orthopedic residency

  1. T

    Do LOR for residency have to be from orthopedic surgeons?

    Had a discussion with attendings at my Uni, in it they said that all letters of recommendation should be from ortho surgeons. Any other specialty would be a negative marker even if it was a great LOR. They even went and mocked one applicant that had psych write them a LOR. In the end they said...
  2. O

    Path to Ortho as DO

    Hey everyone, Current OMS-2 at a large, older DO school. I'm interested in ortho and would love some insight on my path and anything I can change/improve to increase my chances. Class rank: 5/5 (highest) Organizations: ACOS, SAOAO, Tutoring, Mentoring orgs, and some volunteerism orgs...
  3. BeenThereDoneThatOrtho

    Osteopathic Orthopedic Residency 2019 Match

    All the other threads were a little dated. Any thoughts on going to Riverside or Modesto, where would you go? Thanks.
  4. N

    Programs that accept DO applicants

    Hello everyone. I am a fourth year osteopathic student interested in pursuing orthopaedic surgery. I am competitive as an applicant in all fields and have had MD peers tell me that if I was an MD I would have an easy time getting a residency spot. I'm not here to debate anything prior to this...
  5. A

    Ortho Match Questions

    Hi everyone, I am a third year medical student from a US MD program who would like to match Ortho next year. Before medical school I was a professional musician, which lead me to the idea of being a hand surgeon so that I could help other fellow musicians or craftsman who rely on their hands to...
  6. T

    UK Ortho to US Ortho advice: General Surgery Pre-lim Year?

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post on here and I'm wondering if anyone out there can proffer some advice on which avenue to take. To give you some background; I'm a UK graduate currently in the process of sitting the USMLEs. I'm currently booked in for Step 1 in early August and am planning...
  7. S

    OCS vs. COMT cert/FAAOMPT

    Dear Readers! I’m a third year SPT and would like to seek advice on the two options listed above. As I enter my final year of PT school, I’m wanting to really sit down and weigh my options in the ortho/manual field since I’ll be walking on that stage in no time. Can someone with experience in...
  8. S

    Sophie Davis 7 yr BS/MD vs NYU, BostonU, or Bing

    I am a concerned parent and would really appreciate some input!My daughter is deciding on the best route for pre-med, with hope of orthopedics specialty. She is leaning toward the Sophie Davis 7 yr BS/MD program, and I am nervous that she will be undermining her ability to get good orthopedics...
  9. zc9191

    Chances for Ortho as US IMG

    Looking for advice as to my chances of matching into an ortho residency. I'm a US IMG. My credentials are as follows: Step 1: 251 (Step 2 score is anticipated to be around the same if not more) Honors and High passes in all of my 3rd year clerkships 1 publication in Ophtho (I was considering...
  10. anab21

    MD Completing Two Surgical Residencies: Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

    I actually found a surgeon who has done this. My question is, do you get dropped into the middle of the second residency or do you start at the beginning and have to do all 5-7 years? Lets say you did orthopedics first and then did a spine fellowship(they have spine fellowships where you learn...
  11. B

    ortho advice pre-m3

    Got my step score back--248. A little disappointed cuz my averages were in the 260s on NBMEs and 260+ on UWSAs. Don't get me wrong––still a great score, but was wondering how I can make myself competitive for a top tier ortho program. My dream is HSS but I'd be ecstatic with any of the Northeast...
  12. D

    Greater Chance Getting into Home Competitive Residency Programs?

    Hello there! I'm going to be an M1 at U of Missouri this coming fall and I was wondering if it is easier to match into a competitive residency program at your home institution. Specifically, I'd love to go into orthopedics (I know just about every dude college athlete thinks this but I've loved...
  13. I

    Rewriting Personal statement after not matching. Need advice.

    I did not match to any program this year. I delayed graduation for a year to do research. Here are my strengths/weaknesses summed up: Pros -Top 30 medical school US -Top half of class overall -Top quartile clinically -Step 2 250 -Letters of rec from my Ortho chair, and 2 others with whom I've...
  14. I

    Did not match to any Ortho program and opted to delay graduation

    I found out Monday I did not match. I decided to delay graduation instead of going into the SOAP. Looking for experience and advice with this so I may use this year wisely and better my odds to match next year. I only received a handful of interviews and it seems my application was weak due to a...
  15. I

    Dual Applying with Ortho - Anyone with experience?

    Hi all, Newly minted MS4 and I plan on applying Ortho, but the ever looming fear of not matching has made me consider the possibility of dual applying to something else. Now, I can't really see myself as happy in another field, but certain other specialties would be better than getting that...
  16. L

    Ortho Residents; scored >220<225 on S1. Please advise on reality and/or experience with matching

    Hi everyone, My SO is about to start 4th year and has been pursuing Orthopedics since his 1st year. He is terrified he won't match to a decent residency or match at all because is got a 224 on Step 1. He's ranked in the top half of his class, but not top quartile. He has done 3 Ortho research...
  17. T

    DO/DMD Question

    I am interested in pursuing the DO/DMD degree and wanted to see what your guys' opinions on this were. I was interested in specializing in oral surgery and either family medicine or orthopedic surgery but am unsure how that would work after I would graduate and if it is the best option. What do...
  18. F

    Building a strong medical school application AFTER undergrad

    Hi Everyone, I'm writing this post to ask for advice on how to build up my application for MD schools. I went to Bowdoin College, studied Chemistry there, and developed an interest in hand/ wrist surgery after I had surgery on my wrist (junior year summer). I've also become interested in...