1. N

    sGPA vs. cGPA: How big can the difference be? What's competitive?

    I know that MCAT plays a huge role, but I was wondering about how it would look if cGPA is abt 3.85 and sGPA is 3.65 (for a non-science major)? Would the difference between the cGPA and sGPA be a concern to ADCOMS? Would that sGPA even be considered competitive for top schools? Thanks in...
  2. A


  3. T

    Unbalanced sGPA and cGPA. Uneasy about school list. WAMC

    Hello all. I am currently a senior in undergrad and working on developing my school list. Unfortunately my cGPA and sGPA are rather unbalanced due to poor decisions made during high school (dual-credit). This leaves me pretty confused about what schools to apply to. Any and all advice is greatly...
  4. T

    cGPA/sGPA and interpreting the MSAR

  5. P

    Is the 3.0 cutoff really a hard cutoff?

    My cGPA is a 2.99 and I need six more units of A's to get it above which i'm taking ~June 15- August 28, so the grades won't be in in time to raise me above the "3.0 threshold". By comparison, my sGPA is a 3.85 and postbacc gpa a 3.95 and my MCAT practice scores were 512-515 and I should receive...
  6. Franzliszt1

    The truth about AMCAS GPAs

    Before I get into this I want to say please forgive my ignorance, I have a 3.6 cGPA but given that I have many A+s in my last two years, my AMCAS calculated cGPA is 3.53. For all intents and purposes will I be judged as a 3.53? Lets say I get in somewhere - when the medical school reports...
  7. S

    3.85cGPA for Ivey?

    I'm about to sit the MCAT and is it even possible to get in with say a 512 ish MCAT and 3.85 cGPA- I'm also Canadian for context and volunteer at a lab.
  8. F

    Need help! Should I not apply this cycle? Cumulative GPA is not the best but Science is great.

    Hey ya'll: So long story short, I've been in college for several years and decided I wanted to do medicine 3.5 years ago. Since then, I have averaged a 3.7 GPA and have a sGPA of 3.65. I've done tremendously well and worked very hard. I plan on taking the MCAT this summer (Summer 18) and...
  9. chemdoctor

    Confused about BCPM GPA?

    Hello everyone, I'm curious about the BCPM GPA. I understand that it is Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics but do Psychology courses count as well? I am a Neuroscience major, so naturally I have to take a lot of upper division Bios and Psychs. But I'm wondering because I am doing well...
  10. A

    Abysmally low sGPA — What should I do?

    Hi all, I'm a 21 year old senior at an accredited university in Puerto Rico. After much indecisiveness, I've set my eyes on studying medicine in the U.S. However, for the past three years, I've managed to pass most of my classes (I'm an Anthropology major) with little to none study habits and...
  11. K

    MD 3.58 cGPA / 3.33 sGPA / 523 MCAT || What's realistic?

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be applying to med schools next cycle and am worried that my GPA is going to severely hinder my application. GPA: Private university known for grade deflation, though that's not an excuse cGPA= 3.58, sGPA= 3.33 (All A's and B's with exception of one C+ in Genetics)...
  12. SterlingMaloryArcher

    A GPA Discussion (Low cGPA, High sGPA, Trends, and HS College Work)

    Really how important is cGPA? I know if it's extremely low you can be screened out (by a computer?) What's typically the cutoff point for this? Although I feel cGPA is kind of run in the ground. When people ask "What Are My Chances?" wouldn't a much more relevant way to look at cumulative GPA be...
  13. the.dude.

    3.78/3.75/514 CA resident

  14. Punished Angeleno


  15. N

    Question about Grades

    I'm a junior with a 3.5 cGPA/3.4sGPA. I got to a school notoriously well-known for grade deflation where getting an A is very very difficult (I've gotten two in my college career thus far). Every class is an anxious wait to see whether I got an A- or a B+ at the end of the semester. Being...
  16. Doctor or bust

    GPA trend question

    Okay, so my freshman year was abysmal and resulted in a 2.5 GPA. I was going through medical problems throughout which once resolved after my freshman year made medicine my priority. Along with the 2.5 GPA that year I also ended up with a marijuana possession charge which was expunged from being...
  17. P

    Public IVY, Low GPA, OK PCAT, 3 years of experience

    Good morning everyone! I've been an active reader on SDN forums for a very long time. My searches consist of "what are my chances, low gpa pharmacy schools, etc." But I thought I would create my own and see what you guys' opinions are. I graduated from UT with a degree in Economics and minored...
  18. B

    Low GPA, want to do SMP, advice please!

    Hey everyone, first time posting on SDN so thank you in advance for your help! Going to give a backstory so you guys get the full picture of my situation. I graduated from UT Austin about two years ago with a pre-med non-science degree and cGPA of 3.05 and sGPA of 2.57. I also took the MCAT...
  19. D

    Do The Classes From my BME major count as Bioengineering or Biomedical Sciences?

    Hey guys, I took Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami, and these are the specific courses that I took:https://umshare.miami.edu/web/wda/engineeringfiles/BME/courseseq/2012/BMEPREQ.pdf Out of these, I know for sure that all the pre-reqs will count, i.e. Chem I/II, Bio I/II, Physics...
  20. D

    Which of my Biomedical Engineering Classes Count Towards the Science GPA?

    Hey guys, I took Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami, and these are the specific courses that I took: https://umshare.miami.edu/web/wda/engineeringfiles/BME/courseseq/2012/BMEPREQ.pdf Out of these, I know for sure that all the pre-reqs will count, i.e. Chem I/II, Bio I/II...
  21. C

    3.64 cGPA, 3.43 sGPA, 31 MCAT, Chances?

  22. I

    MD & DO Chances - 3.5cgpa, 3.2sgpa - 07/22/16 MCAT - TX res - ED

    Hello everyone, I would like to see what my chances are. I am applying this cycle, mostly to DO schools and some TX instate MD. A little background: Graduated this May, 2016 from a large tier 1 state university. Major: psych, Minor: biology AACOMAS cgpa: 3.5 sgpa: 3.2 AMCAS cgpa: 3.48 sgpa...
  23. N

    3.89 cGPA 3.91 sGPA 33 MCAT

  24. M

    Is 3.0 gpa cutoff for science gpa too, or only cumulative gpa?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew whether med schools screen for a >3.0 science gpa also, or is it only for cumulative gpa? My cumulative gpa is well above 3.0, but my science gpa might go under 3.0 this semester. I am planning on doing an SMP program, but I just wanted to be sure that...
  25. D

    Not sure if I should even be posting in here yet...

    So, I have another thread here about being a non-trad student. I haven't taken the MCAT, yet, so sorry if this is wasting anyone's time. I am looking at trying to apply in 2018. I expect to have 300+ clinical volunteer hours minimum by that time, 300+ minimum non-clinical volunteer hours. I had...
  26. D

    Advice on cGPA and sGPA Calculation.