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  1. 1TrickUnicorn

    DAT Breakdown in 4 weeks (Scored: 26AA/ 30PAT)

    Hey everyone! I took my DAT recently and did pretty well for studying under 4 weeks. I thought it would be worthwhile making a thread for students who are in a time crunch and want to get the most out of their studying time like I did. Here is my score breakdown and how I prepared: PAT: 30 QR...
  2. islanddrive

    Summer 2019 DAT Breakdown (23AA, 25PAT)

    I was initially going to take the DAT in the fall but because classes took up so much time, I was only able to prepare for the PAT section during the fall and postponed my DAT until the winter when I had a lighter courseload. If you want to start preparing for the DAT early (during the school...
  3. A

    OAT Exam Experience & Tips

    Hi All, I took my oat exam today and did well! - I read some posts before my exam that were helpful so I decided to write one too. I would like to share some helpful tips that I discovered along the way and some advice based on my personal experience. It might work for you and it might not...
  4. P

    Physics on OAT

    How is the physics section? Is it optics heavy? Do we really need to know all of the equations, or are the basic ones most important. I think chad's videos are very mcat oriented. Is all of that covered on the exam? Are destroyers a more accurate representation of the OAT? Sorry for all the...
  5. In Easy We Trust

    OAT experience Aug 2018

    Hello all, At first I wasn't going to post a "Complete OAT experience" but I figured I would since the ones I read helped me a lot. There are so many great ones so I will try to make this one as brief, yet useful, as possible. (Nonetheless don't judge my scores, I spent a total of $50 to study...
  6. H

    Physics help (Princeton vs Chad)

    Hi everyone! Im on a bit of a time crunch and I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice. Im deciding between watching all of Chads videos for physics + Cracking OAT Princeton review to supplement or if I could get away with JUST using the Princeton review to save time. Since crack...
  7. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, TX

    Hello, If anyone is interested in studying for the DAT together, I have most of the popular DAT study tools & Subscriptions and don't mind sharing. Direct Message me :) Let's conquer this test together!
  8. M

    CourseSaver Level of Difficulty compared to real OAT

    Hi everyone, So I'm taking my OAT exam in 5 weeks, and have been primarily using Chad's videos/quizzes, the fat Kaplan Strategies book, and Kaplan MCAT Biology review for preparation. I had three questions regarding to preparation: 1. Does anyone know how Chad's questions compare to the real...
  9. L

    DAT Breakdown 2017 (23AA 23TS)

    Just finished taking the DAT today! I know that when I was studying the past couple months, reading other people's breakdown really helped me, so I wanted to do my part and share my thoughts and my study materials on the DAT. DAT scores: PAT 20 QR 20 RC 25 Bio 20 GC 26 OC 25 TS 23 AA 23 Time...
  10. Dorene

    Has anyone take the DAT using Mike's video and not Chad's for GC and OC?

    Has anyone taken the DAT using Mike's video and not Chad's for GC and OC? If so was it a positive experience?
  11. insaiyanpredent

    MIke's Videos vs. Chad's Videos

    Haven't used either yet, wanted the insight of my fellow pre dents, or current dental students on how either or has helped in their knowledge of the subject. Just started studying for the DAT recently so wanted to make a proper decision in which one to purchase. Thanks.
  12. N

    Mike's videos vs. chad

    Hello, Today, I bought bootcamp so that I can review Mike's videos. I will buy Chad's videos for QR (Math) for sure. BUT I'm just concerned if it would be okay to go with only Mike's videos for Gc and OG, and not choosing Chad's videos because many people support how Chad's videos boost their...
  13. ringofkeys

    Bootcamp change to Khan for QR

    Does anyone know why Bootcamp switched from Chad's to Khan for the QR section? If Chad's was working for so many people, what would the reasoning behind the switch be?
  14. hardworker15

    Does anyone want to share Chad's Videos account?

    Hi! I am a predental student now a junior in college. I am taking my DAT this summer that way next summer I can focus just on applying and shadowing. I was wondering if there is anyone who would want to share the account for Chad's videos and maybe even DAT boot camp? We could do this via Venmo...
  15. M

    Chad's OC videos vs Kaplan Orgo

    I have the Kaplan book, and I've gone through Chad's videos and taken thorough notes on those too. I noticed that Chad's orgo videos and his reaction table have a lot more detail than the Kaplan book - does anyone know which might be closer to the actual DAT?
  16. briggsinator2

    Reschedule DAT? Need help asap!

    Just took the 2009 ADA DAT, and thought I absolutely KILLED it... Was very surprised by my scores (other than bio/PAT, that is): GC 21, OC 20, RC 21, QR 19, PAT 23, BIO 28 TS 22, AA 21.8 I thought the math on the 2009 ADA DAT was absolutely terrible... Thought I would get a 16 lol. Felt...
  17. J

    DAT BREAKDOWN 6/29/16 - Materials review and Thoughts

    I survived!!! Ok guys, I know my scores aren't the highest you're going to see on here, but I wanted to do a breakdown anyways. I know how I looked at a ton of breakdowns before I took my DAT and I know I got a little something different from each one, so I hope this helps! First off, my...
  18. Crithu

    Chad's QR Test 1

    This is from the first QR tests from Chads Videos. Can someone explain to me why he solved it this way. I thought you would have just multiplied 1/3 and 3/4. Thanks!
  19. mOlar1!

    DAT prep material/study schedule. Any advice?

    Hello, I am new here so please pardon if I don't do or answer something the right way. I made this thread to ask if I am on the right track in terms of studying because I didn't know who to ask for guidance. Any advice or recommendation would be very helpful. Okay so I scheduled to take my DAT...
  20. briggsinator2

    Ea (activation energy) and constant k

    Question: so in Chad's videos it is suggested that an increase in Ea (activation energy) causes a decrease in the reaction coefficient k, because an increased Ea will decrease the rate. However, in Princeton Review it is suggested that thermodynamics (i.e. Ea) are independent of kinetics (i.e...
  21. briggsinator2

    DAT Study Question

    Question for all you DAT-students out there: if I just use DAT Destroyer and Chad's videos (along with the Princeton Review's Cracking the DAT) for the sciences, Math Destroyer/DAT Destroyer for math, and Crack the PAT for the PAT, should that be sufficient to do well in everything? What else...
  22. big-smiles

    Chad's Videos on coursesaver

    Hey! :) First Question-- I'm aware that Chad is in some sort of dispute with course saver, but his videos are still on the course saver website. I wanted to purchase a 30 day subscription for his videos on course saver-- and tried multiple times to make a purchase-- but the website wouldn't let...
  23. D


    Hello! I finally finished the DAT!!! YAY! This was my second time taking the DAT and I want to share my DAT experience with everyone on sdn. If anyone has a question, don't hesitate to ask. =) SCORES: AA: 20 BIO: 20 GC: 21 OC: 23 QR: 18 RC: 19 PAT: 19 TS: 21 MATERIALS USED: BIOLOGY: Cliffs AP...
  24. D

    DAT third time breakdown!

    So over the past year I've taken the DAT 3 times and finally last week I felt proud with my results the third time. First time scores - I was really nervous my first time. I didn't know what to expect and everything became a guessing game because I lost my train of thought. 1st time PA-17...
  25. ToothMcToothface

    How I Studied for the DAT (24AA)

    PA/QR/RC/BIO/GC/OC/TS/AA 22/ 22/ 25/ 21/ 23/27/23/ 24 I wanted to make this post because everyone keeps asking what I did, what my timeline was, how practice tests went, what materials to use, etc. and I'd like to just have it at one spot where I hopefully address all those concerns! Warning...