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  1. S

    Geography Bias in IM Residencies

    Recently my boyfriend accepted a job 4 hours away from where I'm going to medical school so it looks like we will be doing some long distancing. We plan on getting married- we've been together since college and have known each other since elementary school, but his career choice (an engineer)...
  2. M

    Virtual Open House for UNLV IM residency 9/22

    I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. If it is you can delete and I will repost in the appropriate location. Thank you. Good morning everyone! My name is Mohsin and I am one of the current chief residents for internal medicine at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine...
  3. U

    UCLA Internal Medicine - AMA

    Hey everyone!~ I'm a UCLA intern at Ronald Reagan Medical center, and I wanted to start a AMA for all of the applicants this year! I love my program and I really want to share everything about it that makes it so wonderful, but also give an honest review of some of the aspects we could improve...
  4. Docsbc

    IM residency vs Pathology as an IMG?

    Hello everyone, this my 1st post. I am IMG applying for this year residency requiring visa, with creds 253/256/cs 1st attempt, yog 2014 and pathology home country residency from India year 2014-2017. My husband is having home country IM residency with 245/239/cs 1st pass and same yog 2014. So he...
  5. Dranonymous814

    Residency probability for old IMGs

    I graduated in 2013, step 1 in 220s, Ck 230s. CS done, doing step 3 now, planning to finish by April. US IMG. have few rotations. Do i stand any chance in Match 2020 IM residency, really worried, any input is much appreciated. Thanks
  6. S

    Does type of research matter for top IM residencies?

  7. EzioAuditore88

    Opinions on re-application for residency

    Hey everybody, I am a US citizen that graduated from one of the big four Caribbean medical schools (AUA). I initially started at SGU (another big four Carib school) and transferred over during 2nd year after withdrawing due to poor academic performance. I passed all my board exams on the first...
  8. D

    Position Swap FM PGY 1 (IMG) in PA looking for swap/open positions

    Hello everyone I'm an IMG (on J1) currently in PGY 1 of FM residency in PA. After multiple rotations these past few months, I have developed a strong liking for in-patient medicine and hence would like to switch residency tracks. I am greatly interested in IM. Neurology is yet another medical...
  9. C

    IM Residency: Yale vs. UPMC

    I know that there are many personal preferences and reasons that could shift the decision, but assuming those remain similar, which one is best to go to for IM training? I appreciate your input!
  10. G

    (DO student) IM/FM/Peds -- Should I take Step 2 with a mediocre Step 1?

    3rd year DO student considering IM, FM, or peds; COMLEX I 601, USMLE I 217 Honestly I have no idea if I should take USMLE II or not. My COMLEX "translates" to a much better USMLE score than what I got, so I figure if ACGME programs have taken DOs then I should only submit my COMLEX. If I submit...
  11. C

    What are my chances of getting into IM residency as a Chilean IMG ?

    I'm currently on my 5th year (out of 7), my average grade is 6 (out of 7), If by the time I graduate, I have 1 month of USCE, 3 publications, and a USMLE step 1 and 2 scores of 260, what are the odds of getting into a good IM residency training program?
  12. P


    I am an final year international medical student, willing to pursue IM residency. My quick question is which one is better: 1. Total 2700$ for 8 weeks - to work with a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist at a private clinic 4 weeks each- total 8 weeks. 2. 5250$ for 8 weeks to work at FIU...
  13. A

    Neuro Prelim - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm a US-IMG applying this year and I really need help. Not much guidance from my school and a little pressed for time with apps this week - any advice asap would be very helpful! I had 3 main questions: 1. If I'm applying to Neuro and IM programs, is it bad to apply to prelim IM at...
  14. A

    Position Wanted PGY1 Preliminary position Surgery or IM, Very good scores

    I'm an IMG ECFMG certified, USMLE scores: 251, 267, CS pass 1st attempt, 4 months of US clinical experience. Was late to apply for last match, I'm looking for a position in prelim PGY1 in surgery, medicine, or any specialty. will apply to radiology next year
  15. M

    Program Specific Questions

    If one wants to get into an Endo or Heme-Onc fellowship and wants to have some clinical research done...? The facilities are allegedly in the top 5 in the US, and it's near Boston, and it is affiliated with UMass...anyone really wanting to train there? Thanks for the input. (This post is not for...
  16. P

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM PA seeking PGY 2 in IL/IN/OH

    Hi I am halfway through IM in PA in good standing as a PGY-1, wanting to transfer/swap . Looking to start July 2017, swap or transfer
  17. R

    No hand-on USCE IMG. Where should I aim for?

    Hello. I'm an IMG from Asia. I graduated 8 years ago, and had completed my internal medicine as well as sub-specialty training in my home country. I have strong clinical experiences, and had > 20 original publications. I decided to continue my career in US, and is currently a MPH student. I aim...
  18. S

    IM - Research tract

    Hey all, Apologies if this is not the right place to ask. I searched around the forum, but was unable to get a clear picture to my question. I looked at some IM programs, and some of them provide research tract for their IM residents. I am curious what population of applicants usually get...
  19. SexyHotScholar

    Official 2016 - 2017 IM WAMC Thread

    Hey everyone, AMG/URM here for low-mid tier med school interested in an academic program as I want to specialize. Stats Step 1 - 218 Step 2 CK - 249 Step 2 CS - pass Third year - pass all. Honors in 2, not IM. Clinical honors in IM Sub-I. Research with presentations Publication pending I...
  20. NYUyankeezfan

    DO/NMS Match PLUS NMP Match?

    Hey all, question. Here are some scores: USMLE Step 1 223; USMLE Step 2 CK 240; COMLEX Level 1 556; COMLEX Level 2 665. I'm planning on doing the allopathic match, BUT I'm still wondering if I should bother registering for the AOA/NMS match if I'm interseted in 2 IM programs, both of which are...
  21. T

    Position Wanted IMG looking for PGY1 Position

    I am a foreign medical graduate who finished internship in my home country and I am looking for a PGY1 position in any speciality. USMLE Step 1: 252 (1st attempt) USMLE Step 2 CK: 240 (1st attempt) USMLE Step 2 CS: Pass (1st attempt) USMLE Step 3: Result Pending ECFMG Certified Year of...
  22. M

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM

    I am currently doing nephrology fellowship in the US and I will complete my training in June, 2016. I originally did my IM residency abroad. Now I am looking for PGY 1 position in IM. I am ECFMG certified. Done with Step1,2 & 3. I have excellent US Clinical Experience. US citizenship. If...