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  1. B

    Is transferring from community college to a pharmD program worth it?

    Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I just made this account. I am currently a senior in high school looking to become a psychiatric pharmacist. My high school grades weren't great and my current GPA is a 3.0. This was with AP and honors classes. I did not take the SAT either. My...
  2. B

    Could I use this high school experience for either the Challenge prompt or Failure/Feedback prompt?

    Hey everyone, I volunteered in a research lab during the summer of 2015, which was the summer before my senior year of high school. I initially came into the lab wanting to produce a project that I can use in the Intel Science Fair. On the first day, the PI introduced me to everyone in the lab...
  3. jennyhou

    What should I do to prepare as a freshman?

    Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school, and I already decided to study animal science major for undergraduate and pursue a DVM. English is my second language. What should I do to be better prepared for going to a vet school? Are there any suggested books I should read or things I should do in...
  4. EthanNt

    Best International Med School For Matching In US

    Hi guys, I am new to SDN and I have been looking for some answers and havent found a couple so I decided to post it here and I would appreciate if I could get your opinions. So I am a Canadian High School student and I have a fairly good average in the mid 90s and I will get into some...
  5. O

    MD/PhD Guidance—the best way to begin in college and throughout? (High-Schooler)

    Hello Everyone! Currently I am a high school senior preparing to enter college as a Biomedical Engineer major. As far as starting off in college, I wish to know some ways to best prepare for the MCAT and some collegiate extracurriculars that are suitable for my benefit in engaged learning and...
  6. AspiringChangeMaker

    Thoughts about the COPE Junior Health Scholars Program?

    After recently being told about this program by a friend, I looked further into the option they have for Seattle-based high school students and am now giving it strong consideration, considering the application deadline is coming up soon. This program "allows high school students between the...
  7. E

    Dual Enrollment, DAT's, and Dental School Applications

    I am a senior in high school and I want to pursue dentistry. I have been taking online dual enrollment classes at a local community college for almost 2 years now, and I am getting my associates degree as a graduate high school. Thus I start university as a junior, and don't have as much time in...
  8. 8HourStudier

    Does volunteering I did when in high school count if I continue it in college?

    I have around 650 hours of volunteering I gained throughout high school at one of the top hospitals. All were direct patient contact (listed as so under my position) and about 50 of the hours are clinical (rest were non-clinical as I didn’t do anything MEDICAL regarding the patients I believe)...
  9. M

    Adcoms- Listing volunteering on amcas

    So I started a non-clinical volunteer position summer before the 9th grade and was a full time summer volunteer for 5 years and did part time work since (currently a college junior). Is it fine to put the date range as 2012-2019 865 hours and then explain in the description part when my full...
  10. M

    Undergrad College and Med School Admissions

    Hey, I realize that this topic has already been beaten to death, but I just want to ask some questions specific to my situation. Please excuse my wordiness and grammar in advance. I’m a current high school junior and am exploring college options. I come from a fairly well to do family (I am not...
  11. D


  12. Alt-Dimension

    Any books/websites I could go to or any activities I can do?

    Hi, I'm a high school student interested in practicing medicine and being a doctor. In case you're wondering, medical school is undergrad where I'm from, so I'm technically also a pre-med student. I'd love it if anyone here could suggest some books, websites (YouTube channels are great!), or...
  13. little_giant

    Including High School Volunteering on app

    Hey guys, so I am currently volunteering at the same hospital I once volunteered for in high school (2012) and got over 100 hours working with patients and some staff. It was a good experience for me because I got to walk around the entire hospital basically and see all the departments. Since...
  14. M

    Include a publication from High School in app?

    I have a paper that was published in High School through a research internship where I am the 5th author. How does the "avoid things from high school" rule in the work/activities section apply here? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. L

    Med School Hopeful

    Hi- I've just joined the forum, and am hoping to get some help and advice from others in a similar position or who have overcome this position I've found myself in. Like everyone else on this particular sub-forum, I am a med school hopeful. I honestly attribute my curiosity with medicine to...
  16. F

    Only submitting high school transcript and not Undergraduate

    Hello, The title says it all. I performed much better in high school than I did in undergraduate. I am planning on applying to a school abroad that does not require any sort of standardized test or college degree. Would it be better if I just left out my undergraduate transcript all together?
  17. A

    Temple's 3+4 Accelerated Dental Program?

    Can I get accepted with one C in PE? The rest of my grades are mostly A's, I have a 4.0 GPA. Should I still try to apply even with that one bad grade? Thank you.
  18. G

    High school Physics?

    Hi! I am a high schooler currently and will be going into 12th grade next year. Currently my schedule is set as to take physics and Italian honors, but I'm thinking for switching those two out for anatomy. Is physics necessary to get into a college where I want to major in Pre-Vet? I really...
  19. S

    AMCAS coursework question

    Hi All! I am filling out the "coursework" section and have run into a problem. When I was in high school, I took some community college courses during the summers. I understand the parameters for entering these courses under the "CC" school attended. However, I also got credit for one of these...
  20. O


    Hi i am in highschool abouta be a senior and i am currently taking college classes and i am signed up for intro to bio. Should i take it? I really want to get alot if courses of the way for med school and for my basics done in a quicker cheaper way. I have 25 hours right now. In the summer i...
  21. smileyfacegirl27

    Challenge/Failure Essay - is it okay to use high school?

    For many secondaries, prompts asking about a time you failed or a challenge you overcame are quite common. I was wondering if it was okay to use academic failures from high school (such as failing everything freshman year of high school and being expelled then having to go to another school and...
  22. M

    I Don't Know if I Have What it Takes

    I'm a high school student and I start applying for colleges this summer. I'm so scared because I've been reading about GPA deflations at my dream school, Johns Hopkins. Granted, statistically, I most likely won't get in, but it's got me thinking about whether I should really go through with...
  23. O

    Dual credit pre med classes

  24. P

    Should I start learning premed courses through MIT ocw/other ocw as a high school student

    Is it feasible to do this if I want a head start in premed and want to get into a top tier med school? Is it a waste of time to attempt this? Are there better resources? Should I spend time trying to get (more) AP credits? I feel like I performed sub optimally in high school and missed my shot...
  25. F

    A Senior Desparate for Advice

    Hey everyone! I would deeply appreciate some advice regarding a tough decision l will have to make by the end of the month. I'm currently a senior in high school. Earlier this month I was blessed to be admitted to a few ivy leagues known for their research opportunities and pre-med program...
  26. B

    High School GPA - College GPA - Med School

    Hello, I'm currently a junior in high school taking PSEO classes through a community college. PSEO, for those who don't know, is a program where you take classes on campus (or online) of a college and receive high school AND college credits. Before I was accepted into the program, I had a HS GPA...
  27. M

    What Undergrad Schools Should I Be Aiming For?

    I'm currently a junior in high school, and I'm in the process of school-searching. I know I want to eventually go to medical school, and I'm determined to stick with pre-med through undergrad. For my major I plan on going with neuroscience/neurobiology or biology (I know. How original ;)). The...
  28. C

    HS senior class recommendations? future pre-med, biology major.

    Hello everyone, I am now a HS junior. Im interested in taking pre-med classes in college and majoring in biology. Im looking to see if anyone can help me with some classes I could take as a senior, I have most picked but looking for some advice for a few classes. Junior classes: (what i'm...
  29. M

    High school pre vet help

    I'm pretty new to this website but I was hoping maybe some of you guys could give me some advice! I am a high school sophomore and I am very interested in going to vet school. I am lucky enough to have a program at my school that allows me to start college classes in the fall so that I can...
  30. Thomato

    Questions from a HS Student

    Hello, SDN! I am currently a junior in high school, and I am planning on going down the pre-med path in college. I have a few questions. Before them, here’s some background information: I am graduating from high school in June of 2019. However, I am completing my high school studies...
  31. C

    College in high school

    Hello, I am a sophomore in high school. I go to an accelerated high school where I begin college full time next year. When I graduate high school, I will have an associates degree in science, I will be engineering certified, and I will have 3 biomedical courses under my belt. I have two...
  32. S

    Interview Tips For VCU BS/DDS Program?

    I am a high school senior. I recently got an interview for the VCU Guaranteed Dental program. Are the interviews for these programs different than the interviews for dental school? Do you guys have any tips specific to the BS/DDS interview?
  33. O

    Senior Year Classes

    I am scheduling for my senior year of high school soon, and am a little conflicted on what classes I should take. This year I am taking AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology 1, Honors Pre-calc, as well as AP Comp Sci, and a Digital Electronics Engineering class (PLTW). My main conflict is whether...
  34. iluvhoney710

    Should I shadow at my age and if yes, how?

    Currently a junior/grade 11/year 12 with my last known cumulative GPA at 3.68 (unweighted) and I have not take the SAT or the ACT but planning to do so before 2018 ends. (Might I add that my PSAT was no good at all with the score being around 1,100-1,200 so I don't expect my SAT or ACT to be...
  35. S

    High School Senior Dual Enrollment Grade

    I am a senior taking DE Multivariable Calculus. I made a bunch of stupid mistakes on a test and now there is a chance that I might end the class with a B. However, I there is alot of time to pull myself back to an A. If I get a B how much will it hurt my odds of getting into dental school or if...
  36. T

    Wanting to learn Optometry Info

    Hello SDN! I’m a freshman in high school and I’ve been thinking of pursuing a career in optometry. I know I may be a bit young of thinking of life time career choices, but I am passionate and confident to make a career in optometry. I’ve been scouring the internet reading and learning about “the...
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  38. E

    Pre-med Advising **might** = Stats Gatekeeping

    Just putting some advice out into the pre-med stratosphere, to be taken with a LARGE grain of salt (I'm still salty about it personally). Some undergrad schools will tout their pre-med program strength by advertising that "X % of students get accepted after advising". For me, as a relatively...
  39. whosnisarg

    Help Me Decide: MSU & R-NJMS or NYIT

    Hello friends! I am a high school senior currently applying to colleges. Now, this may be a bit premature (ba-dum), but I just want to close a conflict I have. I know it is tough to believe a 17-year-old, but I feel medicine is my calling and have for some time now. For the record, I have a...
  40. E

    Could I get into UOP PreDental Program?

    Hello, I am a senior in high school. GPA is 3.73/4.00 SAT I is 1420 Math 710 Eng 710 Total: 1420 I got lower than 600 on both Math II and Chem so I will not be submitting those. Could I still get in... I am interested in UOP's accelerated predental program.