clinical hours

  1. R

    Question about clinical hours

    I am intending on bringing up my clinical volunteer hours next school year, and have applied to a cancer center in order to do so. The job there is to support patients, whether that mean via conversation or by getting them a cup of coffee if they request it. I wanted to ask if this is seen by...
  2. I

    What counts as clinical experience?

    Hi, I am trying to find summer opportunities as a pre-dental student, and I am wondering what counts as "clinical" hours in order to be accepted to dental school. Would transporting patients in a hospital/ volunteering at a hospital count towards the clinical hours for dental school, or do I...
  3. Mued->Doc

    Focus on clinical hours or research for my EC’s?

    Hello everybody, I wanted to get some advice on what y’all would focus in terms of EC’s to build the best application I can. Medical school is the goal for me, and I would be happy with getting into anywhere because I just really want to help people in the hardest of times, but I also want to...
  4. pikachu8923

    Clinical Experience + Public Health Research - PreMed

    Hello; I'm trying to figure out what qualifies as clinical experience/particularly if my current job qualifies as clinical experience. I'm currently working as a research assistant at a school of public health where we are doing in person surveys with People Who Use Drugs, asking questions...
  5. M

    Dental: Temple vs IUPUI

    I’ve been accepted to Temple and IUPUI and would really appreciate any input from grads, current students, etc. regarding clinical and academic experiences? I’m out of state for both so I don’t know much about either school besides what I’ve learned online and during my interview. Thanks!
  6. D

    CNA vs MA vs Scribing

  7. celestia0313

    Volunteering at Multiple Hospitals...

    Hello, So I am volunteering at 2 different hospitals currently but the experience at one is far more rewarding and really I would like to stop volunteering at the other hospital (let's call it hospital B)...but with around 30 hours so far, would it look bad on my applications that I 'quit'...
  8. G

    Seeking Psychiatry Shadowing Chicago Area

    Hello, I'm seeking psychiatry shadowing/clinical opportunities in the Chicago area. Loyola University Chicago explained that we need to set up shadowing on our own during post-bacc. How do people go about finding these opportunities, and are there specific opportunities anyone can recommend? I...
  9. bobadoz

    Is double dipping clinical and research experience okay?

    I volunteer at a free health clinic located in a very underserved community, taking basic vitals (temperature, height, weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, etc) supervised by a nurse, aid in taking histories and help with recording their chief complaint. This is my main clinical...
  10. slowthai

    Clinical Hours Worth an Update?

    I had relatively few clinical hours when I applied (not even close to enough). I have not heard from the majority of schools I have applied to (about 7/36), with 1 pre-II hold and 6 rejections. I now have 200+ additional clinical hours. Is it worth sending an update to whichever schools allow...
  11. AdductorMagnus

    Volunteering at a non-profit dental clinic for Pre-Med Volunteer Experience?

    Hey SDN, A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at a non-profit dental clinic that provides free dental care for disadvantaged members of the community, primarily those without homes as well as refugees. It was a great experience as I was able to serve as a dental assistant...
  12. I

    How can I improve my application?

  13. P


    So i've been interested in applying for Med School in the field of psychiatry, but i would also like some help. I understand a good application involves some volunteer work, clinical and non clinical hours also. I've had a job at a hospital, and a nursing home and volunteered once before. I...
  14. Y

    Weighing two different volunteering opportunities

    I'm a nontrad just starting on this long hard road. I already have some volunteer experience, but I am sorely lacking clinical volunteering hours. I have two opportunities lined up to remedy this, and am weighing their respective pros and cons. Opportunity 1: Pros: I can start in a clinical...
  15. D


  16. K

    Male doctor I scribe for touches/grabs me

    To preface this, I've worked in various jobs when I was teenager where, now that I look back, I realize I was the subject of undisputed sexual harassment by male superiors. I shrugged it off and did nothing. My point: I'm not trying to cry wolf. I just want genuine feedback regarding a confusing...
  17. The Real Premedonna

    CLS clinical hours

    So, right now I am majoring in clinical laboratory sciences. The program requires clinical rotations in a laboratory setting. Would this experience count as some type of clinical experience for medical school? I keep hearing conflicting answers from pre-med counselors, and the internet. During...
  18. april5115

    MD WAMC: 519/3.6(c)/3.7(s), FL Resident

    I applied to all 7 FL MD schools, and while I comfortable with my MCAT and my GPAs, I'm a little concerned about my limited clinical experience. Looking for opinions of if my other EC and experience can hold me afloat. Background: White female, B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Graduated early, but...