academic dishonesty

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  1. zacky123


    Hello, So I’m in a bit of a bind. I was in orgo 2 and I had an A+ in the class. One of my closer friends was in the same class as me and a couple days before the final she had a death in her family ( a grandparent) and it threw her off completely. During our final she had a mental breakdown and...
  2. O


  3. F

    Instituional Action (Seeking Advice)

    Hello everyone I am seeking advice after having had received an institutional action. I am not sure what my chances are still at medical school since I know this is a very serious punishment, any help is greatly appreciated! Stats 4.0 GPA 511 MCAT Top 20 Public University URM Story: The...
  4. D

    Academic Dishonesty Bomb PA School Chances

    Hello, I wanted to know how badly I messed up for my chance for PA School as I am a freshman who just got an academic dishonesty charge on my school record, but not on my transcript; however, this charge will be disclosed to whatever graduate school I apply, which would most likely be the...
  5. R

    Academic Dishonesty: Seeking Advice / Insights

  6. D

    MD Academic Dishonesty: Is Medical School still a possibility for me?

    I am a freshman in college, currently in my second semester. In my first semester of college, I was overwhelmed by everything there was to do at college (got involved with research first semester, joined a lot of orgs, etc) and wasn’t managing my time properly. I began to do badly in my...
  7. A

    Academic Dishonesty-my friend turned in my paper-chances

    Long story short, my good friend asked to see how I wrote a 5 point paper for a gen-ed class. The paper was an "opinion" paper. I did send her my paper, and she accidentally turned in my copy online instead of the one she had previously wrote. After hearings and appeals, we were both found...
  8. M

    Academic Integrity - Accused of Plagiarism. Soon to be applicant.

    I am currently a Senior in College who has a competitive GPA and MCAT score, with good recommendations by professors. I was just accused of academic dishonesty by one of my blowoff classes. I was careless and did not do enough paraphrasing on a relatively small assignment and was called into her...
  9. L

    Institutional Action w/ Extenuating Circumstances

    GPA: 3.8 I recently received an IA for cheating on an exam and there is a possibility that I will be hit with an academic probation (IA) or a written warning (does not go anywhere). My grades and service and leadership have been stellar until the beginning of this semester, when I faced a...
  10. A

    MD What are my chances with Academic Intergrity and 515 (130/127/130/128), 3.85 cPGA, 3.88 sGPA

    During the fall 2015 of my junior year I wrote a paper for my honors college class (Oxford) explaining my undergraduate research and my plans to publish a thesis over it. The honors college requires every student to publish a thesis before they graduate, and Oxford is a class to help students...
  11. R

    Reporting Academic Dishonesty?

    Hi! Long story short: I have an academic dishonesty mark on the internal records of my school, but not on my school's official transcript. The incident happened 4 years ago, and I was irresponsible and take full responsibility. My question is, since on optomCAS it says to 'Indicate if you...
  12. U

    Academic Dishonesty and Chances of Admission

    I am currently a freshman at a public university who was recently caught for academic dishonesty for having gotten answers for a notebook quiz in my Chemistry lab. I'm among several other hundred students who are receiving a zero for the assignment (another student posted the questions to the...
  13. J

    Academic misconduct, application process

    I wrote a thesis proposal for an honor's class 3 semesters ago. My proposal was over the organic chemistry research I would be doing under a former professor. He sent my a imcomplete document with the research I would be performing under him and used his mission statement and methods as a part...
  14. K

    Help! Accidentally put "yes" under academic dishonesty section!

    So I just e-submitted my application yesterday and I just realized I might have made a huge mistake! I accidentally answered "yes" in the background section pertaining to academic dishonesty/professional misconduct. I failed Calculus 1, which I later retook for a B, and provided a complete...