1. PapaGuava

    2020-2021 Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (Kansas City) KCU-COM

    Please feel free to tag a pre-medical moderator when the secondary prompt is posted. Good luck to everyone applying! Interview Feedback: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine
  2. itskagome

    UQ Ochsner (IMG MD) vs. KCU (DO)

    To preface, I have recently been pulled off the waitlist at KCU in Joplin (3 hours ago) and have until 10am tomorrow to decide (less than 24 hours). I have spoken to A LOT of people, but more information/insight can only help. As of now, I am not interested in particularly competitive...
  3. Telomeree

    PLEASE HELP: KCU-COM vs Touro Nevada

    Hi folks! Been going back and forth on this for weeks now and I have two days left to decide. Would really appreciate some advice! Side note, I am from CA and I am interested in Internal Medicine and EM Touro NV Pros location/closer to home many placements in CA 3rd year rotations within 40...
  4. J

    ARCOM vs. KCU masters programs

    Hey guys, I have a quick question for y’all! I am a current DO applicant but most likely won’t get in this year so I’m planning on doing a post Bacc program with either KCU or ARCOM. I was wondering what your thoughts were on either one? I interviewed for ARCOM’s med school this year but was...
  5. M


    Hey everyone! I am grateful to have gotten three acceptances from KCU (kansas city, MO), LMU (harrogate, TN) and BCOM (las cruces, NM). I already made a deposit at LMU because their deadline came before I received the other acceptances. However, I have to make a decision very soon because BCOM's...
  6. M


    Hey guys, I got accepted to both KCU (Kansas City campus) and LMU-DCOM (Harrogate campus). I can't decide on which school to go to and would appreciate some feedback from either current students or just any advice in general. I do not know as much about KCU campus/area wise because I spent...
  7. O

    KCU vs UNE

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between these two schools and I'd love your thoughts. KCUMB KC campus pros: high board score averages- potentially due to the famous rigorous academics here at KCU one of the first osteopathic medical schools-great reputation has one of the best military track programs...
  8. M

    KCUMB COB Discussion 2019-2020

    Hey guys! I didn’t see a current thread started for the new application year, so I figured I would start one. I am a current student in the program and I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone has!
  9. D


  10. S

    KCU-Joplin VS NSU

    Hey all! I've been accepted at KCU-Joplin, and have an upcoming interview at NSU. For reference, I live in Florida, and staying close to home is a big deal for me, as I'm married and plan on starting a family while in med school (the family support will help with this). Based on that, it would...
  11. X

    NSU-KPCOM or KCUMB (Need to decide where to place deposit this week)

    Hi SDN, I've been doing a lot of digging, looking and calling students. Both schools are great but I can't seem to have a definitive decision on which school to attend. KCUMB Pros SDN favorite 100% Placement Rate in the last 5 years Board-based curriculum Higher than national average on the...
  12. 0

    RVUCOM-UT vs KCU-Joplin

    Please I need help in deciding between these two acceptances! Both seem to be pretty comparable in nature, but i'll outline some pros and cons. Any help in swaying me one way or another is greatly appreciated. Also, because I loved both schools so much, do you think it worth my time to interview...
  13. H

    AZCOM vs. KCU-Joplin

    I know these threads can be common but I have yet to see one that discusses the Joplin Campus Specifically. Both schools are solid academically as far as I can tell, so that wont be listed as a pro or con. Here is how the situation plays out for me: I am from California so AZCOM has the...
  14. 7

    DO School -> Residency

    Hello Everyone, I have read many many posts and forums regarding this whole topic of DO school and residency. I do fully understand that MD vs. DO, the title is not everything. It is how the student does in school, board exams, interaction with your faculty, etc. With my stats, I am more fitted...
  15. M


    Hi everyone, I've been accepted to both KCU and NYCOM. While this is great I'm struggling to decide which school to go to. NYCOM is about 40k more expensive over 4 years, but being in NY its pretty much set that you'll end up the Tri-state area for residency. This is a big plus because I've...
  16. D

    Help me with picking schools!

    Hey guys, So I need people's help with making a decision. I have interviewed at KCUMB and Touro Nevada, and have an interview at PNWU in January. After spending a lot of money on applications this cycle, I would like people's opinions on PNWU in relation to the other schools I have...
  17. T

    OU-HCOM vs KCUMB, should I go to KCUMB interview?

    Hello all, looking for advise here. I was recently accepted to OU-HCOM, and have an interview coming up in a week for kansas city university (KCUMB). I was wondering if I should cancel and save the flight mileage for something else (I am flying from Ohio). In state tuition is cheaper at OU...
  18. M

    Masters of Biosciences at KCUMB?

    Hi all. I have a couple questions. I am a senior who takes the MCAT in May. Right now, my science GPA does not look very good to apply to DO schools on June 1st. I have a gap year already planned but I'm wondering the best path to take. I'm wondering if it would be better to take some...
  19. O

    KCUMB-COB 2015-2016 Discussion Thread

    Hello All, I recently applied, January 8th, to the one-year Masters of Biomedical Sciences Program at KCU. I got my acceptance letter the following week, January 11th. I am strongly considering attending this program because I intend to matriculate into their COM. I started this thread to meet...
  20. F

    NSU vs KCU

    I am fortunate enough to shortlist my acceptances to NSU and KCU, but am having a hard time deciding between the two. Please give me your humble opinions. THANKS! Please consider the following categories: - Curriculum - Board Prep - Rotations - Specialty residency placement
  21. F

    NSU vs KCU

    I am fortunate enough to shortlist my acceptances to NSU and KCU, but am having a hard time deciding between the two. Please give me your humble opinions. THANKS! - Being a Cali resident, I would love to eventually rotate and practice in Cali - I am leaning towards Internal Med Subspecialties...
  22. B

    Is it too late to submit secondaries to these schools?

    I haven't heard back after submitting my secondaries to the nine schools I applied to: ATSU, WesternU, DMU, MWU-Az, MWU, Rowan SOM, MSUCOM, NYIT, and KYCOM. I have been considering submitting secondaries to other schools as well: KCU, WVSOM, LECOM, UNECOM, Nova, OSUCOM, OHUCOM. Do you guys...
  23. K

    KCUMB Housing class of 2020 (entering in summer of 2016)

    Hey y'all! I got accepted to KCUMB and was hoping to get started early on looking for housing! If anyone else is looking for a roommate (or just wanting to connect with people who will be in the same medical school class at KCUMB:)) please reply here! I am female and I am looking for 1-2...
  24. Zembaphobia

    Does KCUMB screen their primaries or something?

    I've applied to 19 medical schools, and I got 18 secondaries back really fast. KCUMB, however, has not sent me a secondary application. Any idea what's up? I admittedly did not send my application for KCUMB until last week, but the other applications came in almost immediately after I was verified.