1. Paws&Purrs

    LDR and Pursuing Residencies/Internships

    Hi, my significant other and I are both third years at different veterinary schools (plan was to get into the same school but it didn’t quite work out). I am planning to pursue an anatomic pathology residency after vet school (not sure if traditional or combined with a PhD) and my significant...
  2. P

    Unpaid Finance Internship with the Gavi Vaccine Alliance vs Paid Research Internship

    I have to decide between two internship opportunities for the summer (I am submitting AMCAS this week). One is an unpaid finance internship with the Gavi Vaccine Alliance where I'd do financial data analysis and support various teams working on vaccine distribution. Another is a paid research...
  3. P

    OMFS and Internships

    Hey all. I’m wondering approximately what percentage of people who match into a 4 year omfs residency have done an internship year (or multiple). Like most others, I would rather match into a program without spending the additional year doing the internship, but it seems like it is becoming very...
  4. S

    Internships for Medical School

    Can I do whatever internship I want to for medical school? I'm looking into social work for an internship but I was wondering if it has to be healthcare related? Thank you
  5. neuroace

    How many UCD international students get Irish medical internships?

    Per year.
  6. khunmohdokhtar

    Leadership experiences non-trad student

    I did really rough and was unfocused (B-, C averages for many of my bio/chem/calc classes... did well in physics though) my first two years of undergrad, therefore I currently have a 3.0 gpa and am in my 4th (out of 5th year) - my goal is to get it up to at least a 3.2....I am pursuing a major...
  7. N

    Best time to apply for internships?

    Is it best to apply for internships for the summer after your freshman year or the summer after your sophomore year??
  8. K

    SURF program at University of Cincinnati

    Has anyone done a SURF program at University of Cincinnati or Cincinnati's Children's Hospital? I am curious to know if it is competitive and what are my stakes if I already mentioned in my application that I have a researcher that will commit to being my mentor over the summer. I really want...
  9. S

    Matching at internships without passing NAVLE?

    I'm getting ready to submit my application for rotating internships and getting ready to take the NAVLE for the first time this winter. I know there's a second testing window in April, but playing the devil's advocate here... what happens if you match at a rotating internship but you fail the...
  10. B

    Semester Long Jobs

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for temporary/semester long jobs/internships for next semester? I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into medical school to start in 2019 but am graduating this December with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. So I don't necessarily...
  11. S

    Academic Internship Program Reviews

    Hello everyone, like many of you out there I am currently getting my application all ready for a rotating internship! My goal is to stay in an academic environment and go for a surgery residency in the future, so I'm limiting my application to a variety of different university rotating...
  12. E


    I'm a third year international medical student in Queensland and I'm looking at the Position Status Report for the ongoing intern recruitment campaign for Queensland and it definitely does not look pretty.
  13. C

    Internship Essay Advice

    Hello, This is my first post on here. I am working on my essays for internship applications and I would like to ask for advice, particularly from seasoned psychologists on this site. So, the autobiographical essay, how personal should you really get? I have seen several examples at this point...
  14. D

    What are some programs I can participate in to boost my application for dental school?

    Hi! I'm currently a rising sophomore at a SUNY school and I was wondering what else I could do to become a stronger candidate for dental school. I'm currently spending the summer shadowing and trying to establish a club at my school. I applied for SHPEP for this summer, but unfortunately I...
  15. Z

    Internships as Pre-Med

    I have been furiously searching for internships as I am reaching my junior year in my undergraduate. It's difficult, obviously, to try to find an internship as pre-med, but I am trying to as it diversifies the application and all. Does anyone know of places offering internship-like formats for...
  16. R

    Jobs for pre-meds dealing with new borns or labor and delivery in general?

    Hello Everyone, I'm an undergraduate student interested in medicine. Recently, I've been very interested in the field of OBGYN. I LOVE being around mothers and babies in a clinical setting - so I was trying to find a job in a NICU or related area, but haven't had too much luck as they all seem...
  17. A

    Fellowship Opportunists for someone like me

    I want to be competitive for industry or academic fellowships. On top of what i'm listing below what can I do to increase my chances. (im a P2 btw) 3.35 GPA (low but i'm increasing it one test at a time) Research elective with a planned poster next year to present Research with Professor...
  18. P

    Ideal Resume and GPA for a Biochemistry Student Applying to Pharmacy Schools

    I was just curious about the ideal resume and GPA to getting accepted by pharmacy schools? What type of volunteering or internships, etc. should be on my resume? Also how many volunteer hours and how much experience (jobs, internships, etc.)? What is the lowest GPA accepted by most pharmacy...
  19. P

    How to get involved in undergraduate research?

    Hello, I am currently a sophomore in college and want to get involved in research. I am not sure where to start looking for opportunities. I heard that students can directly contact professors to inquire about possibilities but I am unsure whether or not that is the best path to take. Thank you...
  20. J

    What I've Learned This Year

    This question's for all interns: What is your field and what have you learned this year? -- MS
  21. D

    PhD/PsyD Internship supervisors in a relationship

    I have an ethical situation that I'm surprised I haven't been able to find an information on how to deal with yet. During the middle of my internship year, the primary supervisors ended up leaving the clinic and two new supervisors were hired on. It quickly became very apparent that these two...
  22. cleverina

    Winter Internships

    Hey guys, I was wondering how I should go about procuring a winter internship in certain departments (cardio, trauma, neuro, etc.) at one of the local hospitals in my area. I'm also thinking about getting a research internships, but I'm unsure how to go about it. Help
  23. S

    "objective" on resume?

    I am making a resume because I want to apply to do some research/internships next summer at different universities/clinics. What should I put for the objective??? I'm hoping to go into orthopedics and sports medicine but most of these internships/research opportunities are biomed research...
  24. HoHoKus Dental Associates

    Dental Internship in New Jersey

    Calling All Pre-Dental Students! If you are in the New Jersey area, HoHoKus Dental Associates is looking for an intern who is available throughout the upcoming school year and summer! Students who have their hearts set on dentistry and are planning to pursue careers in the field are invited to...
  25. H

    PhD/PsyD Becoming a psychologist with arrest record

    Hey there! I'm new to this website, and I know there are a couple of threads with this same topic, but I have yet to see a thread with these specific questions and I'm really hoping y'all can help! TLDR at the end So here's the deal... my friend got arrested when she was eighteen because she...
  26. F

    Do PsyD Grades Matter for Internship?

    I'm a first year PsyD student trying to get the lay of the land regarding grades. I keep hearing from countless faculty members and alumni that "grades don't matter" in grad school, but I have also heard they are part of the "point system" for APA internship applications. My goal is to obtain...
  27. 8

    Research/Internships with LATE APPLICATION DEADLINE

    So i just got rejected from all of the research programs I applied for, and I really would still like to have an internship under my belt before I take the MCAT next summer. I was wondering if there are any research/internship opportunities that i could still apply to that have deadlines in...
  28. MissRPB

    Zoo and Small Animal Internships

    Any current or past interns from U of T's Zoo and Small Animal Medicine and Surgery internship on SDN? I'm curious about your experience. I'm going to be applying for internships for the 2018-2019 year and am just trying to get my ducks in a row and figure out where I want to visit. If anyone...
  29. A

    What can I do medically related while in High School

    I volunteer at a local hospital for 2 hours every weekend and I've been doing it since last year. I also temporarily volunteered at a nursing home and a camp for disabled kids. I'm part of ems club but I'm not an emt. I'm also planning on shadowing my aunt who is a doctor. For this summer, I've...
  30. roblaur

    Recommendations for Private Practice Internships

    I'm currently a second year veterinary student, and I'm starting to figure out where I want to do externships. I want to do a SA rotating internship in private practice after I graduate, so I want to do externships in practices I am considering for internships. I know there are a lot of poor...
  31. psydstudent2020

    Applying to internships

    I am currently a PsyD student and am preparing to apply for internships. My goal is to obtain an APA accredited internship, of course. I know that internships look for fit, but I'm wondering what pieces are involved in this. For instance, is the experience I'm obtaining from my practicums making...
  32. F

    Semester long MD/PhD internships for Pre-med students

    Hey guys, I will be completing all my requirements for my B.S. in biology a semester early and I was wondering if anyone knows of any abroad (or U.S.) MD/PhD internships for Pre-med. I do have 3 years of research experience in computational biology but I am looking for more of a clinical...
  33. A

    What can I do this summer?

    I went to a prestigious (29% acceptance rate) but LARGE university for my first 3 semesters. I just couldn't function in that type of environment and it showed in my grades (I had exactly a 3.0). I transferred to a smaller, less prestigious school (61% acceptance rate) in my hometown and I'm...
  34. P

    Difference between shadowing, internships, and volunteering

    For some reason the dental offices in my area did not want anyone to shadow and the clinics did not want anyone to volunteer because they need DA training in order to be of any use. So I'm confused as to how I can get this experience? Maybe I am wording it wrong when I inquire about it. So what...
  35. SelleSnowy

    Paid Internship vs Unpaid Internship - Advice Needed

    I know that this forum is geared toward pre-veterinary students, but I'm sure many of you have worked as an assistant or technician and have some great insight to help me make a really difficult decision. My end goal: Work as a veterinary technician in a zoological facility. I have a B.S. in...