1. M

    MFT Masters - Career Changer, Chicago

    I’m currently applying to MFT masters programs in the Chicago area. This is a total career change for me (have been in finance for 13 years) and through my research, I feel like masters is the best way to start my education and get a better understanding of the potential paths to take. My...
  2. V

    Northwestern Lake Forest Family Medicine Residency Program

    I was looking online for more information about this program since I was not able to visit in person, but most of the information I found was from the program's website. Does anyone know more about how this program is or have any insight? Any information would help! Thank you :)
  3. AccountingtoMD

    Northwestern University (NU/NWU) Post Bacc Pre-Medical Application Process Information/AMA

    When I started looking for Post Baccalaureate Programs there was stark lack of information on the programs I was interested in. Hopefully this post can help someone. I only applied to one school, Northwestern University, because it was my favorite of the Post Baccs I researched. It has very...
  4. D

    UCLA vs. Northwestern

    Help please! Which one should I pick! Love the vibe at NW and was super set on it until getting off the waitlist at UCLA. I am from the east coast so UCLA is FAR. Super torn still waiting to see if UCLA gives me any financial aid.
  5. medshousing

    Renting Chicago! 2Br/2Ba, steps to Swedish Covenant Hospital and easy commute to downtown

    Chicago! as posted on Listing # 50507 As posted: 2 bed/2 bath corner unit with large windows (S and E exposures – unit does not face Lawrence Ave), 11 ft ceilings and newly refinished hardwood floors. Open living area accommodates living and dining furniture and leads to...
  6. medshousing

    Renting Chicago! 1Br/1Ba Listing #48663 Contact landlord here Very nice apartment in Lakeview East. **Rooftop pool, full gym, and sun deck** ~10 min to Northwestern, ~20 min to Rush/UIC/Cook County. 5 min walk to Wrigley. -Easy street parking -Stainless steel high-end appliances, linens provided for...
  7. scruffy821

    Thoughts on Northwestern’s CAP Program?

    Anyone here have updated insight into Northwestern’s CAP fellowship program? Impression of strengths or weaknesses? Any recent changes? I noticed that the PD and call structure seems to have changed since people last reviewed this program on SDN, and they seem to be getting competitive...
  8. C

    Northwestern ($) vs. Vanderbilt ($)

    Really torn because both schools are strong. Full tuition at both so only cost difference is slightly higher COL in Chicago, but I believe that is negligible. Decently sure I will pursue a competitive specialty, if i am fortunate enough. (plastics, derm, ortho, ENT, etc.) Both are equal distance...
  9. I

    Mayo (MN) v Northwestern

    Hey y'all please help me decide!! Mayo Pros: -#1 hospital in the country -Great for speciality residencies (I’m thinking surgery) -Culture is great, very focused on developing holistic well rounded physicians -basically 1 on 1 student to faculty attention Cons: -Location (I’m a city...
  10. E

    Stuck between Bradley, UIC, and Northwestern

    Hi all! I am currently a senior finishing up my Health Science degree at Bradley. I am stuck between three schools that I've been accepted to. I also have a few pros and cons for going to each school which makes the decision even harder. I was wondering if anyone is currently a student in the...
  11. R

    UIC (GPPA) or Northwestern (Pre-Med)

  12. S

    Columbia vs Northwestern

    Longtime lurker, finally made an account to ask this. Columbia + NYC Northwestern + Chicago Location is not a big deal for me, but I am open to opinions about Chicago vs NYC. Diversity is important. CoA is not a factor. What else should I consider? Thanks in advance!
  13. swgadoo

    Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt vs UTSW

    Hi SDN! I'm so thankful for a successful application cycle. I've been WL'd to my favorite school, Duke, but if I don't get off of that waitlist, then I'll be making this decision, most likely. I want to go into academic medicine, but am open to any speciality right now. COA at NW and Vandy would...
  14. M

    Northwestern vs. Washington U. - Gap year - Accepted to M.S. in BME

    Hello all, I am graduating this May (non-BME engineering B.S. from Missouri S&T) and will be starting my Master's in biomedical engineering this fall (for my "gap year"). I am applying to MD programs in the next cycle for 2019. I have already been accepted to BME MS programs at Northwestern and...
  15. V

    Cushness of Northwestern

    Hi all, Hope interview season has gone well for you all. For anyone who knows anything about NW's program, what are your opinions regarding the "cushness" of the IM residency? I really enjoyed the program on interview day, but it seems like this term keeps getting thrown around constantly about...
  16. F

    Choosing an ED school

    Hi everyone, So it's the summer right before senior year for me, and I need to choose a school to ED at. I have a 3.9 GPA (two Bs in precalc Honors Junior year), 34 ACT, 790 math II, and 720 Bio M (I'm gonna retake bio next month). I go to a Bay Area Silicon Valley high school, so I'm not top...
  17. T

    Scribe position or Research at Northwestern?

    My goal is to get into Northwestern's medical school. I was offered a research position at Northwestern working for a phD candidate on her dissertation (it's mostly psychology research but I want to be a neurologist), which is unpaid. I was also offered a scribe position at a local hospital...
  18. TSteezy

    Pre-med Undergrad: Cornell vs. Northwestern

    Posting this for one of my students who has recently been accepted into both programs. The schools are comparable in terms of COA, and seem fairly similar in terms of ranking and reputation. Could someone shed light on the intangibles - competitive nature/toxicity? community? grade...
  19. Glexz29

    Premed Undergrad? Brown vs. UChicago vs. Duke vs. others

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a senior in high school and was recently accepted to Brown University. I was also waitlisted at several other universities, including the University of Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Wash U, Cornell, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt. After speaking to my...
  20. M

    PhD/PsyD Advice for a non-traditional clinical psych student?

    Hi everybody, Longtime lurker, first post! I am feeling slightly lost and welcome all advice. I am a non-traditional student (32/m) and have become interested in pursuing clinical psychology. I originally considered the LCSW path but have become more interested in a PhD; although my interests...
  21. T

    Wash U vs Vanderbilt vs Northwestern vs Weill Cornell

    Hey all I have been lucky enough to be accepted into Vanderbilt, Wash U, Northwestern, and waitlisted to Cornell. I am really confused on where to attend school and would appreciate any advise/insight! Money will not be a factor in my decision because I have possibly the kindest parents in the...
  22. ddalkisand

    Chicago Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine Housing

    Hi, I am Peter Kim, 2017 master program student at Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine. I am looking for roommate. I am male, 29 and clean. I don't smoke or have a pet. I am trying to move in around May/June since my program starts in Summer quarter. Let me know if you are interested...
  23. L

    Northwestern Feinberg Environment

    I am applying to medical school for 2018. I am looking at schools with integrative medicine programs. I am particularly interested in Northwestern University, Chicago and University of Arizona, Tucson. I would much prefer a collaborative environment over a cutthroat one, but Northwestern appeals...
  24. F

    Criteria in choosing a PT school

    Hi everyone! So I'm between three schools at the moment: UIC, Northwestern, and Ohio University. I got a great feeling at both OU and NW, but a meh feeling at UIC, although I know all three programs would be great options. In choosing a program, is it bad to go with the better logistical fit? In...
  25. M

    Northwestern vs NYU

    Do any current students or alumni of NU or NYU have insight into how/why you chose the program, and if it met your expectations? I know the cost, class size, stats, etc. for each school but would appreciate some more anecdotal information if possible. Thanks!
  26. J

    Advice wanted!!! MS4 applying to ObGyn, hoping for Chicago

  27. rednote

    Weill Cornell vs Feinberg Northwestern

    Hey all. I'm incredibly lucky to have been accepted at both of these schools. Can you guys help me make the decision? Student Life, Atmosphere, Education, Curriculum, Research etc...? Cost should be around the same. Thanks a lot.
  28. A

    Northwestern University AuD

    Hey all, Its coming close to decision making time and I'm still on the fence about Northwestern. Does anyone have any insight about the program? Is the quarter system a disadvantage? Is it harder to get a good clinical placement and externship for an accelerated program? Really any insight is...
  29. deirdre

    Please Advise: BME at NU vs Vandy

    I know there are a million threads like these, but I find myself in need of advice like many others, and I hope someone will be able to help me here. I'm trying to make my final decision between Northwestern and Vanderbilt. I'm leaning strongly toward NU because I'm pretty sure I'll be...
  30. D

    How much NEUROSCIENCE is in your program?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how extensive your coursework was on neuroscience? Number of classes, depth, etc. I am at Northwestern and the amount of neuroscience we go through seems excessive, and I was wondering what other programs were like. Since the 3rd trimester of year 1, we have had...
  31. prepremed18079

    Northwestern Memorial Shadowing???

    Does anyone in the Chicago area or physicians or medical students at northwestern know if they allow job shadows for high school students??? I would love to shadow there!!!!
  32. T

    Thoughts on some programs I'm considering ranking highly?

    Hi, I was hoping anyone might be able to weigh in on these programs as I had a good time during my interviews and believe they'd probably all be able to get me to my eventual goals: UC Irvine Baylor (Houston) Northwestern Cedars-Sinai I know these will be among my top choices, just don't know...
  33. L

    SUBLET available 6-9 months CHICAGO (Northwestern)

    Hello, I have a great FURNISHED Streeterville studio available from 12/15/15-8/15/16 (dates can be negotiated but I prefer someone who can stay until August 2016). This apartment has gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier and the building has a gym, rooftop deck with barbeques, indoor...