1. L

    Are Community College credits looked down upon for Med Schools and are they seen as easier and less competitive?

    I'm thinking about going to a community college and transferring credits to a university and finishing my bachelors degree. Is it better/more competitive if I just take 1 school year of community college and 3 schools years at a traditional college for my bachelor's degree to get into med...
  2. Master Bone Wizard

    Which is more competitive (overall) for a DO applicant: PM&R vs Neurology?

    I am doing some specialty research and was wondering which of these two specialties is more competitive. Google tells me PM&R as it is often cited as one of the least competitive specialties having low board scores and not much interest by sources like medschoolinsiders.com and medicalaid.org...
  3. abualas

    How much more competitive is it to get into an MD vs DO medical school?

    The question pretty much sums what I'm asking up. From the research I've done, it seems that many students apply to far fewer DO schools than MD schools (e.g. 25 total medical schools applied to, only 5 of which are DO--could also be because there are only 35 DO schools vs 141 MD), they also...
  4. C_Mill

    Derm chances?

    Hey guys, I am debating whether I should take a year off to do derm research. In M3 now. Step score is a 230, I have all high pass in rotations right now. My school is fairly new and we don't have a home Derm base. I have however done research since M1. So far 1 abstract publication, 1 random...
  5. D

    Will it make a significant difference if I complete research before or after applying but before attending to medical school?

    I am interested in completing some undergraduate research. I am currently in between my sophomore and junior years. I plan on taking the MCAT next Spring (2020) to and apply for medical school that summer. Over my junior year, I will be studying for the MCAT and working part-time. I don't know...
  6. Piglet2020

    Ophthalmology (and others) interest - step score?

    Hello, I’m a MS2 and I’ll be taking step next summer. I know ophthalmology is a competitive specialty (~240 avg step) but I think it’s something I’m really passionate about. (Even reading research articles on ophthalmology = fun for me, could be a sign this is my calling?? Never got bored...
  7. H

    Need advice regarding internal medicine residency

    Hey guys! I am an MS4 at a top 25 medical school applying into IM. I have a decent ECs, some research, and should have pretty good LORs. My step 1 is 240-245 (no step 2 yet). All that said, I am rounding out my 3rd year with 3 P's in required clerkships (including surgery) and only an HP in...
  8. O

    Is my OAT/GPA Competitive/ What are my chances??

    Hi All: My Cumulative GPA is a 3.3, Science GPA is a 3.0. My OAT is a 300TS/310AA. RC: 330 GC: 300 OC: 290 Physics: 260 QR: 280 Bio: 400!!! I have 160+ hours of shadowing an optometrist, shadowed an ophthalmologist in the OR, Thousands of hours of volunteer experience as an EMT, and 120+ Hours...
  9. LEC_DPT

    NAU Admission

    Is anyone willing to DM me or discuss here how competitive it truly is to get into NAU? I love the school, but consistently see competitive students rejected without an interview. I would love for people to really tell me what it takes to get in, how they think they stood out, or what they...
  10. M

    Does the medical school you attend matter when it comes to matching into competitive specialities?

    I am interested in possibly applying to some of the more competitive specialities (ophthalmology or dermatology) for residency. I was wondering if the prestige of the medical school I attend has an effect on my chances of matching (assuming I have good step scores).
  11. A

    Will it be difficult matching into Army IM without research/publications?

    Army HPSP MS3 thinking internal medicine. Unfortunately, I struggled more than I would have liked my first two years of medical school, and hesitated to get involved in research. If it makes any difference, I served as a student leader for two student groups and I should be able to present an...
  12. 9

    Finally took the DAT; How competitive of an applicant am I?

    Hello all! Just got out of the DAT, and I’m really happy with my scores! PAT: 22 QR: 18 (kinda disappointed with this one) RC: 20 (surprised by this one) BIO: 20 CHEM: 22 OCHEM: 23 TS: 21 AA: 21 Some more background on me, I’m a junior biochemistry and molecular biology major and I...
  13. D

    Med school was going so well....until rotations. Advice?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the long post ahead, but I just wanted to post on here to vent as well as ask for some advice. I started clerkships 6 months ago, and things have really not been going to way that I had been hoping for. During preclinicals, I studied extremely hard and sailed through...
  14. EngineerMedic

    How to Strengthen Application for HMS/MIT

    I just finished my second year of undergrad. I think right now is a good time to take stock of where I'm at in terms of application strength, as I still have a full year to make changes and add experiences. (Ideally I'd matriculate directly after undergrad graduation, so I'll apply between 3rd...
  15. C

    Taking MCAT earlier than planned

    I planned on studying for my MCAT when I finish up the semester May 11. I was going to take an August 15-21 test date, giving me three full months to prepare. However, I would like to avoid a gap year if possible, and I know I am not competitive enough to apply in the latest wave. I am a junior...
  16. F

    MS3 Shift to Ortho - No mentors no research

  17. P

    ophthalmology with limited/no research

    I'm an MS1 interested in ophthalmology and a few other more competitive specialties. The problem is I have 0 interest in research. I'd much rather devote my free time to volunteer activities and hobbies I'm passionate about. I go to a top 20 and many of my classmates are super brilliant and...
  18. TheToothTamer

    Orthodontics History Statistics

    I'm Currently a D1, and many of my classmates have dreams to become an orthodontist one day. I hear "orthodontics" mentioned pretty much everyday by both faculty and students. Since orthodontics is extremely competitive to pursue today, I was wondering if anyone knew about its past...
  19. X

    Is the competitiveness of Diagnostic Radiology picking up again?

    I have been reading SDN and asking questions about matching into Radiology. The general answer I get about match chances is " A passing Step score and a pulse" are all that is needed to match Radiology. Yet the Step 1 average is 240. On Charting outcomes I also see that a score greater than 220...
  20. dwarfplanet

    Good research?

    I'm really lost on what constitutes "good" research. Does benchwork have to be involved for research experience to be considered competitive? For example, I have the opportunity to join a project focused on identifying factors that lead to a "false positive" for a particular screening test, and...
  21. TampaBayFlorida

    **Please Give Me Allied Health Program Advice**

    Please give me any advice you think would be beneficial to augmenting my student/professional record as well as directing me towards a particular Allied Health field. What will make me a better candidate? What I’m doing now: Taking prerequisites (at a community college) for Allied Health...
  22. car guy doc

    OAT, GPA, competitiveness

    I just took the OAT and did worse than I expected. I scored a 310 TS and 310 AA with zero sections below 300. My cGPA is around a 3.45, sGPA 3.1. I have pretty good extracurricular activities including many different clubs/organizations (some of which I have held leadership positions), 100 hours...
  23. J

    Research vs. Extracurriculars for University Applications

    URGENT! I NEED TO CHOOSE CLASSES VERY SOON- please help:) I'm going into my junior year of high school. There is a class called Advanced Problems in Science where you spend the whole year working on and publishing an in-depth science project. Doing really well on your project can get you...
  24. Y

    Away rotations

    So lately I have been hearing a lot of people say that one thing that you need to match on competitive residencies (like ortho) is "strong away rotations". What makes an away rotation "strong"? Also, will it have some effect if it is made at another school in my state vs if I go to another state...
  25. L

    Competitive 2017-2018 Dental Applicant?

    Hey guys, I am looking to apply to dental school on June 1st and I feel like I am a fairly good candidate. However, my science GPA is a little lower than I would like and I was wondering if anyone had gotten in with similar stats? Or if anyone has any advice on how to bump up my application for...
  26. D

    Emergency Medicine - Now competitive?

    An older student told me yesterday, that the average EM step 1 is 245! That is pretty high. I am originally interested in lifestyle competitive specialties, but have always kept my eyes peeled for EM. I have a lot of debt and want a decent lifestyle, I heard that in the south and rural areas...
  27. M

    Advice for a last semester senior

    Hello Happy New Year everyone! I am going to be graduating this upcoming spring, and I am thinking about applying in this year's application cycle. Right now I am in my winter break and am studying for the MCAT and drafting parts of my personal statement. I plan to take my MCAT in April and...
  28. davethebarbarian

    Summer Intership REUs, SURP, AMGEN, etc competitiveness

    Sophomore currently with a 3.83 GPA. I screwed up my first semester with a 3.66 but the past 2 semesters I've gotten a 4.0. I also have had 3 research experiences since high school with a few papers being published this year, but did not do any research this semester at my old lab (may change...
  29. L

    experience in optometry school

    As a second year Optometry student, I fall more in love with what we do everyday. I know I made the right choice. I enjoy the challenges, the faculty, and even the area I am studying in. Now here is the problem, my classmates. My class is a pretty small class compared too many other schools...
  30. libertyyne

    Interview Impression

    Do you ever get the impression after the other schools question that the interviewer believes you may gain an acceptance to a more competitive school? Has anyone else had similar experiences? How did you attempt to diffuse the situation?
  31. LIC2015

    Enzyme Kinetics - what's the real reason for Vmax changes?

    Competitive inhibitors don't change Vmax, while uncompetitive/noncompetitive inhibitors do. Why? They all do the same basic thing - prevent substrate from being processed by the enzyme. But the way they do it is different. However, for the purposes of my question, please address the following...
  32. M

    Am I competitive?

    I took the PCAT today for the first time. My preliminary report showed that I am in the 74th percentile. My current GPA is 3.511. I will be doing the University of Kentucky's early decision process this fall. I have 2.5 years of Pharmacy technician experience, in addition to some shadowing...
  33. Y

    How can I be a more competitive applicant?

  34. M

    MD & DO Is this realistic...

    Hey all, Applying to MD programs (possibly DO programs) this cycle. Background...1st time applicant, NH resident...mehhh undergrad experience...3.57 cGPA/3.52 sGPA (3 W's)... worked as an EMT for my university, worked part time at a restaurant (to pay for some of my college expenses), a little...
  35. L

    Anxious about starting school/low MCAT

    Hi everyone, So I've been fortunate enough to have been accepted into a good DO school and start later this year. After graduating and having a bit of time before school starts, I've had more time to worry about school haha. I'm very excited and am ready to start, but I'm also worried about...
  36. Spinothalamic

    Seeking Residency Training Advice

    Hello community, I am a rising 4th year U.S. allopathic medical student interested in neurology. My application will be quite strong, and I believe that I could train at a top-tier institution. The reason for which I am seeking advice is that I currently am considering doing my residency at a...
  37. KPstudent

    Most Cut-Throat Medical Schools

    Hi everyone! As the 2017 AMCAS apps opened today, I'm really trying to nail down a list of where to go. My question is, what schools are the most cut-throat, which schools rank their students, etc. I am smart and went to a competitive undergraduate and do NOT want this kind of environment in...
  38. MedicalMermaid

    How competitive am I really?

    Hi everyone! I am a senior who is about to graduate and was originally planning on applying to PA school, but had a recent change in heart and decided to try for medical school instead. I have been honestly shifting back and forth from these two options and am trying to weigh the pros and cons...
  39. cdo96

    Good GRE Score?

    So... I got my GRE scores back, and I'm trying to understand them, so I guess I'm just curious, what is a "competitive" GRE score? I'm trying to see if I need to retake them- and most of the vet admissions websites are vague about their scores.
  40. T

    WAMC: What Are My Chances

    MOD NOTE: We are now going to have one thread for all of the inquiries for competitiveness, what are my chances, do I have a shot, can I get into ABC University, etc. Most of the other SDN forums have found success with having one thread, so we are going to adopt that going forward. 1. Please...