1. J

    Study Tips for PY1 with ADHD

    Hello, im a PY1 who just started pharmacy school back in august. I have dealt with ADHD my entire life and had done well in school. I take medication for it of course but it isn't a magic pill where im all of the sudden rain man (im sure most of you all know lol). Anyways I regularly attend...
  2. premed.mom

    MCAT study plan, when to use world, online course, etc.

    I am taking my MCAT next summer, I plan on applying in 2023, I will also be in school full time until the summer, and I am taking a longer than normal time to study because I have ADHD, and I know I will need it. I just bought the 12-month blueprint online course. Am also looking at Uworld...
  3. G

    PhD/PsyD Challenges as Intern with ADHD

    Hello everyone! I have ADHD and internship has brought out the worst of my symptoms. I’m on medication and working with a MD, but everyday I feel like a failure. I have a therapist, but ones covered by my insurance don’t really have training in “executive functioning” or adult ADHD (a very...
  4. Stagg737

    ADHD and drug holidays

    So I had a patient a week or 2 ago who I diagnosed with ADHD and started on a stimulant medication. While going over the medication I gave my usual spiel about not taking the medication during periods when he was off work for periods when he did not need medication to complete important tasks...
  5. K

    Lost my faith in the MCAT after certain discoveries.

    Let me explain the background regarding the title. (And if anyone e (or the Mods) knows a better place this thread should be, let me know. Just don't delete it without letting me know) (This will get long, so bear with me if you can - no judgement if you don't) I graduated HS with a 2.7...
  6. MommyMD2022

    Married mom of a toddler- starting med school

    Hello all- I'm new to SDN, so I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I am a nontrad (35yo) who is diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive type). I'm married with a 17-month-old son. I have been accepted to medical school in Texas. I'm thrilled, but also concerned about managing school and family...
  7. W

    Specialties that provide opportunities (and time) to go down rabbit holes?

    M3 here, US Allopathic student at mid tier school. I've enjoyed every rotation, like all types of patient populations and pathology. I loved and was great on my surgery rotation (and the small amount of subspecialty stuff I saw) but Step 1 not competitive and my wife would kill me haha. I also...
  8. S

    Step 1 ADHD Accommodations

    Hello Student Doctor Network, I am a medical student preparing to take the Step 1 at some point this year (2018) and am having difficulty locating information about how to obtain testing accommodations for my ADHD. The purpose of this post is to FACT FIND first hand accounts from individuals...
  9. M

    URM, Hearing loss, was in a wheelchair, ADHD--Judge my worthiness for app...if there is any...

    Hello all:)! I tried searching the threads,but couldn't really find one applicable to me. Any other advice or criticisms/suggestions are also welcome! Background: URM, moderate hearing loss, and ADHD (diagnosed 2nd yr in college) Parents were refugees from the Khmer Genocide--> poor childhood...
  10. ToothWZRD

    ADHD: To disclose, or not to disclose

    Did you disclose your ADHD on any residency applications/national licensing forms? The questions are worded like: "Do you have any impairments that, with or without reasonable accommodation, prevent you from performing the essential functions of the training position?" "Do you currently...
  11. P

    Pharmacy students with Disablity

    Hey everyone, I have ADHD, in undergrad I was accommodated longer times on exams. As a pharmacy student I'm scared to speak up and say I have ADHD and need longer time or accommodation. Do they look at you different? Like who wants a pharmacy student with ADHD and future potential mistakes. Am...
  12. T

    Taking the DAT with a learning disability and ADHD

    Hello folks! I've been lurking for a while and hopefully this post will help out any pre-dent students on here that are in a similar situation. This past Friday, I took the DAT and ended up doing pretty well. I started studying in late May with DAT/Math Destroyer, DAT Bootcamp, and Chad's...
  13. collectedgp

    Stimulant and admission

  14. A

    When Reality and Dreams meet....and don't get along

    Quick background info: I have always wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. always. Growing up my plan was to attend Auburn, naturally, because I lived in Alabama. Sophomore year of high school moved to KY, which is fine because they contract with Auburn and Tuskegee. Senior year I was...
  15. Mason91

    AD(H)D diagnosis help

  16. doc4kids93

    Very Low GPA. Should I try Post Bacc or no point?

    My GPA is a 2.5 and I'm a senior. I've had trouble focusing on school (finally diagnosed with ADHD 5 months ago and have been making all A's for the past two semester after diagnosis/medication). I am certain that I have the ability to do well in my classes if given the opportunity to redo, now...
  17. doc4kids93

    Recently diagnosed with ADD. Now what?

    I'm in my senior year of undergrad and throughout college I had been constantly struggling with being distracted. Even when I put away my electronics and only had a pen, notebook and textbook, I would daydream (sometimes for 10 minutes at a time). My friend suggested I might have ADHD (I'm also...
  18. S

    USMLE USMLE accommodation request personal stories

    Hello, I can't seem to find any recent (or any) info on personal success stories, with getting accommodations on the USMLE step 1. I have perhaps the world's worst ADHD, which caused me to fail mostly out of highschool, and two undergrad institutions, largely cause I couldn't finish a...
  19. M

    Low GPA due to ADHD, dental school chances?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience, or knows of a situation like this that happened. I am currently finishing my sophomore year as a human physiology major at Boston University (notorious for grade deflation jsyk). And my GPA sucks. I dropped a class 3 out of the 4...
  20. Heist


    Any major cardiac contraindications you see with stims? I see patients with hocm, rbbb, MVP etc who would benefit from stims but I am concerned given the cardiac warning with stims. What do you think is the best way to help patients? I get thorough cardiac family history as well.
  21. A

    My boyfriend doesn't understand how difficult pharmacy school is... How do I help him understand?

    I'm in my P1 year of pharmacy school. It's going well grades-wise but my relationship is on the backburner. I do what I can but I have ADHD and studying/school is incredibly difficult for me to begin with and it seems like in order to do well and not fail out of school, the rest of my personal...