1. R

    Risk failing SMP? What should I do?

    Hey guys, I am currently enrolled in an SMP program and am conflicted on what my next steps should be. I am afraid that I will not meet the 3.3 gpa cutoff for the interview and will fail the program ( Think my gpa at this time is (2.5-3.0). My next exam is on Wednesday and the last day to...
  2. drhong

    How do D.O. schools calculate GPA? Am I screwed?

    OK I am very worried. My undergrad GPA is a 2.99ish. I feel angry at myself that I wanted to be Dr. the last minute. Even if I do a career change post-bacc with 43-46 credits and get around 3.7 to 4.0 GPA, it will only bring up my GPA to 3.1 to 3.2 ish, which is still pretty bad. My question is...
  3. I

    What would be my chances to gain admittance to DO schools?

    Hello, I am a resident of WV. My top two schools to apply to are Marshall University JCESOM (MD) & WVSOM (DO) in Lewisburg. I plan on applying to only a few more DO schools but only 1 MD. My current undergraduate cgpa is 3.31 & bcpm gpa is 3.4 & a mcat of 495. I plan on retaking my mcat this...
  4. insaiyan-premed

    SMP Application/MCAT advice

    Hi, I'm currently accepted into several SMP/Biomedical science programs. My cGPA is a 3.24 AMCAS sGPA is a 3.2 and AACOMAS sPGA is a 3.17, I'm a super ORM, NJ resident. 200 Hours shadowing; 100 in the ER and 100 in Neurology Clinic Scribing since January, on hold due to COVID Pharmacy technician...
  5. B

    504 MCAT Helppp

  6. T

    Residencies to apply for in pscyh

    Hey all. I am a third year looking at how many residencies I should apply to. I am from a midwestern osteopathic school and would only like to apply to residencies in the southeast (Florida, Georgia, SC, NC, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma). I have minimal connections to...
  7. diamondkings

    Post-Interview Acceptance Rates

    Hello all, There are some DO and MD schools mixed in, but hopefully some of your schools of interest are in the spreadsheet! I am posting a link to a google doc that has some data regarding the number of ii and then some acceptance rates behind it. I am just wondering if there is an updated...
  8. J


    Hello everyone, I have a question for everyone in the SDN universe! So I am currently an applicant for the 2019-2020 cycle. I have been blessed with the opportunity to choose between 3 schools that have already offered me a spot in their incoming class of 2020. With that being said, I am unsure...