1. S

    Science GPA Question

    HI there! I have about 5-6 credits of research under the Civil Engineering Department; however my research was mainly Chemistry, and my PI is under both the CE and Chem department, but I ended up having to register under CE. Could I reclassify those credits to count as Chem instead on the AMCAS...
  2. T

    Should I Withdraw From a Course?

    Hello all. I need to decide if I should withdraw from a course before the deadline and was curious as to what people on here have to say. Here's some context: - I'm currently enrolled in 16 credit hours (includes Organic Chem+lab, a mechanical engineering course, and a biomedical engineering...
  3. Y

    Masters Program Personalized Medicine and Applied Engineering- Yale

    Hello! I work on for Yale University's new masters program that is taught jointly by the Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Engineering. The degree provides medical students, biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and computer science majors with the tools to develop...
  4. boston_3

    Engineering Courses for Fulfilling Physics Pre-req?

    I was wondering if anyone has used engineering courses as a non-trad student to fulfill the physics requirements? I can't seem to find a straightforward answer on how this works, so I'd love to hear from someone that has encountered this issue!
  5. boston_3

    Fulfilling Physics Pre-requisite with Engineering Courses?

    I was wondering if anyone has used engineering courses as a non-trad student to fulfill the physics requirements?
  6. bobadoz

    Biomedical Engineering Categorization Question

    Hi all, I'm a BME major, and obviously, I have taken a lot of BME classes. I know that many schools require letters from "science" professors. Because of COVID, I only have real connections to the professors in my major. These classes are math and science heavy in my opinion (biomechanics...
  7. jyy3gx

    Best Choice for a "Ex-Premed" Recent Computer Engineering Graduate

    Hello, I am a "ex-premed", who majored in Computer Engineering. I graduated last year (class of 2020) and have been working as an engineer/research assistant at a national research institute. I recently decided that engineering really isn't the way for me and want to go back and prepare for...
  8. M

    Engineer to Physician.. what’s the best path forward??? Need advice

    Introduction Hi all, I have found myself in a bit of a predicament and would really (really) love some advice. Just to give a little background… Right now, I’m an engineer at a large aerospace and defense company (100,000+ employees). I studied mechanical engineering with minors in electrical...
  9. D

    Is it too late to try to attend medical school?

    I am an engineering student. Recently, I have become increasingly interested in becoming a physician, since I really would like to help people and I am fascinated my medicine. However, I'm almost finished with my engineering degree. I've taken a few courses relevant to the medical school...
  10. B

    From engineering physics to general physics

    I'm a nontrad currently taking the first course (mechanics and energy) in an engineering physics series. I'm keeping up (barely) and have heard rough things about the courses that follow. I'd like to finish the class and then switch over to general physics w/ calc, but noticed my school won't...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical Carle Illinois College of Medicine: Integrating Engineering and Medicine

    Interested in a non-traditional medical path? How about considering a medical program that completely integrates engineering into its curriculum? Carle Illinois College of Medicine might be the right choice for you! Interview with Dr. Nora Few and Dr. William Pluta [Show Summary] Dr. Nora Few...
  12. M

    Matching into Diagnostic Radiology with low Step1

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate any insight/advice regarding my chances of matching into DR. Undergrad: Engineering Med School: Low tier MD Step1 score: 208 Step2 score: still have to take Preclinical grades: all pass (P/F system) Clerkship grades so far: 1 HP, 3 P (H/HP/P/F system) - failed...
  13. C

    REU vs Internship

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for advice for a decision I'm trying to make. For the summer, I am deciding between a REU (research with diseases) or an internship with a biomedical device company (this would be mostly machinery work). Do medical schools usually have a greater preference for...
  14. K

    Chemical Engineering, Pre-Med?

    Hello, I'm a current freshman in Chemical Engineering, but my main goal is to continue onto medical school. However, recently I've been rethinking my choice because I don't want to get a bad gpa and have added stress on top trying to add in all biology courses, etc. The main problem is I'm...
  15. B

    Semester Long Jobs

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for temporary/semester long jobs/internships for next semester? I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into medical school to start in 2019 but am graduating this December with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. So I don't necessarily...
  16. C

    Engineering Major - Pre Reqs for medical school?

    Hi everyone, I am a freshman at a 4 year college pursuing a degree in computer engineering. After completing my degree I would like to go to medical school. So far I’m having a couple of problems... 1) My university is more orientated towards engineering so they don’t really have anyone here...
  17. C

    Choosing type of research

    Hello, I am in a dilemma trying to choose the research lab I would want to work in. I received an offer from a traditional cancer research lab, where I would be doing things like dissecting mice. The lab has mainly premed undergrads. On the other hand, there is a lab which focuses more on the...
  18. M

    Biomedical Engineering as Pre-Med Major?

    Hi everyone! I am new on SDN but please bear with me if I am not following the typical format of the forums here! I am a rising sophomore in undergrad majoring in biomedical engineering. I am a pre-med student. I originally chose this major over the typical biology route to provide myself a...
  19. M

    Advice in Pursuing Medicine (Engineering Background)

    Hi everyone, I graduated with a BS in Mechanical engineering and a minor in Biomedical engineering. I did finish the prerequisites for medical school, however I graduated with a 3.2 GPA. Low for medical school standards. I was unsure of applying for medical school during my undergraduate...
  20. S

    Major (BME) + Pre-Med??

    Hey all, I am here to ask a question that I am 100% percent sure has been asked before. For frame of reference, I am currently a high school student entering my senior year and am trying to decide on colleges to apply to. The issue is I am having trouble picking a major, but I know for a fact...
  21. SwimmerDentist95

    Do letters of recommendation from Engineering professors count as science letters?

    Hi everyone. I am almost ready to send off my application for the 2018-2019 cycle and I can't believe I'm asking this question now. Do letters of rec from engineering professors count as science letters of rec?? I majored in biomedical engineering for undergrad. Having spent majority of my...
  22. I

    MCAT with Computer Science / Engineering background

    Hi All, I have a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and MS in Management Information Science. I want to study and be a Psychotherapist / Psychology and earn the prestigious "Dr." tag. In the process I would like to know if I'm eligible to sit for MCAT and go to a med school.? If not, do I have...
  23. kkilla

    Tell me how I can improve:

    Hey y'all, I know how much everyone on this website likes to tell other people what to do, and at this point I have decided that I am really going to buckle down and work towards becoming a competitive applicant for medical school. Here's some stuff you should know about me : -3.28 GPA, 3.4...
  24. Y

    Engineer to PA - Possible? Where do I even start?

    Hi everyone, I'm a process engineer who has been working in the medical device industry for 3 years, and I'm looking to make a huge career shift to become a PA. A Little Background (trying to keep this part short): Truthfully, this passion to make this big change came from a medical diagnosis...
  25. kkilla

    What do I do now?

    Alright. So, I currently don't believe I am a hopeless pre-med [yet] but I just finished a pretty rough semester. While my final grades have not come in yet, I am expecting about a 3.0 GPA. I'm getting ahead of myself; I am majoring in Biological Engineering. My current cumulative GPA is a...
  26. nobaddays

    New NonTrad; any pointers?

    Hey all, I'm a new (to the site) non-traditional, pre-med student. Been checking out the forums for a few days now, and the wealth of information and personal experiences shared on here is awesome! Anyhow... figured I'd kind of introduce myself and see if anybody has any tips/tricks/pointers...
  27. Carrot Cake

    [nontrad] I don't like my engineering major and I wanna go to dental school

    I have 2-2.5 years left to complete my Civil Engineering degree, but I hate it and find it passionless. I also do not like the type of work now that I've seen the industry and I realized I am less of a physics/calculations guy anyways. I am at a state university and have a 2.86 GPA at the...
  28. H

    Positioning Myself for Medical School

    What can a nontraditional student do in order to be competitive in their application? What have you done to position yourself competitively? Any help/advice/comments are immensely appreciated. Any custom advice applicable specifically to me (please see below) would also be highly valued and...
  29. S

    Engineering to Medical School

    Hello everyone! I am new to this website so let me give a quick summary of my current situation. I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering this semester from a top 10 engineering school. I was exposed to the healthcare field at an early age from my family, but never...
  30. EngineerMedic

    Engineering MD/PhD Programs

    I'm looking for some help in finding more schools that offer MD/PhD programs that I would be interested in. My career goal is research in aerospace medical engineering, and, since it is such a niche field, there are very few schools that offer PhD research on related topics. I am aware of...
  31. T

    What should I do??!?

    Hey guys, I'm currently going into my last year of high school, and like many people, I'm stuck on if I should pursue medicine or engineering. I finished biology a year early to lessen my workload for the last year of high school and I really enjoyed the class. In general, I just like learning...
  32. V

    Research for OMFS

    Hi, Is there is a specific kind of research you'd recommend pursuing for a future in OMFS?
  33. P

    MD Chances of getting in to competitive EDP program?

  34. EngineerMedic

    List of PhD Programs at MSTP Institutions

    I spent some of my free time going over the list of MSTP institutions (Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Institutions - National Institute of General Medical Sciences) and making a list of what PhD programs each one offers. If my username didn't make it obvious, I'm interested in the...
  35. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    Anyone have any information on Carle Illinois COM?

    I just saw a post on r/premed about Carle Illinois COM. Any idea what this is all about? They don't offer too much information on their website, so maybe someone heard some rumors as to when they'll start taking applicants, or if they'll have specific course requirements since it's supposed to...
  36. EngineerMedic

    Air Force Pilot-Physician Program (Engineering)

    Hello, this is my first post on the forums and I wanted to get some information/advice about the USAF’s Pilot-Physician Program (PPP). For background: I am currently an undergraduate student, and I still have enough time to shuffle majors/minors around, take certain electives over others, etc...
  37. P

    Specialization best poised (expertise/culture) to lead translation of Tissue Engineering next 30yrs?

    Which surgical specialty/sub-specialization will be best poised to exert leadership in this emerging area of the field, and why is it a cut above the others for the next ~30yrs? Curious what people think off the cuff. Any evidence you can cite/share? Caveat: if answering CT, myocardium...
  38. Shay-

    Engineering to Med in Canada?

    Hi ! I'm a Montrealer and I just finished 2 years of Cegep in Health Sciences at Marianopolis so I basically have my pre-requisites for med school. However, I did not do good so I have no choice but to do undergrad. I'll be doing my UG in Civil Engineering at Concordia (it's my back up plan). I...
  39. Shay-


    Hi ! I'm a Montrealer and I just finished 2 years of Cegep in Health Sciences at Marianopolis so I basically have my pre-requisites for med school. However, I did not do good so I have no choice but to do undergrad. I'll be doing my UG in Civil Engineering at Concordia (it's my back up plan). I...