1. howardshouse

    Should I bypass a niche Masters for a PhD with little experience? Or is that ridiculous?

    Folks, I'm trying to gauge whether to get a Masters of Couples & Family Therapy first ⁠— something I’m certain I’d love, but wouldn't provide as broad opportunities down the road ⁠— or whether to go directly for a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Your insights would be really appreciated. My...
  2. L

    NAPLEX, ATT, residency start date! URGENT

    Urgent question here! I am applying to PGY1 residency programs in the US, however I do not live in the US. I live in Lebanon and did my pharmD there. I am American hence applying to the programs that start in July. The problem is that my school of pharmacy graduation is on July 19 unlike the US...
  3. D

    Do I have a legitimate chance with my online degree?

    I’m almost finished with my undergrad and curious to know if I have a chance at a med school acceptance. Quick stats: Attended Arizona State University - Two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences - 3.94 GPA, 3.89 sGPA - 510 MCAT...
  4. V

    international vet schools

    Hi, I am an international student, in college in the US at the moment. I would like to keep my options open as to where I would like to work after completing my degree in vet med (US or Europe). Is there an advantage to choosing an international vet school (eg Glasgow)? Or does a degree from a...
  5. R

    RN to MD! Pursue a BSN or BS Biology/Chem?

    Hi all! I know this has been posted millions of times, but I'd like an up to date answer. I'm currently in my last semester of nursing school at my community college, finishing an ASN. I've always wanted to become an MD, and figured nursing would give me that clinical exposure and early entrance...
  6. S

    Medicine In Ukraine

    So, I'm a medical student in Ukraine's V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. I'm persian so I left Iran and came to Ukraine to study medicine. With all respect to Ukraine and it's citizens, I am not satisfied with the status here. I really don't know if it is worth staying here and getting...
  7. F

    Pre-Vet After (or without Degree)?

    Have any of you completed a degree, then gone back later to complete just the pre-vet requirements and been accepted to vet school? (Or done just the pre-vet reqs without a degree at all?) I'm over 2 hours from campus, so am currently an on-line student. Finishing my pre-vet reqs would...
  8. Manders221

    Should I get an associates degree?

    Hello, This is my first time posting here, for the past month or so I've absorbed as much information from this forum as I can get my hands on. My mind is still jumbled and I could use the advice of people who have gone through the application process... so here goes my long post Last year I...
  9. S

    What degree do you get after dental residency?

    What degree would you get after a dental residency? Would it be a masters since most residencies are 2-3 years... the same length as a traditional masters? Or do you just get board certified in X field dentistry?
  10. KeepingUpWithK

    Dental Hygiene or Dental School?

    Hi! So I'm currently a junior now in college but since I've changed my major to biology (to become a dentist) my sophomore year I still have more courses to take. Now my school is offering a dental hygiene program and I feel like if I join I'll have a better chance at: • graduating early...
  11. KeepingUpWithK

    Dental Hygiene or Biology to Dental School

    So I'm currently a junior in college majoring in Biology to earn my bachelor's degree BUT the college which I'm attending had just merged with another college which offers dental hygiene. So now I'm stuck with a decision of whether I should A) change my major to DH and try to get into Dental...
  12. L

    Dentistry or physical therapy?

    Hi, I'm an italian student in the last year of high school, my dream is to live in Canada or USA and I enjoy health care jobs , I have to choose in few days but I can't decide between dentistry (5 years) and physical therapy (4 years) degree.. I'm not so rich to open a private practise , so I...
  13. L

    Physical therapy or Dentistry?

    Hi, I'm an italian student in the lasr year of high school, my dream is to live in Canada or USA and I enjoy health care jobs , I have to choose in few days but I can't decide between dentistry (5 years) and physical therapy (4 years) degree.. I'm not so rich to open a private practise , so I...
  14. A

    Pre-med with a graphic design major?

    I am very fickle-minded. I had my future set to becoming a neurologist / neuroscientist / neurosurgeon / something along that field. I find the brain to be extremely fascinating and I wanted to pursue something that involves research and clinical trials with the brain, but thinking about it, I...
  15. nembry

    should I create my own major? Please help!

    I attend UT Austin and was invited into the Honors Humanities program. the program itself looks very appealing: you pick a topic of interest and create your own curriculum, you're guaranteed scholarship money--and study abroad scholarship money, and you graduate with honors. However, all...
  16. NotASerialKiller

    How different was your major by the time you graduated?

    Similar to how people say med students often end up in different specialties that they originally thought, when advising pre-meds I usually tell them that most undergrads switch majors so they shouldn't stress over it. I believe the consensus is that that's generally true, but what about for the...
  17. IMG-MBChB

    Using MBChB degree in the US

    Hello, I'm a U.S. citizen, born and raised. I attended undergrad here at a pretty prestigious university but had no idea what I wanted to do upon graduation. So, I traveled around for a while before ending up in South Africa. I lived there for some time before eventually enrolling in medical...
  18. davethebarbarian


  19. M

    MA/MS MSc from foreign graduate school - useless for state counseling license?

    I'm considering an MSc in Counselling Psychology program in the United Kingdom, specifically at the University of Keele. My current goal is to be a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of North Carolina. NC's LPCA requirements are pretty clear and it'd be easy for me to verify...
  20. N

    Graduating in November 2016

    Does anybody know if it is possible to (1) graduate with a deferred exam on your transcript to a course that does not count towards your degree requirements or (2) to apply to dental school this June (2016) while graduating in November (2016), looking for admission in September 2017? Thanks for...
  21. C

    PTA or a Undergrad Degree?

    So Ive been searching and I cant seem to find the question I need. Coming straight out of the military ( high school directly before ) I am looking to eventually become Physical Therapist. I have the options start a bachelors degree or work towards my PTA. I want to become a DPT, so would it be...
  22. uhds

    Degree & Major Application Confusion-HELP!!

    *No, I'm not applying this cycle. This is just for future reference, hopefully people who have know more about this can help me out. Hey guys, I am in need of your help! I'm wondering what you guys think as far as how I should categorize this major & degrees dilemma that I have. :bang: My...
  23. D

    Foreign/International Student: Should I redo Undergrad?

    As a foreign student, I obviously have challenges whilst thinking about applying to a US medical school. I did my undergrad in Australia and while my grades were great at first, I failed a few courses as I could not attend the exams on my last semester in school. I got married to an American and...