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May 29, 2016
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I'm a high school senior and I love math, biology, and chemistry

I have taken multivariable calculus, ap chemistry, ap physics c.
I self studied for ap bio and i got a 5. I also got 800 on sat bio.

I don't know whether to pursue medicine, dentistry, or chemical/biomedical engineering

i am good at both math and biology, and I dont know what to decide

I was planning to apply to combined dental programs (UOP 5 year, SUNY, NYU), and then apply to UC's and some privates as a chemical engineering major. I was thinking that by majoring in chemical engineering, I would get the math and chemistry that I wanted, and I would be able to specialize in a biology field. This way, I would be able to get a masters or Phd in biomedical engineering after undergrad. Or, I could go to medical school after a bs in chemical engineering. Does this plan seem feasible and does it make sense? I was thinking about majoring in biomedical engineering, which I love, but many people tell me that it is hard to engineering jobs with that degree, and it is basically a premed degree.

What do you guys think?

Jun 24, 2016
Pre-Health (Field Undecided), Pre-Medical
It's great that you a) have a deep love for science and b) are considering different options. I'm like you in the aspect that I have a lot of interests but I'm still navigating what I want to do once I graduate college in 2 years. I think what would be helpful is prioritizing what you want in a future career path. Do you want to be in contact with people from different backgrounds every single day? Do you want to learn and continue to educate yourself through your career? Do you want to make money asap after undergrad? Do you want to work in a team setting? Do you want to be more hands-on? Etc. It will be a little tricky since medicine, dentistry, and engineering share some similar characteristics (continual use of problem-solving skills, highly technical, well respected fields). I would then go and shadow, interview, or research each career to figure out how their education, skills, lifestyle, and day-to-day tasks match up with your own list.

I would hesitate to apply to a combined dental program just because it might be hard for you to switch your academic path if you decide dentistry is not for you. I think chemical engineering as a major would suite you, I think it's reasonable. I do know engineering students who are pre-med. It's a lot of work to combine both the engineering classes + pre-med classes, but it's definitely do-able (and from your description, it seems like you'll be able to handle it). Just continue to find opportunities to observe the careers you're interested in.

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