1. C

    Reapply after rejected deferral

    Hi everyone, I attended a 7 year combined BS/MD program. But, because I had to complete additional course work, I wasn’t able to complete my undergrad in 3 years and had to extend it to 4 years. So, I signed a deferral letter with my partnering medical school. The deferral had a few...
  2. N

    Deferring a Year

    So I am in a bit of a predicament, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I will be an OMS1 this upcoming fall; and have been accepted to 4 schools, and put a deposit on a few. But am considering asking for a deferral for a year due to medical reasons. I have been struggling...
  3. H

    Reapplying and trying to defer a year worst case scenario

    I'm planning on reapplying but since I'm afraid my MCAT may expire I want to reapply this year than wait another year. The thing is that I am starting a MPH program in August that will take two years so I will be looking to either defer or transfer the credits. How would I put this into AMCAS to...
  4. O

    Is this a valid reason for an acceptance deferral?

    So I recently started a new job at a small biotech before I got my dental acceptances. I locked in my acceptance at BU, but now I'm contemplating applying for a deferral. I guess the reason would be because of my commitment to the job I started (it's project based and I guess they originally...
  5. E

    Deferral procedure?

    I am considering a 1yr deferral of admission in order to save money for tuition. Has anyone done this with the Hopkins program, specifically? How much detail should I include in my request? It stipulates that I have to pay the deposit and accept the offer of admission, but in the rare case I...
  6. F

    Deferring pharmacy acceptance

    So I have 6 interviews coming up and my husband and I are trying to clear out our massive debt before I take off and we lose an entire income. Anyone deferred with a financial excuse without issue? Trying to find stuff all over but cant seem too except UT memphis will give you any reason to...
  7. auferstehen92

    Deferral Action and Repercussions

    I came home to a difficult situation today when I found my roommate packing her stuff into a moving van. Apparently she had decided to defer her medical education and never found it important to inform me of her decision (or find me a new roommate). I fear SDN isn't completely anonymous, so I...
  8. S

    Accepted. Cold Feet. Torn between two career paths.

    Basic question: If there was a 50/50 chance of being a successful screenwriter (my passion) or being a doctor (I'm interested in it, but not as passionate as I am with writing), what should I do? Tough love appreciated. Now for the details: I got accepted into medical school last year and...
  9. A

    General Admissions & OTCAS Option to defer upon acceptance?

    Does anyone know if deferrals are accepted for MS-OT programs or what the request process might look like?
  10. M

    Deferring internal medicine residency?

    I'm an MS4 waiting to match in an Internal Medicine residency program. Personal circumstances have raised the possibility that I may need to defer residency by one year. Has anyone done this, or know someone who did it recently? Could you share your/their experience? Can you speak to how...
  11. W

    I'm at the wrong school and am looking for advice

    Hey Guys, I'm between a rock and a hard place and would very much appreciate some level headed advice from anybody willing to listen. I matriculated at the wrong school for MD/PhD and am looking for advice. I am confident that I committed to the wrong school and have been since within a week...