1. E

    SurgiTel Loupes with light

    SurgiTel loupes with light in pristine condition in original box. Increase your light, magnification and professionalism with these superb loupes. The LIGHT is adjustable to your field of work and makes all the difference! Paid $1500. Selling for $900.
  2. D

    Selling Orascoptic 3.5x HDL Through the Lens Dental Loupes $1400

    Orascoptic Dental Loupes HDL 3.5x Magnification with tempo refined fit frame 2.0. The loupes have been tried on, but never used clinically. Item is in immaculate condition. No prescription so anyone can use these. No engraving on the side so can be your own. Working distance 20 inches great...
  3. C

    dental loupes help!!

    Hi there! I'm an asian dental student. In my country dental loupes are not so common in school. I never tried them before, so I'm not sure if I can adapt to a new one (is there anyone who has your preferred position but adjust it when got loupes pls help!!). Actually I'm wondering if wearing...
  4. annaball

    Lumadent Loupes anyone ?

    Hi getting my first pair of loupes and I pretty much decided on TTL. Due to the limited choice of dealers I have in my country, I have marked down to Zeiss TTL 2.5x, Univet TTL 3.5, Zumax TTL 3.0x and Lumadent TTL 3.5x (to purchase and ship from online instead of contacting local dealer). Due...
  5. S

    Loupe magnification for surgery

    What loupe mag do you recommend for oral surgery? I know almost old school surgeons don’t use loupes, but many newer ones wear some. I have 3.5s now, and am wanting to get another pair at student price before graduation. Would it be better to go up (4.5 prisms) or down (2.5 or 3x)? Does anyone...
  6. D


    Hello to you all! I am a D1 and have a loupes fitting coming up soon. My school requires us to get loupes from 2 different vendors, surgitel and designs for visions. Just curious as to see what you guys recommend? Thank you!!
  7. F

    Zeiss vs Surgitel loupes

    Hi all, I can't decide between the two. I am looking at the ziess 4.0x and Surgitel 4.5x flip ups. The Zeiss lens clarity is phenomenal. I just wish they had a steeper declination angle (posture is important to me since I'm quite tall). Their field of view is also much better than the...
  8. nrfnrf


  9. M

    LumaDent Loupes?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with LumaDent loupes. I know they have a good reputation for their light but was hoping to hear if anyone has used their loupes and what they thought. I am currently a D2 and am looking to purchase my first pair of loupes. I am currently...
  10. W

    Univet Loupes

    Hi all, I am a D1 and I’m trying to buy my first loupes. I’ve decided on 3.5x magnification but I cannot decide on whether to go orascoptic, surgitel, or univet. Other than pricing and the sales pitch from Univet’s rep, I don’t know much about them. I can find plenty of reviews and posts on...
  11. L

    For Sale HEINE® HRP 3.5x High Resolution Prismatic Binocular Loupes

    Hey Everyone! I am selling my Heine 3.5x/420 mm Dental Loupes. The loupes themselves will cost $1200 and $1500 with the frames. The loupes are in great condition with no scratches. Message me if you are interested or comment on the thread if you have any questions.
  12. Q

    Eyemag smart Loupes right price??

    I purchased carl zeiss Eyemag smart 2.5X 500mm.(titanium frame) It cost 1200$ (USD) I bought new one not used loupes Is it reasonable price for this model? And plus I am planning for higher magnification power for endo work in the future (zeiss always) What do you recommend among 4X(500mm)...
  13. A

    Loupes for someone with seriously bad vision?

    I'm going to be starting my first year of dental school pretty soon. As the title says, my vision is pretty miserable. -9 diopters, pretty terrible astigmatism to boot (believe me, I know how bad that is!). I know that loupes companies will build prescriptions in, but I'm wondering if they can...
  14. F

    Which loupes?

    Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad english Why? I'm dentist since 2012 and I never worked with loupes but I decided to buy some to improve my work quality and my posture. I do omnipratic, I think my work is nice but when I take photos I can see many things that I cannot see with bare eyes...
  15. pikaboo

    What are the best loupes brand?

    I would love to know as the title suggests what are the best dental loupes brand? Thanks.
  16. pikaboo

    Surgical Loupes in Toronto (GTA) area

    Anyone with experience of buying dental/surgical loupes in Toronto. I live in Milton, ON and looking to buy one any advice on good representatives and stores. Thanks <3
  17. A

    Mounting lights on other frames?

    Hi Everyone, I bought Designs for Vision Loupes in D1 and bought a pair of Q-Optics as a back-up just before graduation to take advantage of the student discount. I didn't buy a new light though. Has anybody found a way to mount the DSV light on another company's frames? I know some brands make...
  18. N

    Orascoptic loupes : HDL Prism 4.5 Vs Eyezoom Mini

    I was advised to give this topic a try in this forum : I know that many threads already exist about dental loupes but I cannot find any answering to this specific question. Part of the reason is that I am referring to a very recent product line. Another reason is that I am passionate about...
  19. amalgam2020

    Are expensive loupes/lights *really* that much better?

    Our next restorative course is coming up, and everyone's researching/buying loupes. I've done a lot of research, and I've narrowed down the kinds of loupes I want, but they're really expensive. I'll be getting the student discount, so I guess now would be a good time to buy them. And they'd be...
  20. V

    I need to Buy loupes and im lost

    We have venders coming in next week, But I want to know what loupes you guys use and why you picked them. reason I ask is because im not really sure what to look for in them. If you dont mind me asking, Can you please add approximate cost?
  21. C

    Selling new Q-optics loupes

    Hi, I am selling my new Q-optics loupes for $650. Email me at [email protected] for all the measurements and detail
  22. C

    For Sale Selling new Q-optics dental loupes

    Hi, I am selling my new Q-optics loupes for $650. Email me at [email protected] for all the measurements and more details
  23. AAFutureRDH


    I am selling my Orascoptic Endeavour light for $700 Neg, I will sell the my Rydon Carbon color HiRes 2.5x loupes with the Endeavour light included for $1400 Neg. Loupes come in the original case and have all original padding and papers included. They are less than a year old and work perfectly...
  24. books7

    For Sale ORASCOPTIC HiRes 2 (2.5x) Loupes (Excellent Condition)

    For sale: Orascoptic HiRes 2 Loupes 2.5x magnification Rudy Project Rydon sport frame Carbon Color Lightweight Through-the-Lens (TTL) design 1.6 oz (44.5 g) Excellent optics (anti-strach and anti-refective coating) High Index polycarbonate lenses Field Width: 4.3" (10.9 cm) Field Depth: 6"...
  25. S

    Keeler Surgical Loupes SuperVu 3.0x

    For sale, Keeler Surgical Loupes SuperVu 3.0x magnification (3.0x - 46 cm/18") Black, long temple sport frame Adjustable, flip-up design Excellent optics Great condition, Lightly used. Clean. Comes with original box, Keeler soft carrying case, instruction manual, Keeler cleaning cloth (never...
  26. J

    Feather Lite by UltraLight Optics for sale loupes light

    Hi guys. I am selling a brand new Feather Lite for dental loupes, by UltraLight Optics UK. It is the lightest and smallest loupes light available. This is the touch battery pack edition, with a special ELITE wire too. Selling because I haven't needed to use it yet, and it's just sitting on my...
  27. DarthWaxer

    Wanted: *ANY* USED Surgitel 3.5x+ Prismatic TTL loupes!

    Hello, I am on the lookout for used 3.5x+ power TTL-style prismatic loupes, particularly Surgitel brand. I will consider other brands if the working distance is 20+ inches. I am not picky about angle of declination or interpupillary distance, as I will be re-mounting them to my own specs...
  28. B

    Univet loupes

    hey I'm trying to decide if I want to buy Univet. I have heard good things about them. Supposedly started by people that worked at zeiss before. I'm looking at 3.5 prismatic lenses that I have tried and liked. I haven't gotten to look at too many others. Does anyone have experience using Univet...
  29. A

    Orascoptic EyeZoom - are they worth it?

    Hey Friends! I am currently a Dental Student and am extremely interested in the new Orascoptic Eyezoom loupes. However, I wanted to do some research and read some reviews before I made such a large purchase. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck finding information online so I was wondering if...
  30. M

    For Sale Beautiful Orascoptic 'Revolution' Flip Loupes 2.5X tortoise shell with or without Zeon Light!

    These loupes and LED headlight were used maybe a handful of times so they're in excellent condition! It is the REVOLUTION style with a beautiful tortoise shell frame. This is a flip style. You can have custom inserts made with your eyeglass rx, for curing, or laser. The ZEON APOLLO is one of...