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Oct 7, 2015
Hello, so far I have taken my first bio class and I did good but I had to study so much and I wasnt even full time. My problem is I have to relisten to every lecture and it takes me so long because I pause and write down everything and I can't miss a detail because the tests are VERY specific. I don't even hang out with my friends I just studied for this course and fall is coming and I am taking much harder courses and I have to go to commute 5 days which I wasn't doing with the bio i just took. I have commuted 5 days a week in one semester and I got behind in my science course and it didn't even have a lab. I am very nervous because I take way to long to study and I have no idea how to change this. I have tried extremly hard to change but I still take a very long time, Its scary how long I take to study. I really need advice on how to study faster. Am I the only one that relistens to EVERY lecture? How to you guys study for class and lab practicals? Also how do you know what is important when you read the textbook I feel like I write everything down. I appreciate the help!!!!


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Jul 20, 2014
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Hey, I wouldn't worry so much. Some people have to study more than others. Are you getting the grades you want?
Do you listen to lectures during your commute?
What about trying to just work from notes (without re-listening to lectures) for a few weeks and seeing if your scores go down?
If that doesn't work, you could try NOT taking notes from the textbook for a few weeks, and see if your scores go down. Sometimes students find that either the textbook or the lectures are more helpful, and can focus their time on just the one that's more helpful.
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