1. D

    AOA/Merger - NRMP Step 1 Score Reporting

    3rd year DO student here, and am still on the fence about taking Step 1. Interested in FM residency. Does anyone know if it is required to report Step 1 scores on the NRMP residency application post merger completion? Previously there was still the AOA; therefore, ERAS application. Now it will...
  2. T

    Is wearing an AOA necktie pretentious?

    Is wearing an AOA necktie or pin on your whitecoat socially acceptable?
  3. C

    list of AOA 2018 unfilled programs

    can some kind soul share with me the original list of AOA programs last year that went unfilled? this will help me to plan in case i need to scramble. thank you!
  4. L

    Basic? Residency Questions

    Hi all, OMS1 here. I just wanted to get some clarification on ACGME vs AOA residency in regard to current trends and post-merger changes. 1) What are the specific differences between ACGME vs AOA residencies besides the fact that AOA residencies accept DO’s. How is training different, etc...
  5. ForHumors

    Which schools have gotten rid of AOA?

    Do you guys know which schools have done away with AOA? I've heard of Harvard and Vandy, any other ones?
  6. J

    AOA status screen

  7. CSGO_Coke_Zero

    Is there a formal process to accept offers during scramble?

    Hi I'm posting for my friend. She scrambled for an AOA residency position. A program she interviewed with sent her an email "Confirm address. Sending contract." Nothing more, nothing less. She replied to the email but there was no response. Is the offer posted somewhere that she must login to...
  8. J

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY1 Family Med Residency Position

    Hi My name is John. I am a 4th year medical Student at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine pursuing a career in Family Medicine. I am contacting you to inquire about available OMGE year 1 positions. I am ready to begin training after graduation in May 2018 and have passed all...
  9. A

    ABFM vs AOBFM Board Certification

    There are some thread talking about the advantages of ABFM vs AOBFP or AOBFP vs ABFM. They seem rather comparable for your average family physician in terms of utility. My question is about how they compare with difficulty and cost to certify and maintain. The AOBFP is pretty straightforward in...
  10. HeartlyPunny

    Specialty Boards after AOA Osteopathic Residency

    Which specialty boards should I take? Will there be some kind of accommodation before I have to make this decision? A little background: I graduated an osteopathic IM residency, and they were given initial ACGME accreditation the next day, or very close there abouts. As such, I happily took...
  11. S

    Match Day Coming - Anyone else freaking out?

    My husband is a 4th year medical student, graduating in May - finally ! :) AOA Match Day is in T-2 Weeks. I know they are crazy stressed, since its their career. But, are any other spouses out there just as stressed as I am? I am constantly reading about how matching works, scramble, post...
  12. L

    aoa scramble 2018

    Hello I am DO student looking to see my chances at residency Level 1 Comlex 470 Level 2 PE failed 1st attempt but passed 2nd attempt Failed level 2 CE haven't had chance to retake. Rescheduled now in 6 days not much study time. Score will not be available till ~Feb 20th Can I still scramble...
  13. knock0ut

    Cheap ways to frame awkward AOA certificate size?

    So the AOA certificate is 11x13 which is a very awkward size to find a frame for...any ideas on ways to do it without having to get an expensive custom frame?
  14. KVBane

    AOA vs. ACGME match

    I'm a second year DO student, and I was wondering what the differences that you people value more when choosing whether to match AOA or ACGME? Assuming that location doesn't matter, and you can match into the specialty with both, why choose one over the other (i.e. If you could do EM, why...
  15. Dr.Jekyll75

    Programs still in 2019 AOA Match

    I there any chart or website that shows Programs that will participate in the 2019 AOA match since its the last match before the merger ?
  16. M

    Can't DOs just attend a AOA residency if they want to specialize?

    I may be a naive pre-med, but I have read a lot about how it is difficult to specialize if you go to a DO School because ACGME residences will automatically rank you below MD counterparts, even if you have higher board scores. BUT for DOs that would like to specialize, can't they just go to an...
  17. A

    Osteopathic Radiology Chances

    Hello all. I am currently a 4th year in New York and I'm in the process of filling out residency applications. Up until a few weeks ago, I was not sure about which specialty to choose. I am still torn between a few, but because I've always been interested in physics, I found radiology may be a...
  18. P

    Do I need to take the USMLE Step 2 CK for an AOA residency program?

    Hi I am 3rd year, and I got a 589 on my COMLEX and a 245 on my USMLE Step 1. I am applying to AOA Orthopedic programs, and was wondering if I need to take USMLE Step 2 CK? I only ask, because an AOA program told me I would be considered lazy if I took USMLE Step 1 and did not take USMLE Step 2...
  19. C

    AOA ACGME Merger Timeline?

    Will AOA programs with current pre-ACGME-accreditation status be inspected and issued an initial accreditation status before the deadline to rank AOA programs via NMS? Thanks so much!
  20. Z

    DO derm residency/TRI options

    So with having to apply to derm as a PGY1, it seems like the options are very limited if you don't end up matching. Does anyone know, can you only scramble into other PGY2 positions that also require a TRI (rads, pm&r, etc)? Or could you scramble, for example, into a PGY2 family medicine position?