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  1. S

    How to effectively review bio practice tests

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could share how they reviewed their biology practice tests? Was your method effective and did you notice an increase in your scores? I need all the help I can get and just reading through the correct answer option is not helping much, neither is writing out...
  2. J

    Cracking the OAT - Practice Exams?

    I've taken some Kaplan practice exams which i've learned from this page are much harder than the real OAT. I purchased the Princeton Review - Cracking the OAT which comes with two practice exams. Has anyone taken these exams that could tell me how closely they resemble the real OAT? I don't...
  3. T

    Kaplan Scores different than AAMC Scores

    So I've been prepping for the MCAT since first week of June. I finished content review in June and just have been doing practice tests, qpacks, and section bank up until now. I'm about a month away from my test date (Aug 31st) but, honestly, I'm not sure what's up with my Kaplan FLs: Kaplan #2...
  4. E

    PhD/PsyD PEPPP

    I recently took the Practice Eppp in a testing center. I would like to know if anyone has any information on amy correlation for the score on that test and the actual eppp?
  5. C

    Selling MCAT 10th edition Examkrackers, Kaplan 2015 mcat books and flash cards, Barron 12 edition

    Hi I’m selling all of my MCAT books: If you buy all of the prep books, flash cards, and test questions I will sell it all for $190+shipping. MCAT Examkrackers 10th edition complete study package for $150: Biology 1 & 2, Chemistry, Reasoning Skills are in great condition, with some highlights...
  6. Z

    Am I on track for the Jan MCAT?

    Hey all! So I'm currently studying for the MCAT and planning to take it on Jan 19. I started studying in October so its been about a month and a half in so far so I still haven't finished all the content yet. I've taken two TPR Full lengths, and scored a 498 on both of them (the last one was...
  7. I

    Took my first practice PCAT, 83%. Improving Critical Reading?

    Short background, entered college as pre-pharmacy. Junior year became interested in Med-School. Took MCAT June 2017, scored a 506 (average for accepted students, 71st percentile). After receiving my score I thought: "well, lets see what the PCAT is like". As I used a lot of Next Step material...
  8. D

    BOTH For DO-Students Taking Both USMLE/COMLEX Step 1- Study plan/practice scores/actual test scores

    I just recently took both USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 (Scores at bottom of post). I remember having a difficult time finding relevant SDN threads for people taking both exams, in regards to test prep/schedule/practice test scores and the correlating final scores on exam. I'm just posting...
  9. M

    How to increase my score?

    So here is where I stand so far on my full lengths: 1/20/2017 Kaplan FL 1: CP 124 - CARS 121 - BB 124 -PS 123 - total 492 2/6/2017 Kaplan FL 2: CP 126 - CARS 121 - BB 126 - PS 124 - total 497 2/27/2017 EK FL 1: CP 52% - CARS 32% - BB 40% - PS 63% 3/21/2017 Kaplan FL 3: CP 125 - CARS 123 - BB...
  10. NaDaniel

    Preparing for the MCAT

    I'll be taking the MCAT June 16th. My target score is 518 and I've been scoring in the low 500s on Kaplan practice tests. I have heard that Kaplan often deflates their scores to encourage people to take their classes. Most of the questions that I miss involve subject matter that I haven't...
  11. NaDaniel

    MCAT practice tests

    I'm looking for a good list of MCAT practice exams and questions. I want to acquire as much practice working through problems, getting a feel for what to expect, and simulating test experiences as possible. I have a good grasp on the practical material and feel my weakness at the moment lies in...
  12. DoYouConcur

    AAMC practice test vs. real exam

    Since the Official Practice test is made by the same test-makers as the real MCAT, does it make sense that what showed up on the practice test is LESS likely to show up on the real mcat (because why would they make it easy for us like that right) in comparison to topics that did not show up. I...
  13. M

    Kaplan 2016-17 + Pearson Practice Test

    Selling my Kaplan PCAT book... super helpful, and in good condition. I also have the Pearson practice exams. $30 each, or both for $50. [email protected]
  14. M

    DAT in 9 days...sos

    I have my DAT in 9 days on (1-21-17) and I'm getting so anxious and feeling pretty hopeless... I've done all of the normal things (Chad's videos, doing Destroyer, Cliff's bio notes, practice tests, going through the Kaplan book) and I just took yet another practice test and got... Bio - 17 GC...
  15. andelJ94

    Effect of arm length on weight

    I have a practice question that asks what the readout would be on a force sensor at the red dot if the arm of the apparatus were lengthened but F applied at the end of the arm remained the same. My thinking was the weight would increase due to the longer lever arm, but the answer says it will...
  16. H

    ignore this thread...accidentally posted in wrong forum, now can't delete

  17. M

    examkrackers practice test conversion

    Hi everyone! For those of you completing the EK full-lengths, would you happen to know of any reliable way to convert the % score to actual MCAT score? Or maybe you can recount your experience i.e. how did your performance on the EK practice exams correlate with the actual exam performance...
  18. LatePrePharm

    Did terrible on first practice PCAT exam...

    I'm taking the PCAT July 22 and I've been putting off studying for a while. I finished most of my prereq classes a few years ago. Yesterday I took an online practice exam from the Kaplan 2017 book, timed, and these were my scores: Composite: 408 (64th) Biological processes: 402 (46th) Chemical...
  19. P

    Pearson Practice Test Question

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing this forum for a little while now and I have a question I could not find an answer to. I am currently studying for the PCAT and wanted to take a practice test but section by section. If I were to purchase the Pearson PCAT practice tests, do they allow me to...
  20. MIKE_DJ0NT

    OAT Practice Test Score Before Studying?

    Hey everyone. I took my first OAT practice test today without studying at all, just to see how I would do. I got a 350 (380 RC, 380 QR, 310 Physics, 330 Orgo, 350 Gen Chem, and 360 Bio). This was a big confidence boost, as I still have almost six months before I actually take the test...
  21. DesitnationMD

    Official AAMC Practice Test 1 (Nov 2015) Q&A

    With the AAMC finally releasing a practice test (with scoring) for the new MCAT, I figured its time to have a QnA thread like we have for all the older practice tests.