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  2. F

    Need advice on what to do while waiting for application season to start

    Hey guys! I would like some advice. I am a caribbean medical student. I have completed my rotations, taken Steps 1, 2CK & CS. Now I am waiting for September to apply for residency. During these couple months until applications open, what should I be doing? What are some things we can do while we...
  3. T

    USMLE Would I be able to book step 3 in December if I apply for it in October?

    Would there be any positions left for me to take the exam in December if I apply in October? Unfortunately I won't be able to apply earlier than that (ECFMG certificate), and I don't think I'd take step 3 unless I take it in December (so the score is ready before ranking). This would be fine...
  4. P

    I need your advice

  5. T

    What do I need to do to improve my chances/what are current chances?

    I am a chemical engineering major at UT Austin (ranked top 5 in country for ChemE) and my current GPA is 3.28 (a few bad grades in two ChemE classes and Diff EQ bringing it down the most) with a trend that started off well, decreased towards the middle, and is increasing again towards the end. I...
  6. R

    MD 503 MCAT 3.79 GPA Athlete

    Hey guys, Im new to SDN. I recently received my MCAT scores and got a 503 :/ not what I wanted but I plan to continue this cycle of applications. I am a student athlete, founding president of the largest honor society at my college, phlebotomy licensed GPA is 3.8 California Resident. I would...
  7. D

    LOR for Application

    Hello Everyone, This is a stupid question, but since it's my first time I was hoping you could help me out. I am about to send my request to my evaluators for LOR and have a couple questions 1) I am assuming that if they complete and send the LOR then I will get a notification that it has been...
  8. doctorjibbs

    DAT breakdown..NEED advice desperately

    Good evening fellow SDNers, I am going to keep this short! Just wrote my first DAT and my scores are as follows: PAT - 20 QR - 15 RC - 21 BIO - 22 GC - 21 OC - 24 Total Science - 22 AA - 21 GPA 1st degree - 3.2 (At NESCAC School) GPA 2nd degree - 3.8 For QR I used DAT destroyer and up to...
  9. J

    Pre Med Student wanting advice

    Hello everyone, I am a Junior at a small liberal arts school in SC. While we are a small school, we take pride in our academics and typically people find our courses to be very difficult. I am really excited to apply to medical school. I have already started building a relationship with the...
  10. skyebluedestiny

    University of Illinois Shutting Down?

    Hey guys, I just called to ask for a tour of University of Illinois (OOS), but they told me that their last graduating class is 2022. Has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks.
  11. Nicole Kidd

    Will Parking Ticket Affect Going to MedSchool?

    Just got a parking ticket right in front of my house. Have been studying for MCAT without going outside of the house. In Baltimore, if you park in the same spot for over 48hrs, the neighbour will report you and the cop will chalk your tire. Should I repeal? I just moved to Baltimore and I don't...
  12. NaDaniel

    Nontraditional applicant seeking any advice

    Hello everyone, I am a nontraditional applicant- I graduated three years ago with a b.s. in biochem. I have worked in chemistry labs for two years (environmental and forensics). I now work as a research associate at Vanderbilt University. I am in the process of studying for the MCAT. My...
  13. T

    How long does MCPHS take to send out decisions?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and really wish I had found it earlier because it's pretty cool to be able to reach out to people going through the same exact process of applications and decisions. But anyways, my question is to anyone who applied to the MCPHS DPT program. Since their system...
  14. P

    Changing Job

    I've been working at the same job for about 7 months now since i graduated undergrad, applied, and was accepted to medical school. On my application I said I'd be continuing at my current job until July 2017. However, I'm feeling a little burned out with this job (also, it's very low paying) and...
  15. Snickerdoodle1996

    Undergrad Letters of Recommendations

    Hi everyone, I am a second year student so I will be applying to med school next year. Is it too early now to start asking for letters of recommendation? There is one professor that I feel comfortable asking now and dont want to lose touch with .
  16. A

    Application !

    Does anyone suggest or not suggest sending an e-mail showing your interest in the program after applying through PTCAS?
  17. C

    Less Competitive MD/PHD programs and applying late

    Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of applying to MD/PHD programs. I realize it's a little late, but I have some questions. Is this too late to apply? Should I wait til next year? I'm worried having to re-apply will hurt my application. A lot of these schools are really competitive and some of the...
  18. G

    510, 3.8 sGPA Male Student Athlete

    This is my 3rd time applying. I scored 25 (6/14), 510 (128,125,127,130)(9/15). 3.8 sGPA 3.74cGPA white male. -Graduated Summa Cum Laude May 2015 in Biology, minor in Chemistry -3 year NCAA student athlete, 1 year team captain -1500 hrs close patient interaction as scribe and as shadow for PC...
  19. Alchemical

    Vet School: Personal & Other Essays

    So, this is my second time applying to veterinary programs, but my first time on this site. My applications are almost finished and all I have left is the Personal Essay section as well as some other essays for specific schools. This time around I would like to improve these sections, but I am...
  20. Y

    How can I be a more competitive applicant?

  21. B

    Where to apply?

    Hi! I am in a 7-year program at USF in Florida and the program requires a 514 in order to matriculate into Morsani COM. I am looking for back up school (in-state and out-of-state, private/public) for if I come short or miss the score. Right now, I have a 509 (unbalanced) score and I am retaking...
  22. H

    For experiences, is it hours completed or hours expected to complete?

    Title says it all, I have 6 on going experiences, 3 of which started in March. Do I list the # of weeks as the number I expect to complete over the next year or so, or simply the 10-12 weeks I have already completed?
  23. M

    When should I delete my Fbook?

    Hey! I just submitted my application for Fall 2017. Should I just bite the bullet and delete my fbook now, or should I wait till I get secondaries back? Thanks!