1. U

    My MCAT Notes

    Hi all, I figured I would just throw my notes out into the void. I made my own notes for my MCAT studying back in early 2021 for the Khan Academy videos. I did not complete a couple of the units (mainly chem/phys) but Psych and MOST of Bio was completed. Idk if anyone wants them or wants to...
  2. chicken-n-beer

    Improving Workflow

    I'm using Anki and finding it very helpful. I have an inquiry regarding workflow: how do you save time when making cards? I have approx. 1200 slides to go through (i.e. make cards in Anki) but it seems like it's taking me an inordinate time to make cards. I already learned the material and I'm...
  3. T

    Studying for Second Year and STEP

  4. esob

    Medical Medical School Study Resources Mega Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to listing and discussing med school resources. Feel free to contribute to the list and I'll update this post as we go. I'll also try to add costs to the resources as well as I get some time. Video Resources - Boards and Beyond - Sketchy Micro - Sketchy Pharm -...
  5. O

    How to study for a biochem course

    I'm going to be taking biochem this summer but I have no idea how to approach it. How did y'all study for it when you were taking it?
  6. M

    For Sale Selling DAT Study Material

    Hello, Selling my old DAT materials which includes the following: DAT Kaplan Review Notes DAT Kaplan Lesson Book Kaplan Flash Cards Barron's DAT guide (w/ CD Rom w/ example tests) DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer I also printed out these extra items in case I needed to study again but never used...
  7. Perchperkins

    Being Pre-med and Having a Social Life

    Hey so i’m a freshman on the premed track. Whenever I say that I’m premed I hear people say that premed students have no social lives. I understand that choosing a career in medicine requires sacrifices and dedication. However, I still want to be able to have time for fun, family and friends...
  8. chemdoctor

    Snacks while studying?

    Just curious what all of you eat while studying? Adcoms members are welcome to reply as to what they used to eat? Personally, I go to my local Starbucks but if not, I’ll usually have a cliff bar or some type of protein bar, with water (or soda) and maybe some candy
  9. libertyyne

    Studying During rotations

    I have been having a bear of a time studying for rotations. A majority of my time is spent on my rotation and by the time i get home and get situated I am already exhausted and ready for bed. How does everyone manage studying on rotations? Any tips ? Am I doing rotations wrong?
  10. 8YearsLate

    How to cope with demanding friends/family?

    Hi All, I thought my toughest challenges in pre-med would be academic, financial, etc. But here I am, with just one pre-req and MCAT left to go, and my biggest challenge is: getting my family to understand how much I have to study in order to pull all this off. I work part-time, single mom, in...
  11. Lifeblood_20

    How do you make hard studying more fun?

    Got Biochem and Immunology exams next Tuesday; it’s been a long day grinding enzyme kinetics and B cell development etc. Will get through it all but feels as hard and as rewarding as chewing bone shards. What are some things you do to get through times that you just gotta grind it out?
  12. Lifeblood_20

    How do you take lecture notes in med school?

    Not a med student, just posting here to get some perspectives. What do people like to do to learn the lecture material efficiently? So far with my heavy science classes I print out the slides and take notes on paper; however with this habit when I review the slides + notes I tend to get caught...
  13. T

    Low GPA first semester, need advice

    I feel like this comes up a lot on these sorts of forums but I'm a MD-PhD hopeful at a university ranked 100-125 and I bombed my first semester, making only a 3.44. I only took STEM classes and I'm very involved in a research lab, and hoping to get an REU for the summer. From what I've heard you...
  14. H

    Adderall and studying

    I attend medical school in Egypt, and I'm having serious trouble organizing time and studying. It's my second year here, and things are getting harder on me. I was suggested to try Adderall to help me focus during my studies. What are your thoughts on this? If not, what are your tips to maximize...
  15. G

    Should I study this course for the MCAT?

    I'll be taking biochem the spring prior to graduation followed by the MCAT. Should I do separate MCAT specific studying for that class or would "regular" studying for unit exams suffice? Please advise. Thanks
  16. Govols22

    Good resources for M1 students?

    I'm under the assumption that I probably shouldn't touch too much of the UFAP stuff my first year. I'm really looking for something that can give me additional visual aid while I learn material as I am going through medical school. I've seen a few boards and beyond videos and I really like them...
  17. M

    Courses to Take Prior to the MCAT

    Hi all, I have been planning out my courses for the next few semesters and was wondering what everyone thinks are some essential courses to take prior to taking the MCAT. I am planning to use a study program such as Kaplan to prepare, but I know that an actual undergraduate class and the...
  18. E

    Recent Firecracker review?!

    Has anyone used Firecracker recently who can comment on how they liked it? I feel like given my learning style I would enjoy it but at the same time I have never used pre-made flashcards before and do not know if I would like that aspect. Any comments on the program would be appreciated.
  19. M

    Inexpensive OAT Studying

    Hi! My friend made this video about ways to study for the OAT for free! She posted a few other ones! I thought it'd be cool to post this on here to share the information with y'all :)
  20. E

    Suggestion of using a Q bank during MS1?

    I am going to be an incoming student this fall and am trying to decide which q bank to use to supplement studying for classes/start prepping for board style questions. I just did a Masters program where I took anatomy, physiology, pharm and other classes I will be pretty much repeating during...
  21. A

    Advice requested: How to proceed with MCAT studying

    I just took my first TPR MCAT full length exam after doing 2 months of pure content review and a few practice passages occasionally. I scored a 499 (123/123/127/126). The content review was mainly just taking the TPR online classes and reading through the TPR book set. All practice passages that...
  22. Y

    DAT takers: time vs content

    Hey guys! So I was just wondering for those who have already taken the DAT, is the hardest part about the exam the content of the test, or moreso the time management aspect? For example, if you had more time on the exam would the test have been easier for you? I'm just wondering if I should...
  23. S

    Do I have enough time to study?

    Hey Everyone I am wanted to do my MCAT exam middle of August. I was wondering if you guys think I have enough time to study for the MCAT exam knowing this: I started studying 2 weeks ago and so far have been taking notes on the KAPLAN textbooks. (chose not to do online KAPLAN course, just...
  24. IdleKoala

    DAT Breakdown 2018! (22AA, 22TS, 21PAT)

    Hey all, This forum has always been super helpful to me. I found it very beneficial to look at other students DAT break downs and see what they recommend and what they did to prepare for the DAT. So today I hope to return the favor! I will start with score comparison between DAT Bootcamp tests...
  25. M

    Finished Uworld, now what?

    Hello everyone, I've recently completed Uworld. I've finished three passes and I've understood the basic concepts. My question is now that I've completed Uworld, what more can I do to increase my knowledge? I've completed First Aid, Pathoma, and some anki decks. I'm taking an NBME in a day or...
  26. J


    Looking for ideas for new things to do during our morning didactics. We have about 1 hour protected time each morning and are looking to change up what we do. We already do Prolog Questions, Review Practice bulletins and Assign Chapters from Williams OB/GYN. What are other programs doing that...
  27. joe7456

    Best tablet for studying in med school?

    hello, Please post your favorite tablet below and why you think it will suffice for upcoming medical students?
  28. B

    MCAT Physics: Khan Academy or TPR?

  29. Niikkiiii

    Best Study Material for MCAT?

    Hey friends, Just wanted to know what study material you guys think is best for the MCAT, and what has worked well in your opinions. I was thinking of buying the Kaplan 7 book set (the newest version) but I've been hearing a lot of complaints about lack of proofreading and too many errors...
  30. G

    Study pointers for someone completely lacking study habits?

    Eyyy I'm prepping for 1st year this fall and have been really leveling with the fact that, on top of being out of school for a couple years, I really had TERRIBLE study habits in undergrad. Pretty much didn't read textbooks, crammed for exams, etc. Ended up with a solid GPA, so I never really...
  31. 1231nal

    What do you use to schedule your daily life in medical school?

    Hello all. I'm an accepted medical student finishing up undergrad this semester. Although I am an organized person, with the abundance of material and scheduled events in medical school (quiz, exam, whatever) I know I will have a somewhat difficult time keeping up with everything. I'm looking...
  32. yue15

    Studying For Pharmacotherapeutics Module

    Hello everybody, I am currently a P1 (pharmacy school) and about to be a P2 in August. Starting Monday Feb 26th I will be taking Principles of Pharmacotherapy module which is apart of my PT courses. I wanted to know how do you any of you study for PT in Pharmacy school in general and just any...
  33. B

    What are your best strategies for time management? What do I need to focus on? (Read below)

    At the moment, what I do is focus my classes and study time in the morning and leave the rest of the day to activities such as attend my research lab, volunteer at a midwifery, shadow at a free clinic near the border of MX, work as a pharmacy technician, and manage a health organization. (I also...
  34. M

    Best MCAT One-on-one tutoring

    I have seen that multiple companies such as NextStep, Princeton review, and kaplan offer one-on-one online tutoring. I know that it is usually more expensive then the courses but I think tutoring would be the best, and most effiecient way to help my studying. Any recommendations on what...
  35. Lifeblood_20

    Quick Fun Relevant School Year Questions :D

    Good evening! My University already started classes last week, probably earlier than most other schools. As I was doing my first homework for the semester I got curious about people's study habits and wanted to throw some questions on here. If you've got a minute try some of them, and feel free...
  36. L

    Taking notes from Kaplan books

    Hello everyone, I was just curious about those who used the Kaplan books to study with, would it be better to read the chapters and then write the notes based off the end chapter reviews instead of taking notes as you read? What has helped you? Thank you
  37. G

    MCAT Advice???

    Hi, I am entering my second semester in my sophomore year (I go to a community college and I will transfer to a 4yr Uni for my junior and senior year). I am wondering a few things regarding the MCAT.... 1) When should I start studying? I plan to take the MCAT in 2019 because I am aiming to...
  38. Boise State Bronco

    Best way to take notes in studying for the DAT?

    I am going to start studying for the DAT on Monday and I'm getting excited to start going. What are the most effective ways to take notes while studying? My friend uses OneNote for his MCAT prep notes, but I'm more of a paper and pen person. Although using the computer it will be a lot easier to...
  39. A

    Anyone unsatisfied with mcat results after studying?

    Have any of yall studied hard for MCAT but did not receive a good score or the score you were aiming for? What did you think went wrong or what would you do differently if you could study for it again? Im taking mine in a few months and im about to start studying for it, and I want to try to get...