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  1. M

    Help PLEASE !!!

    Hello ! I've been on my journey to med school for quite some time; and fortunately, medical schools in my area accept online pre-req. my heart is Stanford, however, I'm open to which medical school accepts me and have broaden my horizons to going after DO and not just MD. Does anyone know of any...
  2. Hebe

    Difference in Volunteering Experience

    I know deciding on whether you want to pursue DO or MD comes after passing medical school; but I was wondering if there are certain volunteering opportunities that help us understand each practice? Also, if not already existing, is there some sort of thread that has updated Volunteering...
  3. kwinterwinter

    Torn between NP/PA and MD, please help

    Hello, I know there are previous threads discussing the differences, pros and cons but I would love a current perspective now that shifts in the medical world are taking place due to obama care and popularity of mid-level provider careers. I am 30 years old, and decided to switch from my...
  4. L

    Admission Forum for Interested Pre-med & Pre-DO students (July 21, 2016)

    Hi everyone, SOWEGA-AHEC is hosting a free webinar for students interested in applying to medical school in the state of GA. All 5 medical schools (including the PCOM- DO) will be represented in this. Feel free to register for the webinar (see attached flyer for link) or if you're in the...
  5. F

    Any advice for my predicament?

  6. M

    Question concerning LORs...

    Hey guys, I am planning to apply to both allopathic and osteopathic schools this year. For LORs so far, I have a committee packet and a letter from an osteopathic physician. Would it be suitable for me to use the letter from the osteopathic physician for the allopathic school applications (and...
  7. C

    CC retakes and mcat prep

    I was wondering if I should retake the three classes in which I recieved Cs in at a local cc college in my community. Also I have a 3.25-3.5 I dont know exactly because I have retaken some classes and transfered schools. I also have cc college credit from my high school where some classes where...
  8. M

    Should I take a Gap Year (2ish years) or go to D.O school?

  9. K

    Failed Same Pre-Reqs Twice? Should I give up?

    Not sure where to begin, as this year has thrown me through a loop. I started off this last year a sophomore at a smaller state school in my home state, I was a member of the Honor’s Society and my GPA was 3.75. This year I had some health issues that greatly impacted my school, I went back...
  10. F

    DO/DMD Question on Specializing

    Hey guys, My school offers a DO/DMD 6 year program. I am interested in dentistry and neurology. I wanted to either specialize in oral surgery or orthodontics, and neurosurgery. Would this be possible or what would my options look like and how would my career path look like? Thanks, much...
  11. P

    Is it difficult to become a pediatrician if I go the DO route?

    I am currently in undergrad and I am considering rather or not to apply MD or DO. My goal is to be a pediatrician or even pursue pediatric neurology. I was wondering if it would be significantly harder to obtain this career path if I applied DO over MD? Thank you!
  12. The Dude....

    Current AD Officer - cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.6 MCAT ##

    cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.6 MCAT- Haven't taken yet, but projecting a 32 to 34 after practice tests Age: 30 Non-Traditional- Family, three kids Bachelors: HIM (Texas State University) Initial bad grades and withdrawals during freshman and sophomore year with strong upward trend, culminating with Deans...
  13. T

    no direction

    I'm in my junior year of undergrad, with about a 2.7. I obviously messed up my college years but I have always wanted to become a doctor and was hoping to apply to DO schools and possibly the Caribbean. My ECs are pretty good and I have been scoring high on the MCAT and am taking it in June. The...

    3.31 cGPA 3.17 sGPA 510MCAT

    BS. in Biomedical Engineering (Concentration: Neuroengineering) cGPA = 3.31 sGPA = 3.17 (this is MD not DO) with DO scaling = 3.33 Graduated in 2013 Employment: (Current - Past): Current: a health devices research company (3 years) possibly going to get journal publication on one study...
  15. F

    DO Matching MD Plastics

    Anyone know of any DO students who have matched in a MD integrated plastics residency? I have not seen any recent forums on this topic. My USMLE is mid 250s and COMLEX 705 and want to avoid going Gen Surg or ENT to get there if at all possible :yuck:
  16. A

    3.6 GPA, MCAT=27, 508, 516...thoughts?

    Where am I competitive? A little background... MA resident. Graduated from a top 30 university with a B.S. in psychology, 3.6 GPA. Interested in psychiatry (major, research, clinical and volunteering are psych-related). Currently work as a Mental Health Counselor on an inpatient psychotic...
  17. T

    Help me figure out things plz

    MA resident. Interested in psychiatry. Here are my stats: -Cumulative GPA: 3.61 -Science GPA: 3.52 (2 W's, retook for A-'s) -MCAT Scores: 26, 507, 516 -Research: 12 months linguistics/cognitive neuroscience, 8 month neuropsych with poster presentation, secondary author in a textbook chapter...
  18. L

    Specific questions regarding a DO-PhD for neuro

    I've browsed through a lot of the threads on the differences between a DO and an MD, why anyone would ever want to do a DO-PhD instead of an MD-PhD, why you would even bother with the PhD when as a physician you can do academic research anyways, etc...And I don't feel like my questions have been...
  19. W

    should i consider doing something else?

    Hello everyone, im new to the forum and wanted some advice as to what should i do. so currently i am a junior majoring in cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University. i really want to go to medical school (DO/MD, it doesn't matter). My GPA as of now is a 3.4 cumulative and science. i...
  20. L

    What does it take for DOs to obtain competitive MD residencies (if at all possible)?

    I know there are several various threads already related to this topic, but generally speaking none are specific to my current situation and I would really like to hear some input/advice that anyone may have regarding my situation. I am beginning medical school at MSUCOM (DO) in June (2016)...
  21. ScienceBrah

    Student Scrubs

    Hey! Once you all graduate, what do you do with your student scrubs? Many hospitals require certain scrubs for certain units so I was wondering what you do with the ones you can't wear anymore. Or even the ones that are too big or too small. I'm looking for a large collection of used scrubs of...
  22. W

    Reapplicant Advice? Pretty Please

    So I applied this year and unfortunately have received no II’s, I know it’s not over yet, but it’s getting late. So I’m writing to get some advice on what to do for the next cycle as my situation is complicated. My stats are a little low for MD but I thought I made up for it with ECs, grad...
  23. B

    DO What are my changes, please help!!?

    Right now I have a cumulative 3.4 gpa and a science gpa of 3.2. I am trying to do 500 volunteer hours to count as extracurricular activities. If I have time I will do more, I couldn't find a research position so that sucks for me. Right now I am senior in college having my last semester so my...
  24. T

    How Can I Become a Stronger Medical School Candidate?

    Hello, I’m looking for advice on improving my medical school application competitiveness. I'd like to apply for the 2017 cycle. I’m interested in both DO and MD programs. I'm willing to go to just about any US school that will accept me. I graduated from UC Berkeley in May of 2014 with a degree...