anesthesiology residency

  1. F

    WAMC anesthesia residency

    Hey everyone! I'm just seeking some advice. I am a 3rd year DO student interested in anesthesia! Below is a little but more about me and my stats. I'm from Florida and will love to end up there for residency but I will settle with anything on the east coast. I will still be applying broadly...
  2. R

    Allegheny Anesthesiology residency review

    Any feedback regarding the allegheny anesthesiology residency program?
  3. D

    Anesthesiology Residency - Mayo Jax

    Greetings all, I was hoping to get some feedback on what other people who interviewed here or from current and graduated residents thought about this program. I was planning on ranking them very high, but something doesn't sit well with me about the 1st year being run by the IM department with...
  4. D

    Future anesthesiology residents- Avoid RWJMS anesthesiology program at all cost

  5. T

    Temple Anesthesiology Residency

    Hi Everyone! Temple anesthesia chief residents here. We wanted to open up a thread to tell you about our program, as well as answer any questions that you may have. Temple University Hospital is a major academic center that performs a wide variety of cases in every surgical discipline...
  6. Silver316

    Anesthesiology Residency possible with low USMLE?

    So the odds are looking against me from what I can tell, I'm a 3rd year just got back my scores of USMLE 218, COMLEX 541, and bottom quarter of class. I was president of the Anesthesiology club at my school but not much else Anesthesia related. What do you think about my shot at getting an...
  7. P

    MD Anesthesiology Chances of Matching

    Hi, first and foremost, if I'm posting this in the wrong area, please politely say so and I'll re-post in the proper section of SDN for this question. So I got my USMLE scores back today and got a 221 (I'm a DO student). This was my first and only attempt at USMLE. While I know my score is not...
  8. M

    Reputation of anesthesiology program

    I am applying for a residency spot in anesthesia for the 2017 match. I was speaking to another applicant at an interview who talked to me about a program at which I had interviewed that I really liked. He said that he was also very impressed with the program, but was not going to rank it highly...
  9. A

    NYMC Westchester Anesthesiology Residency (New York Medical College)

    Notes from interview day (2015-16 season): Overall: Strong program for residency training with a lot of exposure to sick patients--no obvious deficits. Impressive fellowship match list. Main turn off for most is likely the location/traveling. PROS: strong fellowship match (c/o 2016: ~80%...
  10. G

    I'm terrified I won't match (anesthesia 2016 match) - advice on ranking?

    Hi forum, It's just a few weeks from matching and stress is setting in hard. I'm at a mid-tier US Allopathic med school with below average step scores (210 step 1, 222 step 2) and mostly Bs on my transcript. I took an extra year in school because of a very legitimate health reason (not psych). I...
  11. A

    New anesthesia residency program - HNSLIJ

    New anesthesia program pros and cons, please? There's a new anesthesia residency, only two years old, currently with up to CA-2 year. My question is what are the pros and cons of a program like this? It's a university program, great location, by a school that's established and with great...