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  1. B

    Doing a non-trad masters while applying to med school

    In undergrad, I majored in biomedical engineering. During the year during which I will be interviewing at medical schools, I am considering doing a masters in Computer Science. Will medical schools view this as a lack of commitment to medicine? CS is becoming more and more important in medicine...
  2. D

    Machine learning research as med student/resident

    Hi, I’m currently one year out from college and am working as an applied ML researcher in industry. I’m starting the med school application process now but am having doubts about whether I’ll be able to use my technical background if I continue down the MD route. Although I certainly want to be...
  3. ShadowIo

    Computer Science Major or Neuroscience? Pre Med

    Hi, I wanted to get some advice on which major I should pursue when I enter uni. I'm going to be entering university this fall, and I'm confused on what major I should do. The thing is, I really enjoy Computer Science and I've looked over the syllabus. This doesn't change how my long term goal...
  4. R

    Non-traditional Undergraduate Junior Considering Medical School

    Hey all, After spending a substantial amount of time on SDN everyday, I've finally decided to make an account! Here is some background: I'm an undergraduate junior (19 y.o.) majoring in Computer Science at a public state school. For the past 3 months, day in and day out, I've been thinking...
  5. D

    How to learn machine/deep learning/coding relevant for medicine before the AI storm hits?

    Hi there! II have 7 months until med school starts. What can I do now/in medical school/after medical school, to learn the basics, considering I majored in a Bio major in college? I was thinking of taking 7 months of stats and biostats before starting (useful in any case) with a tiny tiny...
  6. C

    MD vs Comp Sci HELP

    Hey guys, so I am debating between a CS or a MD (and slightly considering dental, but first I want to eliminate or not eliminate CS). I am going to college (a T10) this fall. I am taking an intro CS class as well as pre med requirement classes such as phys and chem, skipping out of intro bio and...
  7. C

    MD vs Comp Sci HELP!

    Hey guys, so I am debating between a CS or a MD (and slightly considering dental, but first I want to eliminate or not eliminate CS). I am going to college (a T10) this fall. I am taking an intro CS class as well as pre med requirement classes such as phys and chem, skipping out of intro bio and...
  8. S

    Leaving computer science for dentistry?

    Hey everyone! Currently a freshman at UCSD, majoring in computer science. I've always struggled when people asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Medicine, finance, computer science all interest me. Never had any die-hard passion, but I've been always been open to the many possibilities...
  9. C


  10. K

    Chemical Engineering, Pre-Med?

    Hello, I'm a current freshman in Chemical Engineering, but my main goal is to continue onto medical school. However, recently I've been rethinking my choice because I don't want to get a bad gpa and have added stress on top trying to add in all biology courses, etc. The main problem is I'm...
  11. C

    Information Systems Major?

    Hi everyone! When I went to college, I started off as a biomedical engineering major, but switched to Information Systems because I realized that it would be an easier major. However, my advisor is telling me not to major in this because it would be too hard to keep my gpa up with the...
  12. U

    Imperativeness of "recommended" courses

    I am a 2017 graduate from UCD, political science major with 3.88 sGPA I have recently decided to take a second gap year due to some health issues. I could have applied this cycle, but it may have been in a somewhat haphazard fashion that it is possible to see regretting, with my burning only...
  13. F

    Bench Research vs. Non-Bench

    New to this forum, so wanted to say hi to everyone! This summer I am working on an independent research project --- just me, with an advisor --- and plan to continue it through junior year, after which I will use it as my Senior Thesis and (hopefully) have it published. I am confident that I...
  14. RedLeopard

    Need Help Deciding

    I will be a junior next year studying Computer Science but have had second thoughts about my major and am thinking of adding pre-med to my courses. I've always been interested in emergency medicine due to the fast-paced environment and being able to interact with a lot of unique patients...
  15. O

    Computer science lab for pre-med research experience?

    Would working in a computer science lab (as opposed to a traditional biomedical/biology/chemistry lab) hurt my chances of getting into medical school? I know that research experience is an important component of the pre-med résumé, but, since I'm majoring in computer science, I was wondering...
  16. T

    Working in IT Field (Foreign Degree) Wanting To Apply for Medical School

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forums and I just want to consult with you guys regarding my situation. I am currently working in the IT Field as a Systems/Database Administrator. I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology back in 2011 in a school in the Philippines before I migrated to...
  17. C

    Computer Science and Pre-Med, worried about my grades?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently finishing up my fall semester of my sophomore year. I've only become interested in pursuing a medical career recently and am starting to look into the process and how I want to approach it. But before I even begin to traverse down this path, do I even have a shot...
  18. MemeLord1337

    Undergrad Major- will this work?

    Hello SDN this is my first post. I'm a senior in high school with straight A's and a 32 ACT. I'm interested in going into medicine. From what I've gathered from the Internet, I've thought of a plan for undergrad which is: -Double major in biomedical engineering and computer science...
  19. Z

    recommended pre-med major

    Hi SDN, I am currently beginning college and would like to know how to choose or what major to choose based on the following information. After attending medical school I want to be a psychiatrist. Although I am interested in biology I do not want to be a biology major. I am very intrigued by...
  20. Lokey

    Should I proceed with my current major?

    I am currently in my 2nd year of college. In the beginning of my college life, I had a strong interest to study in the field of computers and become and IT. My current major is Computer and Information Technology - Software. Just recently my thoughts were swayed and now I have a strong interest...
  21. N

    Pharmacy School. To go or not to go!?

    I have been debating this for a few months now. I started my undergrad in '06 with the goal of being a pharmacist and graduated with my BS in Biology in 2010. I am a month away from starting Pharmacy school and just learning about the surplus of pharmacists, lack of jobs, and declining pay in...
  22. SnowInVenice

    How do I become a psychiatrist?

    I apologize if this is a common topic, but I am including personal factors that will make this thread at least somewhat unique. I am currently in high school taking basic college courses as a dual enrolled student. I love learning and using computers and I plan on majoring in Information...
  23. JohnConstantine511

    Interested In Computational Biology/Informatics

    Hello SDN, I am a Computer Science grad working as a Software Engineer. I am looking at fields that intersect Computer Science and Medicine. So far I have looked at Computational Biology, Health and Bioinformatics. Would getting an MD along with a PhD be advantageous in these fields and what...
  24. F

    CS Major

    I'm a freshman and I'm thinking about being a CS Major. I think it would be useful in research when I become a doctor , but I'm a little worried that it'll end up being useless or too demanding. Should I keep the CS major?