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  1. F

    Average AA/TS, low PAT. Help!

    Hello everyone, I was looking for some advice on my scores. I took my DAT 5/26/2021, and received the following scores: AA - 20 TS - 19 QR - 18 RC- 23 OC - 19 BIO - 18 GC - 22 PAT - 15 I am nervous about my application because of the obviously low PAT score. My overall GPA as well as my science...
  2. T

    Abysmal OAT Scores, any chance of getting into UAB?

    So I recently took the OAT and ended up with a TS: 270 and AA: 290 with my lowest score being 220 in physics. My individual scores were Bio/GenChem/Orgo/Reading/Physics/QR = 280/320/280/310/220/310. I've been studying for 2-3 months using a combination of coursesaver, kaplan practice tests and...
  3. M

    Low COMLEX score, can I still do internal?

    Got my COMLEX level 1 score back today - 428. Never been good at standardized testing, and would def say I had a ****ty test day. Currently on my 3rd year rotations and I'm totally digging internal and the whole hospital environment in general and could positively say I would choose this over...
  4. Nirvana48

    Taking MCAT for the 3rd time???

    Some background Pepperdine graduate, Class of 2016. Major: Biology Minor: Art GPA: 3.55 Extracurriculars during undergrad: Volunteering, service club member/service trips, and research. Post grad: ER scribe for 1 year and now currently working as a scribe/MA at an Immunologist's office. Doing...
  5. R

    MD 503 MCAT 3.79 GPA Athlete

    Hey guys, Im new to SDN. I recently received my MCAT scores and got a 503 :/ not what I wanted but I plan to continue this cycle of applications. I am a student athlete, founding president of the largest honor society at my college, phlebotomy licensed GPA is 3.8 California Resident. I would...
  6. L

    got a 205 on step 1.. IMG. what are my chances?

    I got a 205 in step 1 What are my chances for family medicine residency matching? i know there are a lot of other factors going on, but even to get an interview.. does my step 1 score hurt me?
  7. PharmD7777

    How is my PCAT considered acceptable???

    I talked to the pharmacy admissions advisor at my top choice school. I told her my scores and she said i didn't need to retake the pcat but i have a 7 in reading! I had a composite score of 53 percent with a 92 in Chem, 58 in Biology, 57 in Math, and a 7 in reading. She told me i was still...
  8. A

    Sorting through Residency

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is way to sort through residency by their COMLEX I scores, unfilled spots or something that would show their competitiveness. I am a DO student, and my scores/application is not very competitive. I wanted to find ok/below-average family medicine...
  9. P

    Chances of getting into dental school with horrible DAT?

    This is my first time posting so I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong. I couldn't find anything that matched this exactly. I just took the DAT and did awful, here's the breakdown: Bio: 17 GC: 18 OC: 17 PAT: 18 RC: 18 QR: 16 AA: 17 TS: 17. Just some extra info: I am a senior at UF cGPA: 3.86...
  10. Yhorm the Giant

    502 on AAMC FL 2- One month to go-push back?

    So I got a 502 (124/128/125/125). I have one month, June 16th. I am not an otherwise super strong candidate, I really thought I'd be doing better by now but I'm just not. Worth it to push it back to June 30th? I have until tonight to decide to do so or it will cost way more to reschedule. On the...
  11. T

    MCAT in 2 days, should I void?

  12. LatePrePharm

    Can my friend get in this cycle?

    She got a BS then started working retail pharmacy for 4 years. Then she moved to hospital pharmacy and has been there 2 years. During that time she did prereq classes and only has one more to go. She took the July PCAT and did bad. Bio - 30, Chem - 30, Qaunt - 9, Reading - 85. I don't know her...
  13. A

    MD Should I apply for early decision? Odd situation

  14. G

    IMG got 199, now what?

    Hi I'm an IMG, graduated last year and today I got my step 1 results... 199. I don't know what happened, my UWSA were 223 and 229, so I didn't expect it to be that low. I have my CS in May (I have to apply this year). I wanted to do the Ck on July. I have 2 LORs. I believe my CV is good. Should...
  15. Netanel791

    Will high 21+ DAT offset Low GPA/Science GPA? Will Masters in Biomed help?

    I previously applied to dental school last cycle with low cum GPA and low sci GPA and low DAT. I am retaking DAT soon and planning on doing masters in biomed at Barry this summer for two semesters. Would it matter or help to just retake DAT and not do masters to boost GPA? or would I benefit...
  16. spaceturtle

    GRE Experience- People with anxiety (not test anxiety)

  17. osujic1

    Post Bacc/ SMP I Really Need Advice

    Here goes... I'm finishing up my last semester and expect to graduate in January. However graduating is kind of bitter sweet since my stats are pretty awful. 3.09 overall/ 2.6 science. I wasn't a very good student my freshman and sophomore year and did particular bad in my chemistry and...
  18. fitdoc123

    HELP!!! How to Explain low OAT section score on interview?????

    How do you explain low OAT SECTION score on interview? AA: 330 TS:340 BIO:370 ORGO:360 CHEM:320 PHYS:290 MATH:270 RC:340