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  1. F

    Alternate List/ Waitlist Post Interview for MWU AZCOPT Class of 2024

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone else was placed on an alternate list/ waitlist for class of 2024 after interviewing at Midwestern's optometry program in Arizona. -If so, how long did it take for you to come off the list (if you did come off)? -Is it because all the seats filled up for...
  2. B

    Overlap in AMCAS/AACOMAS Traffic Guidlines

    I’ve been accepted at a DO program since November but have interviewed at three allopathic programs as well. I’m currently waitlisted at all three schools, with two of them informing me that they expect to have a lot of waitlist movement around or after April 30th due to the AMCAS traffic...
  3. K

    2018-2019 Waitlist Support Thread

    I saw that a waitlist thread hasn't been made for this cycle, so I took the liberty of making one:happy:
  4. D

    Bradley University DPT 2019

    Has anyone else been waitlisted for Bradley’s DPT program in the past? I am 18th on the list and I’m wondering what my chances of getting in are!
  5. J

    SUNY Downstate vs Howard COM

    Howard Pros Already confirmed, have a lease DC is probably nicer, haven't spent much time in Brooklyn Have car available Like previous living conditions in grad school The students and other classes are really cohesive Cons Long travel time home, (NY) More expensive Not as ‘competitive...
  6. L

    Advice for those on Waitlist

    Hi, Could some med students who got accepted of the waitlist advise a fellow waitlister? Just wondering how much I should be annoying admissions, I want to seem eager but not pushy. I interviewed 3/29, was waitlisted 5/11, and turned in a letter of intent on 5/15. (University of Toledo) Still...
  7. F

    NYU Waitlist Questions

    Hello everyone, so I am currently on the waitlist at NYU and I was wondering how the waitlist review process works. So, to sum up what has happened so far is that I have been on the waitlist since February and I have heard nothing back while others have been getting off the waitlist - even...
  8. 3toedsloth

    WL movement has been kind of quiet around here.

    On May 1, and all this week, I was expecting a torrential downpour of "I GOT ACCEPTED OFF THE WAITLIST!!!!" type posts. I thought the bulk of waitlist movement happens right after the April 30 "traffic day." Alas, I'm not seeing a whole lot of movement in the school-specific threads, here in...
  9. M

    OHSU Alternate List Movement

    Hi everyone, I found some very old posts that mentioned a way to see last year’s mobility and admissions from OHSU’s alternate list but have been unable to find out how to see this data. My spouse just received word that she is on the alternate list for 2018 and I’m just trying to gauge the...
  10. M

    The Official pharmacy Schools Waitlist Thread

    Hi guys, I know it's still early, but i am currently being waitlisted for two pharmacy schools. :( The waiting is killing me. Anyone who is experiencing the same thing, feel free to post. We are all in this together :)
  11. L

    NYMC Waitlist 2016-2017

    For anyone currently on the NYMC waitlist, feel free to post any waitlist movement, questions, comments or advice.
  12. N

    University of Maryland Dental School Waitlist Question

    Does anybody have a rough estimate of approximately how many people get placed on the waitlist every year at Maryland and if there is much movement for in state or out of state waitlisted applicants? Wanted to know for myself and others. Thanks!
  13. N

    University of Maryland School of Dentistry C/O 2021 Waitlist Survey

    Hey all you people! Just taking a survey of those who applied to Maryland and were waitlisted. Just wanted to get a nice survey going that can help future applicants gauge the waitlist movement for future cycles. Just vote on if you're in state or out of state and comment in this thread whether...
  14. B

    Quick Waitlist Question

    Hello all, So, my question is quick so I'll get right to it. Thus far, I have had 3 interviews, with my 4th coming in January. The only decision of those schools as of now is a waitlist (which happens to be at my top school). The school prefers IS residents (I'm OOS), but they're class ends...
  15. G

    Touro pharmacy waitlist

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know if anyone is currently on the waitlist for Touro College of Pharmacy (NY), and know of anything we should do in the meantime while we wait for their decisions. I recently sent them an updated college transcript with new course grades. It just kinda sucks that we...
  16. N

    **Official Dental School Waitlists Class of 2020**

    Has anyone been waitlisted and currently updating their resumes and sending in letters of intent? What else can we do as waitlisters to schools that are our number one choice? Any tips from people who have been waitlisted in the past and got accepted or deferred to the next year's class? Can we...
  17. I

    Need advice, Waitlisted.

    I have been interviewed at 3 schools and all of them have put me on the waitlist. Detroit Mercy Roseman University NYU Unfortunately, that is all the schools left that I have applied to. I was wondering, realistically, what are my chances of getting into those schools? Do people from the...
  18. dimon88

    on wait list for SCI college

    My GPA 3.2 in biochemistry undergrad degree. GRE 146 in all sections 3.0 writing. I Had an interview with CSI in January and had been put on waitlist. can please someone tell me what are my chances to get accepted? what are the chances someone will drop out?... do i need to reapply for next...
  19. D

    UOP Waitlist '15

    Hi guys, does anyone know how many people are on the alternate status approximately? If anyone who is accepted and is deciding to join some other university can you please post here, so we can get an idea. Please post here if you are on alternate/ declining alternate or acceptance. thanks...