Will it be difficult matching into Army IM without research/publications?

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Mar 22, 2015
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Army HPSP MS3 thinking internal medicine. Unfortunately, I struggled more than I would have liked my first two years of medical school, and hesitated to get involved in research. If it makes any difference, I served as a student leader for two student groups and I should be able to present an abstract I have been working on with some classmates before applying next year (before applying/interviewing). My step 1 score is on the lower side (203) but it seems that this has still fallen within the ranges of past years (194-271) and about 20% of the available positions in internal medicine have been unfilled in past years.

I've heard that internal med, family med, and pathology are what most people "scramble" into when they do not make their first choice match. Have folks ever heard of applicants failing to qualify for the scramble match?

Thanks in Advance!

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