an informal post bac right now and have a 3.5 gpa here. I was planning on applying this june. I took my first mcat in 09/16...
  11. michifoo92

    Low uGPA, don't know where to go from here. Please help!

    Hi guys, first time posting so I'm kinda nervous/embarrassed, but here goes. I'm currently working at the College of Medicine at my alma mater and haven't been a student for nearly two years. I received a Psychology BA in 2015 and a Biology BS in 2016. I've been dreaming of becoming a doctor for...
  12. S

    2.5 GPA - What are my post bacc/SMP options?

    Thank you in advance for any of your opinions and advice. I graduate in 2015 with my degree in Chemistry. Unfortunately, I ended up graduating with a low GPA. In the years that have followed, I have decided my dream is to attend medical school and work as a doctor. I realize I have a long road...
  13. L

    Post bacc or second bachelors

    Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some solid advice. I am a 25 y.o. Female from NY. I recently decided to grow a pair and start a track to Vet school. Problem is, I have a BBA in Marketing with a Cum Gpa 2.96. I was considering doing a Post bacc program and KILLING IT, getting...
  14. L

    Applicant Specific Chances at St. Louis University SOM (SLUMD)

    Hi all, Sorry ahead of time to post this kind of a question. I know it is nuanced, but I have searched through the posts, looked at AMCAS stats and SLU's self reported stats but am still a bit unsure about my chances. Looking to see if anyone may have insight or experience with SLU that can be...
  15. P

    Graduated with low GPA, out of school for 4 years now. What should I do?

    I graduated with a 2.6 biology major 3 years ago and have been out of school since. After working, now I’m really trying to get into Dental school and not sure what steps I need to do. I’ve applied to some local graduate programs but have been denied. What should I do? What can I do to put me...
  16. G

    Med Schools with GPA forgiveness???? Please help - First MD app

    Which Canadian (or US, but Canada is preferred) med school has some kind of forgiveness in their application? I have a very poor GPA from 1 year of a previous unrelated degree and refuse to let it impact my (now) very strong application. I know University of Calgary can "ignore" (for lack of a...
  17. bdavis0215

    Bad decision to apply?

    I just sent my application in yesterday and was fairly confident with my application if I am able to get my mcat score up. I have taken the mcat before and my score is 494 but I am working with a tutor and i know i will improve on the sept. 9th mcat. However i did not know how low my aamcas gpa...
  18. R

    Preparation for MD/PhD application (low GPA)

    Hello. I would like to get opinions on how I can plan the next 3-4 years of life in order to make my application for a MD/PhD strong(er). Unfortunately I do have a very low GPA. Please read on I posed my questions at the end. Thank you! Education: 1) 4-years BSc ___GPA --> _______1st yr...
  19. palumacella

    Low GPA: chances into Carribbean Med School?

    I graduated with a degree in bio (2.78 gpa). I haven't taken the MCAT yet and my ECs are mainly various volunteer activities including hospital patient care. What's an ideal MCAT score to shoot for to get into mid tier Caribbean schools like St. Matthew's, AUA and the like?
  20. palumacella

    Confused and looking for honest advice

    I just graduated with a BS in biology. All my life, I aspired to become a physician. Before college, I thought I had it all figured out. I volunteered at my neighborhood hospital and I loved working with patients, doctors, nurses, etc. I declared my major at the start of college. Except for...
  21. S

    Should I even consider MD/DO? WAMC

    Background: I come from a divorced family with a long history of drug/alcohol abuse and mental illness. I have battled with those issues throughout high school and 2 years afterward leading to not starting college until I was 20. I had a terrible year at a CC college (GPA 1.9). Applied to a...
  22. S

    ATSU of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Hi everyone, ------What are my chances at this school?? I am 24 years old, history major, biology minor. NJ resident. cGPA: 3.098 sGPA: 2.88 ** re-took all science courses after undergrad that I got a C/D/or F, and made sure they were all above Bs. The 2.88 is without the retakes! MCAT: 505 My...
  23. N

    Confused about what to do next. Grad school?

    Hello everyone. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a 2.9 GPA in December of 2016. I have been working at a hospital in the Med Center for three years as a Health Unit Coordinator and also as a pysch patient sitter. I know I want to go to grad school but I am not sure what...
  24. S

    With these stats, which DO schools should I be looking into?

    I am 24 years old, history major, biology minor. NJ resident. cGPA: 3.098 sGPA: 2.88 ** re-took all science courses after undergrad that I got a C/D/or F, and made sure they were all above Bs. The 2.88 is without the retakes! MCAT: 505 My ECs are pretty dense. Lots of shadowing hours of a DO...
  25. S

    Chances at VCOM? (all campuses)

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to know my chances since there will be no more grade replacement :( I am 24 years old, history major, biology minor. NJ resident. cGPA: 3.098 sGPA: 2.88 ** re-took all science courses after undergrad that I got a C/D/or F, and made sure they were all above Bs. The 2.88...
  26. J

    Post-Bacc and Getting into Pharmacy School. Low GPA.

    Hello All, I am trying to pursue pharmacy school but I was wondering what I should do to help my chances to get in with my situation. A little background of myself -- - I graduated with a degree in Public Health Sciences at UC Irvine ( FALL 2013) with a low overall GPA specifically 2.6. -...
  27. kady

    MD MCAT (513), MSc (GPA 3.8), MPH (3.86), BSc (2.7). Chances?

    I currently work as the sole epidemiologist for Labradors hospitals and health care centers which are remote, rural and northern. I'm the lead for several health initiatives and work closely with physicians and nurses and other health care professionals. I am going to apply to medical schools in...
  28. D

    Low sGPA

    I will be applying to dental schools next cycle, but I am unsure if I will be admitted with my sgpa. Throughout my undergrad career I may have taken on too much. I double majored in Psychology and human biology and graduated from the honors program in psychology, which required an honors...
  29. M

    MPH Admissions

    Hi everyone! I've recently started researching MPH programs and was hoping for some advice. My GPA is lower, 2.8, so I'm anxious about applying. There are several programs that state a minimum of 3.0 needed..I will be taking the GRE next month. I'm also hoping to find an online program to...
  30. Z

    HELP Bad Freshman Year what are my chances for Med School?

    Hi everyone! I needed to get some advice and opinions on what I should do to fix my GPA at this point I had a terrible freshman year, I'm not going to add fluff, I just didn't study and I did not take the transition from high school to college well. I got a D in gen chem 2 and retook it the...
  31. Temook27

    Can I Get in a U.S. Med School?

    Hey Guys. I am currently a liberal arts major, Always had a problem in Choosing, what I wanted to do. Finally, I decided to become a doctor. (General Practitioner). I was a very good student in a high school. Had streight A-s. Then lost an interest in college, and I was not taking studying...
  32. P


    I am a non-traditional applicant applying for the cycle opening up in May. I graduated UConn in 2014, was an Allied Health Major and believed there was a 0% chance I would ever apply to med school throughout my undergrad career (I planned on going the PA route). Because of this and lots of...
  33. mednerd1004

    Retake at community college and/or post-bacc?

  34. L

    These are my stats. I have no clue

    [post N/A]
  35. J

    Graduated w/ science major with a low gpa. Want to attend Pharmacy school. What should I do?

    Hello Everyone, I am a long time visitor to SDN reading about everyone's situations and hoping you guys can help me decide on which path I should take to improve my chances of getting into pharmacy school. A little background of myself, I graduated from UC Irvine in 2013 Fall with a degree in...
  36. T

    Next step?

    I know everyone writes their credentials on here and I've read some really good advice but nothing like my situation. I plan on applying for med schools DO or MD for the upcoming cycle. My overall gpa is a 3.1. My practice mcat scores are in the low 500's. I know alone those stats don't seem...
  37. J

    MCAT and application questions as Non-traditional student with low GPA

    Hello everybody! I am a 28 year old and thinking about applying to medical school. I wanted to become a doctor in highschool but I did not do as well as I hope in undergrad and thought that I should become more realistic and settle as a medical technologist. But after working for 4 years, I know...
  38. E

    3.3 cGPA, 3.0 sGPA...feeling downtrodden. What should I do? Do I have a chance?

    Hi all, Been battling this for a while and would appreciate any help or feedback. I just graduated UCLA with a BS in Neurosci but did not do exceptionally well. undergrad GPA is 3.34 with sGPA as 3.0. I've heard tons of success stories where people would get in due to strong upward trend and...