1. GodIsBeautiful


    Hello! Are there any African-Americans entering pharmacy school this year (Class of 2023!) on SDN? If so, do you know if your future school has an ASPA (African Student Pharmacy Association) chapter? Let us connect! :D Or... If you'd just like to talk, and looking for a new friendship (like...
  2. Momus

    (OT) What music do you listen to recently?

    I normally listen to pretty broad range of billboard top 100, so mostly pop, bit of hip hop, and few country. Some dose of old music :-D I always have a bluetooth speaker playing in the pharmacy. What do you listen to?
  3. mpiano29

    MD Graduated with Bachelor of Music, now what?

    Hello, First time writing on this forum so excuse me if there's any style of writing that might be novel or different. I applied to medical schools in two previous cycles already and did not get into any MD schools that I applied to unfortunately. I'd like the idea of getting into medical...
  4. L

    Gap Year Dillemma

    Hello! So I’m planning on pursuing a BA/BS in Music and Biology. However, I was contemplating on whether or not a gap year between undergrad and medical school is a good idea, per say. I either want to take one year to become a flight attendant or become a musician in the marines.Would any of...
  5. pikaboo

    Do you listen to music during operations and what do you listen to??

    I usually listen to Andante Favori (Beethoven) what does everybody listen to when they want to lose the stiffness and get in the zone?
  6. S

    Leadership Opportunities for Music/Biochem Major???

    I was thinking about providing private lessons (viola) to children from 4th~10th grade. I would be able to earn a lot more money in a short period of time (Seattle area students usually charge 45~50 dollars an hour, professionals charge 65~80), allowing for more time studying and volunteering...
  7. MedSmithie

    Participating in a charity concert- how many hours to count?

    I've participated in a few charity concerts, and I'm a little confused about how many hours to count as volunteering. Should I only count the hours spent in concert? Should I count some of the hours spent preparing? Maybe concert+ dress rehearsal + any direct organizing work I've done?
  8. F

    B.A. in Music here! What are my chances to dental school?

    Hello SDN community, I've been following the forums closely, but this is my first time posting. I'm inquiring about my application and would like some honest feedback of my chances of acceptance into dental school! Any opinions or comments are greatly appreciated. I'm a graduate from UCLA with...
  9. AJHook

    Suffering "Newbie". Real World Advice is Valued.

    Greetings all, For those who read, I'll attempt to make this as concise as possible. Brief rewind: I was a terrible student in high school. I had the worst habits imaginable. My inherent laziness and insistence on doing what I wanted when I wanted never served me academically. Despite being...
  10. L

    WAMC? 3.87 cGPA 3.84 sGPA 516 MCAT

  11. Morizaki Nao

    I decided I want to major in music, but...

    I am in a really tough situation right now. I currently attend the University of Guam and it's my first semester. I am majoring in Biology right now and I love it so much, but it feels like something is missing. I want to major in music now, playing the piano, but I'm not sure if I am even good...
  12. A

    Too many activities?

    With a somewhat lighter class schedule this semester (I'm a second semester freshman), I have been able to take on a bit more activities outside of classes; however, I've had so many opportunities this semester, I'm afraid I'm taking on too much. I work as a piano accompanist/teacher, so I...
  13. D

    Is it still possible?

    I am going to be a freshman this fall at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. I wish to pursue a degree in chemistry and a music minor. I didn't end up starting off on the premed track and my first semester classes are: calc 2, principles of chemistry, music theory (for music minor)...
  14. D

    Study music suggestions?

    I currently listen to the following: John Williams Max Richter Claude Debussy Sigor Ros Moby Any other suggestions?
  15. L

    I need HONEST opinions and thoughts please?

  16. arianakamura

    how would musical achievements help me during admission?

    hi peers. so I will be applying for medical school in 2 years and I am worrying about this now. I haven't been that into volunteer work in undergraduate years. I have done research and have published papers, and I have shadowing experience. the largest amount of spare time I spent on was...